Galaxy S III vs. HTC One X

You knew this was coming. In one hand you have the HTC One X. Tegra 3 or S4 Krait; 720p SLCD2 at 4.7-inches. Sense 4. The hotness. In the other hand, you have the Samsung Galaxy S III, the world's newest Android phone. Quad-core Exynos, 720p SuperAMOLED at 4.8-inches. The new Touchwiz and it's cool voice interaction and face recognition. It's a good time to be an Android fan.

Chances are, you aren't going to have both. So, which one would pick? Hit the poll, let us know.


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Late night poll: Samsung Galaxy S III or HTC One X?


There is actually a technical reason why the video sucks in HOX.

The Imagesense chip is used only for capturing stills, not video. HTC have to make use of the internal ISP of the SoC, which apparently is not very good. If you check the video quality, HOX can't record at High Profile. It uses Baseline at mere 10Mbps.

Compared to this SGS3 uses High profile at 17Mbps. It's a no-brainer that the SGS3 video is much better.

Also we need to check the sensor and the optics used by HTC. Optics is undoubtedly good at F/2.

When you look at the sensor used in HOX, it's a Samsung sensor S5K3H2YX. This was one of sensors in SGS2. HOX has the same sensor used in 1-year old SGS2. They are using a last-gen component.

Here's a very detailed technical analysis of SGS3 and HOX:


The S2 sensor is very good though, its not really a downside for the video. The rubbish T3 however.. is. The baseline and low bitrate kill it. The S2 could be hacked to record at 24Mbps, i doubt the t3 has that ability.

I would more than likely choose the GS3. No camera sticking out so a little less chance of damage. Plus a removable battery and micro sd card is a must for me. Both should be great phones though.

If I had to choose between the HTC One X and the SGS3, it would be the SGS3 for the same reasons, however I still chose "neither" in the poll because I have about 5-6 months left on my contract so I'm hoping that the Sony Hayabusa (Xperia GX) phone is released by then, as by then I would definitely get that as it's a Sony, will have their very nice display which I have looked and seen on the Xperia S to be gorgeous, will hopefully have their "HDR stacked camera sensor" be 7mm thin, hopefully have a mircoSD card, 4.55" screen (not a huge near 5" job) and most importantly have a 2200mah battery. Even if the rumours aren't spot on, this is going to be a nice phone especially if it looks anything like the capture of it in someone's hand in what looks like an office.

Have never had an HTC phone with scratched lens, and they all stick out.

In my case, preordering the Evo LTE tomorrow... An HTC One X with removable SD card, kickstand, even larger battery. All three are really great phones.

yes, SGS3 has great features, even though they are not noticeable by many, it still beats other phones.

Although the One X looks better and has the better screen, I would go with the Galaxy SIII because of its microSD card slot and its removable battery. Plus the One X has a locked bootloader, which HTC won't allow you to unlock. Still, I would rather wait for a better phone than get either of these, so I chose neither.

HTC is allowing people to unlock the bootloader for the One X. I have one and I unlocked the bootloader easily through

The *AT&T* One X has a locked bootloader. Says nothing about the international version nor the Evo LTE...

I'm getting both. I sincerely hope HTC gets enough backlash from the non-removable battery that they'll never make this ignorant mistake ever again.

Amen! I want HTC to do well, though I have not held them since the original Desire (AMOLED Lover). Come on HTC, good grief! No SDHC, non-removable battery, = No Sale, period.

Haha, you'd be very surprised how much the new Optima rocks! My girl has one and it's right up there with much more expensive luxury cars, but at a fraction of the cost. :)

I'm getting both. I sincerely hope HTC gets enough backlash from the non-removable battery that they'll never make this ignorant mistake ever again.

GS3 looks like a truly solid device with some very nice features, but I feel like the One X is more my style. I just don't like TouchWiz. To me, the "magic" of ICS is gone on the GS3. It looks a lot like Gingerbread and I'm just not feeling it. Sense 4 looks very professional and makes the expensive device look truly premium. The S4 in the XL seems very impressive.

