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It's a bit of a gloomy morning here in New York City, but Verizon and HTC are about to brighten it with the launch of the Droid DNA, the anticipated oversized Android smartphone. And that means it's time for ye olde liveblog. 

The event gets going at 11 a.m. EST, 4 p.m. in London, and all points in between. So have some breakfast, get a little work one, and check back in with us, won'tcha?


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Live from the Verizon HTC Droid DNA event!


I saw on your lock screen calendar widget that you were in new york last night, forgot this was today. lol

I just upgraded my sons Optimus S to a Galaxy SII (on sale for $99).

BB will have a $46 Black Friday Sale and Sam's Club a 96 cent sale!!!

At either price, the SIII is a really nice phone!

The flyer I saw mentions all carriers and selections vary by store.

I justed purchased a Sprint Version last Thursday for $99. I went back to my local store and the Department Manager told me they were holding some back for each carrier for next weeks sale.

I know the Sam's Club ad mentions the same thing.

I've ordered all my Note 2 accessories ahead of the actual handset purchase, me something here, HTC! Gimme something that Samsung can't!

I'm a little nervous for the price, personally. If it's $199 or less (on contract), I'm definitely looking into this beast!

I'm on the play store awaiting the release of the Nexus 4 but I been a loyal HTC supporter since the G1.
I'm 99% sure I want the Nexus 4 but let's see if HTC can change my mind.

I have a feeling that the battery life will be abysmal with the 1080 display. Unless they have figured out something major, I would be surprised to see it get more than about 10 hours but who knows. If it can get 12-15 with that display that would be majorly impressive to me.

I have a Galaxy Note, and, DNA on hand. I think the choice is basically do you want a mini-tablet, or, a big phone. I would not classify the DNA as a phablet, I don't think the screen is wide enough to be considered a phablet.

For me, it's between the DNA, the SIII and the HD Maxx...there are bits of each that I like; if only I could put those pieces together to make the ultimate Frankenphone!

The question is, will this make people change their minds about getting the amazing gnote 2? Even if it changed my mind I couldn't get it since htc made a stupid move and made this exclusive to verizon. And they wonder why samsung beats them in sales, crazy!

I feel so sad for Verizon customers that get to pay twice for something that doesnt even come close to the Nexus just because it has LTE..

With VZW?

I don't like the way they changed the rule that Unlimted data customers don't get a renewal subsidized phone and must pay retail. Especially, since retail is often exhaggerated!

At least ATT is allowing folks to get discounted upgrades and keep unlimited. I'm sure this will change though!

Yep. Especially given that this phone, being a 5inch one and having a 1080p display, etc. will probably cost something like 700 bucks retail. I can't justify spending that much on a phone, sadly.

I wonder what the MSRP is for this thing. Hopefully 5 something cause if I sell my GS3 all I should have to pay is 2 hundred and some change.

Awesome device but Verizon (& other wireless providers) need(s) to stop putting their logo in front of it. It is tacky, a turn-off and ruins the look of the phablet. But then again that is just my preference. IMHO

Only 11gb of usable memory. This is a very large phone that in my opinion needs int storage. I take my phone to work with me on the job site. Many times we are in areas without signal. I like to keep several great old classic movies to watch during lunch or even a few good games. These require int memory or ext sd card. This phone has neither. My SGS3 has 2100mAh, the Note 2 has 3100 mAh, this phone has only 2020 mAh. Dead on arrival. Total bull shit in my opinion. Samsung is the only phone maker that is giving the customers what they need and want. The Note 2 is far and away the much better phone, HTC has just blew another possible great seller, this phone will NOT sell because of lack of memory. What is the problem with these phone makers, Apple is giving their customers the choice of int storage, that should be the norm for any phone that does not come with ext sd card. It's very obvious these phone designers do not know what todays customer wants or needs on their phone. I read it every day on so many forum members they want storage. Are these manufacturers that freaken stupid to just build a phone with great specs and not put in one of the most important features but also the cheapest to build into the phone, storage. I will never buy a phone that lacks this basic need. I will say it again, Samsung is the ONLY manufacturer that is listening to todays customer, they give us what we want and ask for. Samsung has my money, no doubt about it. Samsung builds the best phones in the world.

Samsung might make the phones with the most features, but Motorola builds the best phones (build quality-wise). Apple also has to be in the conversation.

People, my EVO 3D told me to wait 8 more months until my contract is up and then get a full subsidy or switch carriers.