Instagram For Android

Remember when Instagram for Android was first released and we mentioned there was just some subtle features missing from the Android version versus the iOS version? No? Well, we did and now, Instagram has closed the gap on some of those functions. The latest release now available in the Google Play Store adds tilt shift and addresses some issues with the Samsung Galaxy Ace aka GT-S5830C. So there you have it, go ahead and grab the link below and revel in all the tilt shift glory.



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Latest Instagram update brings the lost tilt shift function to Android


Doesn't have to have additional FEATURES. It's on an Android device, therefore it is better. You can eat a scone at a corner bakery, or you can eat a scone at a corner bakery in PARIS. Take your pick.

Android might be better, but the makers of instagram explictly said that the APP was superior to the APP on iOS. I don't notice anything superior.
Not trying to be picky but they said 'superior'. They could have just said 'better' lol

It's only claim to fame is the sheer number of sheep, um, users it has. I've already deleted it as Lightbox is my app of choice for sharing photos. :)

Instagram is pointless fun. Seeing the Apple polishers cry about Instagram for Android is even more pointless fun.

Buggy as hell too. First would not connect to my camera. After reboot it would find the camera. Take a picture and it resets back to the stream and does not load have the pictures.

Galaxy Nexus with 4.0.4.

i have galaxy s2 skyrocket running ics 4.0.3 and have the same issue of all the camera dont conect and when trying of upload a picture of my albums the pic uploaded is a black frame..... crap instagram

My Instagram app didn't show an update so I searched the market and Instagram isn't even showing up for me AT&T OG SGS II

My Optimus Hub also didn't show the update. However, my G5 (both with Gingerbread CM7) show it. I installed, backed it up with Titanium Backup and restored app on my Hub. And it worked perfectly.

It's another pretty awful filter you can apply to your photos before they are downsampled and uploaded to the hipsterfest that is instagram.

It's not even anything like actual tilt shift (not even a little bit), they took that name from tilt/shift DSLR lenses, which are called that because they have objective AND intermediate lenses that can move on axis respective to the mirror, resulting in two effects. One is shifting the focal plane (the thing that instagram pathetically tries to do) and the other is tilting the objective to "bend" the perspective from top to bottom (something that it doesn't do at all.)

As usual, pathetic hipster crap is disingenuous AND ineffective. They should have just left it on iPhone.

I am having trouble editing my notification settings. I went to edit profile, push notifications and then tried to change the off to on for all three notification settings and it would not let me do it... can some one tell me what I am doing wrong, or is it a bug in the app?