I really wish I could get my hands on either phone, though I would prefer the One XL; I just really wish I could get a 4" or 4.3" flagship.

Currently, I have an EVO 3D and I love its power, I just wish it were smaller. I can deal with a bit of thickness, but I looked at my old Hero and really missed it. A more manageable phone is just better for me. 3.4" is too small, but I feel like 4" would be perfect, or a 4.3" with software buttons.

I whole heartedly agree with you, sir. I wouldn't buy either of these phones because they're too big. A 4.3" nexus with software buttons would be enough to make me switch carriers. Android! Come back! I miss the days of 4" screens!

You could root the GSIII for Sense 4(maybe) and Google's ICS(for sure!!!)

But there should be no NEED of root in the FREAKING 1st place!!!

Think Apex launcher would work fine though and give a stock feel. Does it???

Then the Incredible 4G should fit you well. 4.3" with the S4, so it's pretty much a flagship in my eyes, except for the sreen resolution (not 720p).

I don't like TW either but the GS3 is smaller with a huge screen, removable battery. I'd expect devs to put aosp and cm9 on this fairly quick then you can make TW go away but the one x can't get smaller and have a removable battery

I guess it depends on the person... I have big hands, and hate little phones, which is why I had the Epic 4G for the keyboard... I have the GSII-ET4G and love its size... So I guess it just depends, the average person doesn't have big hands at the same time...

The International version of the HTC One X is GREAT because it comes with 32GB of internal storage but the AT&T HTC One X comes with 16GB of internal storage. The Galaxy S3 is nothing compared to the International version of the HTC One X. But, the SGS3 is wayyy better than the AT&T HTC One X.

Please explain how the SGSIII is "nothing compared to HTC One X." That statement couldn't be further from the truth.

Sorry to have to BURST your bubble the Galaxy S3 is better than the international version of the HTC ONE X as well. Especially with the 64gb of storage and the quadcore Exynos too. This only let's me know how nice the GALAXY NOTE 2 WILL BE that trumps BOTH of them.

+1 for the Note 2. Would be happy with a refresh of the Note with this chip in. Happier still if it was exynos based on A15.

Neither one has everything I want, but when does that ever happen? I'm leaning away from the terribly glossy cover and pentile screen of the SGS3, but they are both great phones. I really need a replacement for my SGS1.

Wow.. its interesting to see non-developers opinions on what a good phone is... HTC makes no sense. They have 60 partitions on their devices. They use closed source proprietary hardware. You basically get whatever they give you.

This site must have ideas based on the HTC marketing you guys did when the OneX was announced... Theres no way any objectional person would select Closed source Android over open source.

Samsung GS3 hands down will be quicker to receive updates. Quicker to get new features. Has a larger set of features out of the box. Also is closer to Android AOSP than sense UI. Dont forfet youcan also actually get documentation on the parts used which enables development.

Basically its full custom Samsung car versus bolt-on HTC parts.

Mother * thank u! Working with Samsug/galaxy s phones are much better, easier to understand n mess with than an htc phone! Upgraded from Palm Pre, to Epic, then Eic Touch on release day, n every time i see an HTC phone, makes me sick to my stomach, not as bad as Apple. But rooting, n installing recovery, n all the easy things i can do on my GS2, seem close to impossible on htc. N TW has better tools than sense. Don't like TW, apex or nova launcher! Currently using Apex. Iver used both, epic touch n evo 3D(friend had it) n tw is just less kidish, n more useful, period. He always was jealous of my roms, n he learned to hate sence cuz of my phone. I was considering the evo LTE, not anymore. Never liked HTC. Like i said, kno ur launchers, but more importantly, ur ROMs. ICS is the S* on the GS2. GSIII all the way

I wonder which phone got their ICS update first. The S II or the Sensation? If you're after the specs, obviously the SIII will win based on specs alone but if we're talking about the user experience, you'll see that both phones offer something unique to its potential user. The average consumer doesn't care if it has an Exynos. The only thing they'll care about is whether or not its fast enough and if its quad-core (marketing).

