LG Optimus 2X

It's been about a month since LG first announced which of its phones would be getting Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. And it's going to be at least three more months or so before any of them actually see it.

LG on its Facebook page today announced that the Optimus LTE, Prada Phone by LG 3.0, Optimus 2X, Optimus Sol, myTouch Q and Eclipse would start to see ICS upgrades in the second quarter of 2012 -- that's as early as April, as late as June. And coming in the third quarter -- that's sometime between July and September -- the Optimus 3D, Optimus Black, Optimus Big, Optimus Q2 and Optimus EX will start to see their updates.

That LG has committed to updates is great. That it's going to take a minimum of six months for a number of its current phones to even begin to see official updates is far less great.

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LG says Ice Cream Sandwich updates will start no earlier than April 2012, second push in Q3


Seeing as how the thrill is still on froyo... a 2 year old OS..... than jumping to ics in less than a year? I'd say LG may be slowly getting their ducks in a row

I think that's what they are doing...instead of pulling a Blackberry they are slowly doing it right which will keep them in the hunt.

Let's face it the Google update alliance was just empty words. This is completely unacceptable in how long it is taking to do updates.

OTOH, apparently the TPA (Triple Posting Alliance) is still going strong, though. Nice work.

I agree. That "update alliance" was just BS. Most of these phones are carrier-independent versions and see how long LG expects to update them. Timelines from other manufacturers aren't that much encouraging either.

No need for ics now anyways most apps and games dont work with it.Going to take time for the app makers to update all the apps.I will never buy LG again if I didn't root phones my wife's lg p999 would still be on Froyo as T-Mobile sucks big time with updates and dropping support for products that have been out for 6 months or less Dell Streak 7. Lg T-Mobile not a good combo.Lets not forget L.G is really Goldstar worst electronic crap ever.

I concur with ICS update, I see the complaints everyday in the market...but the devs are doing a good job with the updates.

Would have loved to see something other than the mytouch mentioned by it US name. In the meantime can I get a maintenance update for the Marquee? A performance and battery increase would be nice.

Yeah. Forget Lg. fool me once shame on you......twice...won't happen. 4 months MINIMUM for the g2x. Could be six. And then what? Maybe by then 4.3 will be out and lg will push out 4.0 which was out like a month ago. No way lg. thank you. Plus...someone mentioned skins are hard to update? The G2x was sold as a "vanilla" or plain google experience. So that should not be to hard to update.

I find hard to believe they are going to update the myTouch Q. Then again, I remember Samsung updating the Intercept to Froyo while US customers of their flagship phones had to wait another eternity for their update. Anyway, I find odd the myTouch Q would get an update while the touchscreen-only version of the phone isn't even mentioned.

I'm shopping for a new ICS-hopeful phone and had already passed on the myTouch Q. If only I know whether HTC is going to update their myTouch 4G Slide to ICS or if it will be supported on CyanogenMod 9, the decision would be made already.

This post convinces me that my next Android phone MUST be a Galaxy Nexus. These huge delays in update deliveries for manufacturer and cell layering and testing are just not acceptable, especially given the short shelf life of these devices.

The delivery timing overrides any differences in physical design and features, so I will just stop comparing and evaluating the Nexus against any competitive devices.

And still no official word about the G2X? (As far as i've read there's only assumptions based off of the Optimus 2X)

I think i'm done with Android after my contract is up.

I'm with you. If I could stand touchscreen keyboards I'd have an iPhone by now and Android would be dead as far as I care.

Between the lack of timely updates and the locking of NAND and bootloaders, Android is destined to become the featurephone-replacement platform for those users who don't care about updates and, outside Nexus phones, don't care much about hacking either.

Why not just be done with carrier and manufacturer molested phones? I had ICS on my Nexus S the day after the Galaxy Nexus was released.

If you are, in fact, done with Android... have fun with the iPhone. I hear they have really nice turtlenecks over there.

You gotta remember that people outside of these websites don't care or know about OS updates. My girlfriend is still rocking OS4 on her iPhone4. She doesn't give a shit. Its not like your apps are gonna stop working or stop being updated for 2.3 any time soon. Just relax. Go outside or something.