Jumpgate Live Wallpaper

I sure love me some quality live wallpapers. I know, I know, they can sometimes slow down sliding between screens and if they're poorly done, they're a huge drain on the battery. That's why I'm keen to use wallpapers by Kittehface Software. They've brought us great wallpapers like the Thunderstorm Live Wallpaper, Galactic Core Live Wallpaper, and even an excellent Canabalt HD port.

Today I bring you another in a line of great live wallpapers, the Jumpgate Live Wallpaper. What could be better than watching our favorite android, Andy Bugdroid, careen through space with a jetpack strapped to his back? It's hilarious!

Still, as hilarious as it might be, it's also really well done. There's nary a screen stutter when I swipe from left to right, and if you purchase the full version of the wallpaper, you unlock the full settings menu, which really lets you customize your experience.

From the settings menu, you can mess around with everything from the camera speed to the flight speed, to even the amount of asteroids barreling down on our fair, green friend. You can also customize the "energy style" (which is the swirly lane of color Bugdroid is flying through) between three choices: monochrome, Google colors, and pixilated. Monochrome and pixilated are dangerously close to being similar, but if you check them back-to-back, you'll quickly notice how much smoother the non-pixilated option is.

If you eschew the Google colors option, you can also change the color of the energy lane using the energy color​ option. (Go figure!) It uses three sliders, which is certainly appreciated (and a welcome improvement over that circular color picker Android had going on for a while).

Rounding out the settings menu are options for star brightness and turning the helix on and off. Other than that, you're done. Well, except for the character option. Did I mention you can get rid of Bugdroid and have a spaceship flying on screen instead? Cause you totally can.

Honestly, Jumpgate Live Wallpaper is probably one of the coolest live wallpapers I've seen in a while. Obviously you've got to be an Android diehard to even consider using it, but if you're reading this article, you probably are.

Jumpgate Live Wallpaper can be had for a cool 99 cents. We've got video and a boatload of screenshots after the break.

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bdfull3r says:

I love jumpgate, i've been using it for months now

OmarF82 says:

That Live Wallpaper it's OLD but is awesome.

DrDoppio says:

"...if they're poorly done, they're a huge drain on the battery."

Yeah, and if they're well done, they're a smaller drain on the battery.

Always an unnecessary drain.

strra says:

i'm pretty sure this lwp has been around as long as lwps have existed!

Joshua Munoz says:

About time it got a proper review then, ya?

ncobs says:

Pretty much, think it's the first lwp I ever saw.

j510 says:


Dalamar says:

This review forgets the BEST feature of jumpgate.... The gestures! Double tap for a barrel roll. Tap then flick upwards to jump to hyperspeed. And my personal favorite. Tap then flick down to get bugdroid to wave at you!

WARL0CK9 says:

Ganna Get it right now!!

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