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Straighten things out with the latest Instagram update for Android

If you've been wanting to straighten all those slightly crooked pictures your posting to Instagram from your Android, you'll be able to soon. An update is rolling out for Android that brings the straighten control and new sound and data usage controls to videos to the popular photo-sharing app. Users on iOS have had access to this for a while, and now the apps are on equal footing from a feature standpoint. 

You can check the Google Play link above to see if the update is available for you. If not, it should be soon as the folks at Instagram say it's coming today.

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Will this be the update that brings ads to the app and they aren't saying anything until you've updated?

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Lol I was thinking the same exact thing

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hynden says:

Still no fix for the awful compression the android version gives?

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Thirte3nt says:

Go to option>advance features and uncheck "Use high-quality image processing"

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hynden says:

Still not even close compared to ios.

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ajua says:

I think they haven't done anything to this point to improve the image quality on photos upload on Android. The problem is with their resizing/cropping algorithm. Also, the "advanced image processing option" introduces artifacts sometimes.

I have to disable that option and use an app like Pixlr Express to crop my photos and export them to Instagram at 612x612 in size so Instagram doesn't crop or resize anything. This way the quality is much better but still not up to par with the iOS version.

There are tons of reports of poor image quality or artifacts on HTC One (I have this), Galaxy S4, Nexus 4 and other handsets.

They should start taking more care for their Android app.

Yeah I unchecked that option and it's slightly better though still not perfect.

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hynden says:

Without the high-quality processing the images gets to soft in my opinion..

Here is a test after this update:

It's incredible how bad it is.

crazace says:

How about some kick ass emojis...

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Still not on equal footing from a design standpoint though. It's unfortunate because the iOS version looks more like android than the android version.

I've seen mockups of a holo version IG app that's as beautiful as the 3rd party IG app on windows phone. Hope one day we get something similar.

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hynden says:

Haha indeed, guess what OS this is from:

BB_Bmore says:

Also will be the one to bring ads of course ;-)

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ScottJ says:

Looks like Jerry found the J.J. Abrams effect.

I'm so glad someone else thought that. I was getting worried!

Xuejin Huang says:

It will be used for photo tilting

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Metro1088 says:

I'm using Nexus 4 and I really hate how Instagram distorts my photos. It's a shame.

BB_Bmore says:

Review on the play store says that they removed the option that controls if a video will auto play or not. I hope this isn't true. Fingers crossed that the reviewer missed it and jumped the gun.

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Snapphane says:

The post from Instagram said that we will get improved controls. My guess is that this will mean options to have autoplay with or without sound. But it shouldn't remove the current option to turn it off.

"This update also includes new settings for iOS and Android that let you more clearly control sound and data usage for videos on Instagram."

Ry says:

Worst change implemented.

daneldan says:

Someone can upload an apk for this update? Or a link? Please! In my country the updates always takes a couple more days to release

daneldan says:

jfash007 says:

Apparently, this reporter doesn't know the difference between "your" and "you're". Is there no editor? Come on Mobile Nations. This is unacceptable.

nathy321 says:

Can someone post the apk I still don't see the update :-(

NastyNeil says:

Does anyone know what the new version number is?

daneldan says:

Biga173rd says:

Nice! Now when is IG going to allow you to edit comments like on G+, and FB? It's such a minor upgrade what is taking them so long? Also i hate the fact that us Android users have to wait so long while all of the Apple fan boys get the updates first it's annoying.

CeluGeek says:

Videos will now autoplay without an option to disable that. You do have the option of playing them without sound though.

Those are the "improved video controls". I guess this is in preparation for ads on video so you can't prevent them from being played.

natefish says:

I'd just be happy if the update made the app work on AOSP Roms.

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