>"If you're after the specs, obviously the SIII will win based on specs alone"

Which specs? CPU is similar, GPU is similar, battery life is likely to be similar, camera is similar, screen and body and interface on the One X is better, removable battery/card on the GIII is better.

Nothing sounds like an "obvious" win to me.

Unfortunately you are wrong about the end product. Non-devs dont care about how difficult it is to develop for. The One X does have improved custom ROMs that fix all the minor issues, and thats all most custom ROM users want. Most of us arent those that think a cyanogen ROM with half the features missing or broken is the best ROM ever!

SuPer easy decision!!!!!!
GSIII has removable/expandable battery & memory.
HTC One X doesn't. Not a hard decision at all!!!

I agree ....but:
the One x looks far better and even though I am a big Samsung fan since the S1 then the S2 then the Note and then the nexus I think that the One x is ...a change,the S3 is more of the same ,all of them are great devices I do admit but its like upgrading from iPhone 4 to iPhone 4s sometimes even good items become boring if they keep the same style and experience for too long and by this I mean the materials (physical look)and the software Touch wiz.

I'm torn between the two. I'm ready for an upgrade from my HTC Desire and the S3 is being released here in UK at the end of the month. I need to feel them both in my hands to understand which feels the most comfortable. I was surprised when holding the HTC One X how sharp the edges felt. Everything else was lovely about it. Also with these size screens is it ever worth buying a tablet? Another dilemma for me.

+1 to that.

I have tried the HTC and although a nice phone, I cannot see myself swapping my GN for it. I have yet to experience the SGSIII but methinks I'll be happy to wait for the next Google Nexus phone.

Getting mine in the mail tomorrow, and I would rather have stock ICS rather than Sense or Touchwiz flavors. Galaxy Nexus FTW.

Got my s2 on launch day and have to reboot at least once daily to restore service. Sprint no help, replaced it under BB warranty and same thing. I would love to get a s3 but just don't trust Samsung anymore.

Weird, tried a factory reset? I'm running the leaked ics build and it runs great. Prior to that didn't really have any issues with the latest gingerbread

Neither. ATT sucks in Southern California. And I prefer the Super LCD, Sense 4 on ICS, capacitive buttons except for a physical camera focus and shutter button, highly sensitive and dedicated image sensor, Snapdragon S4 with the power management of onboard LTE, replaceable storage, a kickstand, and a great design.

Southern California should be fully functional with Sprint LTE by year end with clear voice. I'll just have to pre-order the quietly brilliant and truly awesome Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE on May 7th and thoroughly enjoy the most cost effective unlimited calling plan available in America.

I am happy with my GALAXY NEXUS it's the device everyone is trying to catch today from an spec standpoint. Welcome to the ICS party HTC ONE X and GALAXY S3 we have been waiting for so long wow since December. Neither offer the pure stock ICS feel or on screen button magic of my GALAXY NEXUS. But i dig the software of the GALAXY S3 it simply BLOWS AWAY the Htc One X it's not even close. Plus SAMSUNG are the folks that already know everything about jellybean which will be on my GALAXY NEXUS later this year before any of these devices. Galaxy Nexus is BOSS in android land no doubt but anything SAMSUNG WINS HTC. To me the device to get will be the new GALAXY NOTE 2 with ICS that will be coming on Tmobile by the middle of June. It should be announced at CTIA next week throw some of the software from the GALAXY S3 onto the GALAXY NOTE 2 especially with new Spen features and ice cream sandwich and you will have theBEST OVERALL DEVICE on the market. The only device i would SWITCH AWAY from Verizon for plus i can roll my GALAXY NEXUS their too finally pure GSM DEVICES no more CDMA.

If you took the time to actually type those CAPS, then you're either very obsessive, or being paid (or hoping to be). Based on the content, CAPS aside, I'm guessing paid or hoping. And making a bunch of marketing statements on top of it - you're really trying WAY too hard.

Now you're singing the praises of Verizon again. I guess once you get your new Galaxy Note & switch to T MO they will become the greatest network on earth?

