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A few Instagram users have received notifications to download a free app from the developers called Bolt, which is described cryptically as a one-tap photo messenger. That sounds an awful lot like Snapchat, though we'll have to wait to see if that's the case. Unfortunately the download link pointed to a dead end and the notification was quickly removed.

Facebook has already jumped into the Snapchat-style app already with Slingshot, so it would seem a little redundant for them to pump out another through their Instagram subsidiary. With any luck, these early notifications are a sign that a launch is imminent and the mystery will be solved soon enough. We'll be keeping our eyes peeled.

What would you guys like to see in a "one tap photo messenger"? Is that even a thing you'd find yourself using? Do you ever use Instagram direct messages?

Source: @yo_areli via The Verge


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Instagram may be working on one-touch photo messaging app called Bolt


Well, Snapchat has done very well so I don't see why other photo based apps wouldn't try to ride the success train too. But I don't know if Instagram can add anything special that will cause users to switch from Snapchat to Bolt. But I guess we'll see!

Typed on tiny keys just for you

does anyone have the package name for this app? if so I have a theory I want to test that may grant us access.

The logo itself it´s like the facebook messenger app logo but rotated 90 degrees.. and off course another color and pattern..

Well now I know it wasn't just me seeing it. No sooner than I had posted asking it was suddenly gone.

@Leosrd now that you point it out it does look like the messenger app...

I welcome any and all alternatives to Snapchat. It does not necessarily mean I will use them but competition breeds innovation.

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