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iPhone photo sharing application Instragram has become a massive success, and the source of envy for many of the Android faithful. For the first time though, their Chief Executive Kevin Systrom no less, has confirmed what many of us have been waiting for. Instagram for Android is currently in development. 

At the LeWeb conference in Paris, Systrom said, "we have two people working on Android now," Sadly though he didn't offer any timeframe as to when the work may be complete. 

Source: CNET


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Instagram for Android finally (and still) in development


There are some "similar" apps for Android, but I do see a TON of my iPhone using friends posting Instagram photos on Twitter and Facebook on a regular basis.
I PERSONALLY would rather post pictures that DON'T look like they were taken with a 40 year old camera, light leaks and all.
(But hey, that's just me)

It's only coming to Android because they are about to start monetizing the app with ads. Thanks but no thanks. I'll stick with Pixlr-o-matic for my hipster filtering needs.

This is useless now, we have apps like Little Photo and MyTubo and Pixlr-o-matic that are just as good if not better.

yeah.. i have messed with this app on a few iphones and some similar apps on my android and while its fun to mess with, there is a reason cameras dont take pics like this any more!! lol Personally, i like that paper camera app much better cause it give you photoshop like filters (neon, sketch book, etc)

Now I don't have to buy an iphone -_-. I'm kidding but it's probably going to be full with ads anyways and not the same as the iphone. It was trending last night on twitter so I guess alot of Android users excited. I like little photo.

Instagram isn't just an app that allows you to edit photos. It is socially oriented. You can have friends, like photos, etc. This is a huge appeal to many smartphone users. If it's not for you, that's fine, but I, for one, am looking forward to it's arrival on Android.

Android users should also be encouraging big name app developers to develop on your favorite platform, whether or not you use it shouldn't adds value and broader appeal to the entire OS when it offers what people want. And those who don't want it can continue to ignore it's existence. You whiners should stop acting like Apple fan boys and welcome new users.

i don't know why apple bothers to put good cameras on the iPhone anyway when you already know that all the hipsters are just gonna Instagram their photos into old-timey oblivion.

I'm not sure if this app is worth it, but I do think apps should be on both platforms. I would like the option to try it out in my own world. If it doesn't work for me then I'll just go back to o-matic.