Richy boy just stfu already. All you do is copy and paste the same garbage. The GS3 doesn't blow the One X out the water. They are nearly the same specs you moron. Like I said before your opinion don't matter. You never owned a smartphone in your life lol.

Neither. To impress me, I need more than CPU benchmarks. I need a phone with style too that I can show off to my iphone friends.

Waiting for a 4.3" Google branded nexus with software buttons.

Yes, I realize I shouldn't hold my breath.

You pitiful guy...The current GALAXY NEXUS as well as the GALAXY NOTE make your friends iphones look exactly what they are USELESS. I can't help but laugh when people feel style beats education. Everyone knows from a technology standpoint iphone people are the dumbest people in the tech game. Android users understand and excerise that knowledge they have choice to change things.

Oops, sorry, you're just a troll - not going to get paid for this nonsense.

BTW, spelling and grammar count when you're trying to insult people - otherwise you come off sounding - well - like you do.

That road goes both ways
Being Android user doesn't mean yru are smarter than an iPhone user

My friend who have an iPhone 4S is smarter than my other friends who have Android phones .

FYI You can tinker & change things on iPhone too.

No need to insult people because they choose a different OS than you

would have to take the galaxyS3 its definitely has a small width but bigger screen and the smart stay and all the other software. Tweaks done by sammy make it a good buy IMHO..

Galaxy S3

Removable storage / battery.

Cloud or not what good is it if you have a no signal / crappy signal area and bandwidth caps. Local Storage > cloud. :)

removable battery and memory card r something very important to me... that is why the sgs III is my choice although i do not like touchwiz and will definitely go for a custom rom

I'm guilty of it too but just don't feed this troll. He was the biggest HTC & Sprint backer/fanboy with the EVO 4G & 3D. Now Samsung & Verizon. Soon he'll be on a T Mobile kick.I know it's hard but you see that name get a chuckle & move along.

GSIII all the way. HTC is all about bling and making the user do things their way or no way. Samsung just builds a device that works. Locked bootloader? Non-removable battery? Obscure partitioning?

Now, hopefully TMO won't get gimped on the Exynos like everyone else in the U.S... that has to stop.

Definitely the One X. The GS3 looks cheap by comparison and software wise they seem evenly matched. The One X just seems like so much better in terms of build quality.

Now what's the size limit for the flagship phones of 2013? Is it going to be a standardized 'Note' size phone?

Easy choice for me: HTC One X. It has a better design, better camera, and better UI. Not being able to replace the battery is moot to me given that I never changed out the battery on my Captivate. The same can be said about the SD slot. I know what will be replacing my Captivate and it won't be the phone that has a similar build quality and UI.

I am sooo shocked how close this poll is!!! People don't mind gave a smartphone that the battery and memory aren't accessible???

There really ARE people who don't change out batteries and who don't want to mess with custom ROMs. Does that make us not worthy of owning an Android? Does that make me less than you? EITHER of these phones is 10 times more customizable, out of the box, without delving into ROMs, than "i" ANYTHING. "As for me and my house, we choose ANDROID."

I've been in love with the One X ever since I saw it. It's the best designed phone I've ever seen. So gorgeous. Now that I own one, I'm absolutely in love with this damn thing.

The design alone pretty much sold me... but using it is a dream. I can't speak to the GS3 except for the fact that it's a BUTT UGLY phone, the new touchwiz looks awful, and it won't even come to the states until later this year.

I'm content with my One X.

I choose neither of these phones. Because HTC EVO 4g LTE far away better than these phones.
with nice battery life ,sdcard slot and new the first smart phone HD voice. Finally as we know HTC sense 4.0 better than any smart phones.

Ordering mine (EVO LTE) tomorrow. One X on steroids!

However, Sprint's 3G absolutely SUCKS here (120kbps typical) so I hope I am not making a mistake. I am counting on a fast LTE rollout, but I was burned by no WiMax.

I'm in the same boat....although I have WiMAX now. Seriously thinking of waiting until June (when my contract is up) and switching to Verzon.

Same here!, EVO 4G LTE for me too. But, for some reason sprint 3g network in New York has been really bad this year, so I'm hoping they could fix this problem sooner than later.

