Is LG making the best phone available for taking pictures of the stratosphere?

In an effort to show off what the newly announced G2's camera is capable of, LG offered up the handset for some intense experimentation sending a weather balloon to the edge of space. As you'll be able to see from the video above, the G2 not only survived the trip up to over 18 miles above earth and back but captured some pretty great video and stills along the way.

Now this clearly isn't a good way to show off the practical application of the G2's camera hardware and software. But you have to think that if the phone is capable of taking fantastic pictures under ridiculous conditions like this, it has to be able to do something good a bit closer to ground.

Be sure to watch the video through to the end, it's really quite interesting.


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LG G2 goes to the edge of space and back, capturing pictures and video along the way


Britain's space agency is using the original Nexus to test and detect if they can create and hear sounds in space at what I assume with all frequencies and pitch's. Nasa has 2 Nexus phones in space too, but I forgot why.

Nice to always see an ad that actually shows off the device and what it can do, unlike Droid commercials of blowing a whole in the wall of a concrete room with no ceiling

I'm not seeing how this is any different from any of the other hundred cameras that have been taped to weather balloons, but whatever makes them happy I guess...

The difference : This was on a cell phone and the pictures were better than any other cell phone i've seen recreate this trip.

I feel dumber having had to explain it to you already though. Thanks for that....

Nice camera. The video may have been shaky, but the stills from the video are stunning. Good job LG.
I want this phone. Please release it NOW.

Was the last scene real......
And so what they sent it taped to a weather ballon??
You cold that even with and S4 and you would also have had great pictures....

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It was inside a box with a gps, I assume the built a shock proof box in case the balloon failed and fell or to protect the devices from a hard landing.

I wonder how the htc one would do. It does great in low light conditions. Way better than the gs4.

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I think that Android Central should do the weather-balloon-photo-test with each device it reviews so we get a good comparison. :)

I agree. Why not make the box as little bigger and point a phone out of reach side all at once? The S4, the Nexus 4, the HTC One and something else.

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Me too. Did it survive the ultimate drop test?
Why didn't they put three of them up so they could capture a panoramic view?

Regardless of what other phone or camera could possibly do this, I think those are some really impressive shots and video. It definitely had got my interest! I really like how far the cameras on phones have came.

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Cool. What is the push for advertising cameras on phones? I'm in the market (and on this site) for a new PHONE and news about Android PHONES. The camera is one of the least used apps for me. YMMV.

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I wouldn't presume to say you are in the minority but it's pretty easy to see from the everyon'es pictures posted online to shots of things like the St. Peter's square at Pope Francis's debut, cell phone cameras are a big deal to many people. For many people the cell phone is the main if not the only way they take pictures these days.

Still, the shots were not bad for a cell camera. Loved the exploding balloon at the end!

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Wow cool video, but I think nearly any device could capture something similar.

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I've never seen anything like this for an advertisement, so it's great in my book.

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I hope everyone gets one and does this and I get to find someone's lost phone mwahaha.......

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Awesome vid! Too bad ipad is dumber than a bag of bricks and won't play YouTube videos in HD!!

Reminds me of Google's Android in Space video from a year or two back...kind of miss the shot of the little guy flying back to earth...:-)

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Pretty amzing pics for a cell phone camera. Soon enough instead of buying expensive hd camera's and video recorders people will use phones for models and low budget movies

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