The latest Instagram for Android update is now available for download in the Google Play Store. This update will be higher priority for those of you out there making use of devices with a front-facing camera. As noted in the change log, it corrects some issues when using the advanced camera option as well as some problems with the reliability of photo filters for certain Galaxy Y and Ace devices. If you fit into either of those sections, or just want to ensure you have the latest installed, you can grab the link below.


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Instagram rolls out latest update to address some front facing camera issues and device compatibility


Saw that, updated and the front camera on my EVO4G is still sideways. (running MikG3.11 rom, front camera works fine in all my other camera apps)

pictures using my front facing camera ends up upside down and the pictures using the rear camera doesn't show the whole image. i have a HTC Sensation on non rooted, stock GB. wonder if it'll change when it's upgraded to ICS tomorrow.