SAME! Evo4gLte is defiantly my pick.
just a better phone for me.
*dedicated camera button
*bigger battery
*Sd Card
and a kick stand!
Tomorrow will pre- order it.
that's why I voted none.
This phone is better.

Honestly, neither one seems like a worthy upgrade. I have a galaxy nexus, and pure aosp + on screen software keys own anything that is available right now. The ti omap can handle anything I throw at it, on top of the amazing dev community. I'll wait for the next nexus.

If it is the Exynos Quad core then the Samsung GS3...if it is the LTE Snapdragon SGS3 then who cares.

If I *had* to choose, it'd be the SGS3 for removable battery and card slot.

What I want is a Note2 based off SGS3's hardware etc.

If I *had* to choose, it'd be the SGS3 for removable battery and card slot.

What I want is a Note2 based off SGS3's hardware etc.

Really don't care about removeable battery or not, or SD card.
In my opinion there's a little too much shiny plastic on the SGS3.

>"S3 for ever really strong smartphone, check S3 full benchmark,"

Just did. Looks like they are very similar in performance to me. In actual use, I doubt anyone would EVER know that the S4 is a bit faster in some things and the Exynos is a bit faster in other things.

I am done with HTC. I sold my EVO 3D, because upon a screen replacement, Sprint LOCKED my bootloader and the only way around that (at the time) was to blatantly void my warranty. So, I bought a SGSII and have not looked back. I have a fully working unofficial build of CM9 on my phone, when with the EVO 3D, everything on CM7 was broken with no updates to fix it. I appreciate the work that Toastcfh has put into the build, but as an end user, it was too easy to switch to Samsung.

The SGSIII has a removable battery and expandable storage.
Plus, more importantly, Cyanogen himself works for Samsung.

With those three reasons, why the hell would anybody choose an HTC device?

Here's to hoping the quad core Exynos chip will work with Sprint's LTE when it becomes available in Seattle

>"With those three reasons, why the hell would anybody choose an HTC device?"

Oh, let's see. Faster updates, better looking, possibly better construction, Beats audio, much better ICS implementation; and in the case of these two phones, a better screen and better still camera.

They are both excellent phones.

Oh, and HTC/Sprint fully support unlocking the Evo 3D bootloader: even though it wasn't released that way. It is likely the Evo LTE will be unlockable also.

It wasn't until the middle of March of this year that a method was released to downgrade from 1.5 hboot to 1.4 on the EVO 3D. With the HTC unlock method, you were stuck just flashing Sense ROMS. With SGSII, rooting is as simple as plugging your phone into your computer. With that said, I have never waited for a manufacturer/ carrier for updates. I prefer AOSP over Sense and TouchWiz. Beats Audio is just a gimmick. I am perfectly happy with customizing my own EQ.

I do agree with you on the construction (minus the protruding camera). I have always been an HTC fan ever since my first smartphone, the At&t Fuze/ Touch Pro and with my first Android device, the Mytouch 3G. And four or five HTC's since then. The SGSII is my first Samsung and I feel that it is plasticky, but not bad. It's comfortable and light.

I will definitely put both to the test. For me the selling points would be:
1-Swappable battery and storage. I am away from chargers often and like to store music, movies and TV shows because I can't stream everywhere
2-Official CyanogenMod support. Well, any fully working AOSP based ROM would probably do. I have heard great things about AOKP.
3-Camera performance. A must have. I would probably stay with my current phone if it had zero shutter lag. Not sure if I would be able to tell the difference in the video speeds.

We will see how Sprint changes them

I like the specs more on the GS3 but as it always happens with Samsung they produce too many phones so they don't pay enough attention to each one.
so in real life it will have bugs and UI glitches, while the HOX will perform flawlessly because HTC took their time optimizing it for the hardware.

I'd go with the GSIII, not for the specs or any other technological reasons but because of Brand loyalty. My first Android was the Continuum and I bought a Galaxy tab 10.1, I rather like the Samsung experiance as well as the quality of there devices, so call it brang loyalty.

