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Canadian carrier Rogers started its OTA rollout for the One X earlier this month, and now Telus has started pushing it as well. Stated on the official HTC Canada twitter account, the update should start coming OTA (Over The Air) to users as of last night. It will be pushed automatically, but eager users can always check in manually and should have the update waiting at that point as well. These big updates tend to roll out in groups or phases, but usually don't take long to hit everyone.

One user in our forums, guyfrombc, has the update downloading on their device, so we know it's out there in the wild at least in some capacity. Are you seeing it on your own Telus One X yet? Head to the forums and let others know what your experience is.

Source: @HTCCanada; More: HTC One X Forums

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mssca says:

Is it 4.1.2 or 4.1.1? If it is 4.1.2, keep it up Telus.

l00natic71 says:

I have 4.1.1 on the EvoX. Battery life is all over the place. Sometimes I go 22hrs and the phone is still alive. Sometimes it dies after 10hrs.
Hopefully it's a higher JB version.

dylan808 says:


prediscover says:

haha people on at&t.

djrythem says:

I've honestly given up on AT&T and the One X update, been waiting forever now and nothing. I've already made the switch to the HTC Droid DNA on Verizon and so far its well worth it. Ill be watching for my jelly bean update on the One X though.

ronzkie21 says:

I wonder what kind of bloatware AT&T's putting on the JB update. They're taking so long.

Dperks17 says:

I've had JB on my One X. Thanks to the ViperXL 3.1 ROM :)

DWR_31 says:

I read the title and didn't realize it said Telus. Then I saw the word Canadian and my heart went out to US One X owners.

razgri5 says:

I always do the same thing. I see the headline and go, "Oh man my one x is Finally getting JB!" And then I read the rest of the headline. Can't even count how many times this has happened. Why ATT?

Worst part is I bought my one x a mere few weeks before the JB loaded one x plus came out. FML.

JobiWan144 says:

If you care that much, root, unlock, and flash a custom ROM. As an EVO LTE user, I can tell you that Sense 4+ is a pretty big step above Sense 4.1.

sdchris says:

I guess the lesson learned is if you want an update, then you will have to do it yourself or buy a non-subsidized nexus phone. Otherwise you will wait a lengthy period of time.

Morjesta says:

Telus... Rogers.... C'mon AT&T... Why always we have to be the last one.

taywhite says:

I was told by an HTC rep that the At&t update has been pushed back a couple of times but they are now shooting to launch the update between 2/5 and 2/8.

guyfrombc says:

The update is 4.1.1

Tad Zaleski says:

They should give us 4.2 for the wait bitches!!!!!