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Instagram 6.0 has hit the Google Play Store today, bringing with it some new photo editing features. The features include the ability to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and warmth. In addition, you can now selectively add filters to your photos, controlling the intensity of the change. The new features can be found when adding a filter by selecting the new wrench icon.

It's clear that Instagram is trying to keep you within the app more and more. Previously, it was not uncommon for seasoned photo buffs to edit their photos in other third-party apps before uploading them to their Instagram channel. But with Instagram 6.0, the company is looking to streamline things by making it more of an 'all in one' experience.

Want to experience the new Instagram 6.0? Head here to the Google Play Store

Source: Instagram Blog

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People edit their photos in the Instagram app?
OK, well maybe I will give it a shot now.

timoseewho says:

I guess now I can say #noedit too

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Joe_Perone says:

Trying to inch into VSCO's territory, eh Instagram?

raymaane says:


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Joe_Perone says:

*trying intensifies*

Paola1993 says:

They don't stand a chance!

Joe_Perone says:

And they never will. VSCO is just too powerful an editor.

shaytoon21 says:

yet the android app still has zero emoticons and has failed to implement private messaging when ios users are taking full advantage of this.

lakedubvt says:

I can use emojis in instagram but I am on 4.4.2

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WolfpacDAR says:

what version of the IG android app do you have?! i have private messaging and i can see my emojis just fine... also, emojis are more of a product of your keyboard choice than anything. i recommend SwiftKey Beta ;)

lakedubvt says:

Have a Moto X and it is saying that the app is not compatible... Strange

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bonjoo says:

Anyone has the apk already?

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beatsandlife says:

VSCO is king!
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Paola1993 says:

I love VSCO, I'm sticking with it

YET FOR SOME REASON they WILL NOT fix or add the options to do the same type of video editing that is found int he iOS version of the app. STILL..