I'd go with the GSIII, not for the specs or any other technological reasons but because of Brand loyalty. My first Android was the Continuum and I bought a Galaxy tab 10.1, I rather like the Samsung experiance as well as the quality of there devices, so call it brang loyalty.

Like many comments the removable battery and micro sd slot make it a no brainer for me. S iii to replace my original galaxy soon. Sd slot was the reason I got a 7.7" tab too.

I learned my lesson by owning a Palm Pre and a Samsung GNex. Sorry Samsung, I am a little gun shy on spending $500+ on high tech in a cheap plastic case. The purchase might be just a tad bit more tolerable if they could make a reliable phone call but they can't even do that. Take the HTC over the Sammy any day of the year.

For me, it would have to be the GS3. I was going for HOX, but the locked boot loader did it for me. I don't like Touchwiz or sense, I like the stock look. Would root my GS3 and install AOKP when it comes out.

HTC One X versus Samsung GALAXY S III, damn this tough, I happen to like both phones. The HTC One X has an amazing camera, its processor weather its the NVIDIA Tegra 3 or the Snapdragon S4 both perform very well. The GALAXY S III on the other hand is in a league of its own. It redefines what we call a "Smartphone" I love the features the GS3 has like Smart Stay and S Voice. No other Android phone on the market offers these features. The Exynos 4 Quad Core processor I read actually performs better than the Tegra 3 and its much more power efficient. Because of LTE and quad core processors not playing well the LTE version of the GS3 will probably also have the S4.
As far as the displays go, The One X has a Super LCD display and the GS3 has a HD Super AMOLED display. I have always been a fan of Super AMOLED because the colors it produces are so crisp and vibrant, dont get me wrong though I like the screen on the One X as well its really sharp and its much more power efficient than Super AMOLED.
The One X offers something that the GS3 doesnt though, Beats Audio anyways to sum it all up it would be a really tough choice between these two phones. I just might buy both! HAHAHA

If I had to choose between the 2 it would be the Samsung. I like the features and the specifications (expandable storage is a bonus but not a deal breaker, however a non removable battery would be a hindrance)

The HTC is a great phone but having used Sense 4.0, this is just an overlay too much for me personally. TW is not much better, but from the video demonstrations I've seen I prefer it's ICS experience over that of the HTC.

Having said all this I am more than happy with my Galaxy Nexus and won't be upgrading to either, preferring to see what Google have lined up for the next Nexus

No, only their 3G is "Grandma's Network". WiMax is fine. Unfortunately for me, I am not in a WiMax area, so I am stuck with a typical of 120kbps 3G :( Let's hope the LTE rollout is fast.

The One X is not even the best phone in the HTC One lineup, the Evo4GLTE is. Clearly Phil Nickelson's bias for the One X has influenced all the articles on other phones since its release.

But the Evo LTE is not released yet and he has valid reasons for liking the One X. The One X, in many ways, is a "game changer", so it is only natural for all new phones to be compared back to it for a few months at least.

What exactly is such a "game changer" with the One X??? HTC murdered the battery because you can out in a spare. So the One X is a non-stsrter for me.

So what exactly is so "game changing" about the One X?

The Galaxy SIII us available with a whopping 64GB's of internal memory, which unlike the One X & IPhone can actually be expanded!!!

It probably makes sense to put the international version in the poll vs specific US carrier version. Where's AT&T's One X, the One S, the One XL, AT&T's GSIII, Zimbabwe's GSIII? (sarcasm)

He wanted just a head-to-head of the base model of the two big hitters right now. Its understandable. If you want the EVO, vote for One X to represent you.

When the EvoLTE was announced Phil wouldn't stop screaming how it is just another One X for Sprint, when there many differences and upgrades including the design, build materiality, dedicated camera button, micro SD card, and larger battery. The One X is Phil's personal phone that's why he is so partial towards it and won't recognize other new releases that are slightly to clearly significantly better.

I choose GSIII, Its IMO the better phone. I have used Both TWZ GS1&2 and Sense (Wife's EVO 4G) IMO TWZ makes more sense.

