15-second videos with filters, basic editing coming in new version of app

Instagram, today at Facebook HQ and in a livestream, announced that it's bringing video to its service. Don't call it Vine, even though it looks and acts just like Vine.

See, Vine is 6-second videos. Instagram is using 15-second clips. So it's totally different.

All kidding aside, you've got the same overall idea as Vine. Tap to record. Only Instagram merges in some basic editing -- a feature sorely missing on Vine -- and throws in a baker's dozen of new filters to boot. In addition, you can choose which video frame you want to serve as the preview thumbnail.

"It's the same Instagram we all know and love," said Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom. "But it moves."

Videos will appear in the same stream as still pictures, as well as on the web.

Instagram also announced "Cinema," which stabilizes the video much like YouTube has done for some time now.

Instagram video will be available in Version 4.0 of the app, which as of this writing has not been released.

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Instagram announces Vine, erm, video on Instagram


Agree. This is 9 seconds longer than vine (long enough to actually show something) and I look forward to playing with the filters.

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"See, Vine is 6-second videos. Instagram is using 15-second clips. So it's totally different." The Apple approach.

I know -- my Google Play still shows the last update from May 7 - I want to play with the shiny!!!!!!

Well as always iOS gets a head start.
I'm pretty sure the update for Android will be available in few hours...or maybe a next day lol.

Actually I have to say this is very poor compared to Vine. Assuming the creations I have seen on Vine have all been done with the app there is an extraordinary amount of creativity being used.

Take a look on vine, there are some very talented people who are creating some amazing 7 second videos without any form of editing other than the simple start stop of the camera.

Wouldn't that be more of a user issue than an app one? If the same talented people who are making amazing videos on Vine use the Instagram app, the videos should still be amazing, yes?

In many cases yes, the celebrity videos of them shopping will be the same on either app, but what I'm talking about are those videos you see now and then that have taken thought, planning and a lot of skill to do in an app that only has a start/stop control no rewind or edit.

Vine wasn't the first either, Vine is just a 6 second version of the now defunct 12seconds.tv

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I never got into Vine because the 6 second video and weird clips people made just turned me off. But I am actually excited about this, 15 seconds you can capture so much, it looks cool and fun. I use instagram a lot, and I think this feature will spark more creative posts from me and others too.

The app is NOW available for iOS devices. I just tried it, and it works very, VERY well. We'll see how good the Android implementation is. God knows Vine for Android is terribly buggy.

Android update should be available sometime later today.

Yeah Vine gone forever. I installed Vine a couple of weeks ago and did some videos to test it. Besides being incredible buggy on android it's very limited and I only got likes and comments from spammers. The community is very bad compared to Instagram.

I didn't care for Vine when I checked it out. 6 second videos don't do much for me and there was no search function for hashtags. I don't care for Instagram having this feature & besides, isn't there already a Cinemagram???

This is stupid. stupid stupid stupid. Do you know how many crappy videos are on vine? I don't want that in my instagram feed. bleh.

WHY HOST A VIDEO ON VIMEO IF IT SIMPLY DOES NOT WORK. Host it on youtube so people can actually watch it. Who the hell made that choice?

hopefully there will be a filtered feed so you can view only photos, only videos or both. I agree, don't want videos showing up in my feed unless I want them.

It says available now on iOS and Android and nothing on Android but iOS gets it instantly. Boo

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Unlike Vine for Android, I assume this will actually work? Hopefully we can segregate between photos and videos. I'd rather not burn through my data to watch cats looking out of Windows or whatever people use Vine for.

Vine had to know this was coming. They probably rushed it out on Android to get some more users before the air went out.

Weird, it now shows the new version in Play, but don't offer an update option - just Open or Uninstall. Opened the app and it's 3.5.3 on my phone. Bother.

Has anyone been able to use it yet?? Google Play shows the last update day being today but I still can't update the app :(

The android version is lacking... Sigh!! The section to select a particular frame for your tumbnail pic doesn't show each frame while you scrub thru in the flimstrip.

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My only beef with the Android version is that you can't switch between the front facing camera and rear facing camera once you start recording a video. In the apps defense, that may be a phone issue (HTC One) because I can't switch the camera in the middle of a video using the stock video recorder either. It's definitely more of an issue with Instagram because you might want to "narrate" an intro to your video or something but would have to try and line it up using the rear camera which is kind of awkward. I believe the iOS version of the app lets you switch cameras so I'm hoping this can be fixed with an update soon. Other than that, I've had no problems with the app at all...