Whats so important with a removable battery? They have said here on AC that its not that big of a deal. If you use your phone that much you can buy an extendable battery that plugs in through your usb port. Also IPhone users have dealt with this issue for years. They will most likely make a case that has an battery built into it.

Micro sd card is useful but not all people need 128gbs on their phone. 16gbs plus cloud storage should be good for lot of people. And you need more storage you can plug in a usb (Maybe, Can be done on GSII) and you will have unlimited storage that way.

Some others have said it before. I am waiting for the Note II But if the specs are very similar, I'll get this and the Note II for Wifey.

Sprint user here who will definitely be upgrading my OG Epic to either the EVO 4G LTE or Sprint's GSIII variant. At this point I'm admittedly undecided. Still building my scorecard, subject to change based on what Sprint does to their GSIII.

I really appreciate the deep blacks on the Super Amoled, which minimizes my concern of being PenTile, so screens may be a wash *for me*.

The CPU and GPU are probably going to be identical between the two, so a wash.

The GPS has been flaky at times on my Epic, and I've read this has been a nagging problem for Samsung. So favor EVO.

Odin rocks on the Galaxy phones for rooting, installing new ROMs and recoveries, etc. Favor Samsung.

In the end I will also weigh in how I perceive the XDA community to be swaying. On either phone I will be eager for a stable CM9 or AOKP, because I'm not a fan of Sense or Touchwiz.

If I had to pick one right now the S3 would be my choice beacuse of the Renovable Battery and Expandable storage. But I am not due for an upgrade on AT&T till January 2013. And who knows what else may come out in the next 7 or 8 months?

Ok ppl my question is this, why do ppl dog sense and touchwiz? Hell stock 2.3 was missing things that sense 2.1 already had like full web view. and mobile for web pages. All you ppl talkin crap about skins as if stock 4.0 really brought. new things to the table. stock ics to me was late as hell with their features and ppl drooling over that? another thing is this, benchmarks and new processors that are so damn fast and all, but yet not one damn app (not a video game) that someone can say "wow ya can't do this with iphone",. I own a Og evo and I'm getting the evo lte, for the camera button bottom line, cuz both phones are really bringing the same to the fight, to us real ppl, so screw a benchmark!!!

a little side note: ppl that love stock really have. a deep desire and passion for IOS, that's the only way they can feel like the android world is united with the tron colors.

Agreed, almost all ICS "New Features" were already Part of PhilBlur , Sense , TouchWiz & Sony's NXT UX , but people won't believe that


Some ppl wanna hate on custom UI's....but they seem to be doing something right when stock Android gets features from them here n there.

Can't believe the GS3 is winning in the polls. Sense 4.0 is so much better looking than TouchWiz and the screen on the one X is gorgeous while the one on the GS3 is pretty much the same one on the Galaxy Nexus.

Neither! give me a One S running pure 4.0. They need to stop with these giant things they call a phone.

Basically , both are the same phone. The gs3 can do anything the hox can do with the camera. Sense is not that great anymore because any apps can replace sense. I dont take out my battery or sd card. But sg3 won because they have a bigger battery. a phone is useless if the battery is flat. Plus bonus 0.1 " extra screen but thats not important.

Dear HTC I don't want a GSIII, but a non removable battery = fail, I may skip this generation all together....but I really want a ONE X, too bad it is fatally flawed to be a no option, for me.

Currently driving a ATT Galaxy Note with a Skyrocket backup. I will stay with Samsung and go with the SGSIII. I would have been happy to try out the One X, but I can't go with 10GB of storage. The Battery thing is fine. I have been happy with my Samsung's, except the Captivate. My wife is on T Mobile and is picking up the One S today or some time this week.

Both look to be excellent phones, but since the SGSIII is coming in June, I can wait until then. Can't wait until they put that S4 in the Galaxy Note...but that is another topic...

Here's to hoping the US carriers make changes to the design of the sgs3. It can't get any worse right? I Have an Epic touch running ICS and I plan to switch to gsm this fall so I will probably get the next Nexus. I don't feel like Im missing much with either the X or the Gs3

I'm going to have to go with the Galaxy S 3. Both have their pros and cons, but the sd card and removable battery are the deal breaker for the One X. I like the onboard storage, but I need something that can hold a LOT of music and movies while I'm at work. I usually swap sd cards with different types of music depending on my mood, and its quite a few more gigs over 32gb

I choose the SIII, but the One X is not even HTC's most advanced new release. The Evo4GLTE is. When the Evo4GLTE was announced Phil wouldn't stop screaming how it is a One X for Sprint, when there many differences and upgrades including the design, build materiality, dedicated camera button, micro SD card, and larger battery. The One X is Phil's personal phone that's why he is so partial towards it and won't recognize other new releases that are slightly to s clearly ignificantly better.

EVO LTE is it. The only concern I have between it and the S3 is the crappy video gpu in it compared to Samsung in the S3. Battery is moot for me. Micro sd is in evo. I do wish the evos video was better but I don't do my homework video at all. I do LOTS of pics though and Evo3d is balls. Is the S3 camera as good as the evo?

Ideal phone is the note 2 with it's monster screen done as a nexus phone with a removable battery and Sd card with the video ability of the gsiii but the still camera of the one x. Throw in either processor and I am sold!

Neither! The non-removable battery in the One X is a deal breaker and Samsung build quality and TouchWiz leave a lot to be desired. I'm still waiting for a true Thunderbolt successor. Until then, I'm fully content to keep rockin my current phone. :)

HTC One X simply because it is out literally right now, and there is no release date at all for AT&T (I'm stuck on AT&T) for the S3. People can complain all they want about the lack of storage (I've never filled up my 16GB SGS2 or SGS1) or removable battery (external battery charger ftw), but I'm a simple user in the end - I use stock ROMs. Ive been available for upgrade since march and simply cannot wait for the SGS3 to come out in july-september.

Fact is - they did not show any LTE version yet, so the LTE version isn't even ready to be displayed. Even the LTE version of the One X was available during MWC and it took this long to arrive in the US. They have nothing.. and AT&T still needs to load their bloatware on it.

Easy Pick, SGS3 is a better phone in every aspect. Hardware, looks and I like Touchwiz. The AT&T version of the HTC phone is ruined. They took away 1/2 of the storage and locked the bootloader. AT&T is the worse carrier, they ruined a great device. The HTC has shit for storage, undersized battery and locked up bootloader. That to me isn't Android. The Samsung phones are a hackers dream device. The developers will do wonders with that bad boy.. I can hardly wait. 16 - 32 or 64 GB or internal memory and sd-card, fantastic. That is thinking of the customer.

I chose the galaxy s3. I bought my first Samsung device back in November(galaxy nexus GSM) and realized how much I really like their build quality and amoled screens. I've used HTC phones in the past, and also am a fan of the build quality,i just feel they can be too heavy or bulky sometimes. Samsung makes a very light and durable device.can't wait to be able to purchase the sgs3, going with an international version because I definitely want the exynos SOC. I'm also not going to lie, I probably would've gotten the HOX, but there is no version that works on T-Mobile correctly.

One very simple reason to choose the S3 - HTC phones don't and probably won't have proper root. HTC dev unlock is a joke and doesn't give you S-OFF. So expect a lot more custom rom's for the S3.

the two are pretty much identical so if the s3 is a letdown then so is the one x...the big difference is there was hype for the s3 and none for the one x and when ever there is hype,there will be nothing but disappointment.

I love the feel on the ONEX and sense..
I choose the S3 though for its use of an SD card.. also that ATT is only offering a 10gig version

Any idea when the Note 2 will show itself??

Are any clues to the Note 2's specs available yet?

I (belatedly!) hypothetically vote for the SIII; but in actuality I await the Note 2.

That's easy. One X for sure. The S3 brings nothing different to the market besides voice gimmicks that people will only use for the first month then forget about them.

Overall, the One X is just the better phone and the best android phone on the market, counting the S3 which will be out soon.