Incipio DualPro CF case for HTC One

Flashy carbon fiber design meets seriously tough device protection


Ranging from no case at all to heavy duty hard cases, some people's phones need more protection than others. The Incipio DualPro Carbon Fiber case for the HTC One is certainly pushing that higher boundary of hard cases, and it offers some serious coverage without hindering usability in the process.

It's a tough line to walk but we think Incipio has done it with this case. Read along after the break and learn a little more about the DualPro CF case for the HTC One.

In contrast to lighter and slimmer cases like the Lloyd Flex Case, the DualPro CF is a two-part case made for much higher protection of your device. The case comes as a soft rubber inner case with a hard plastic shell locked around the outside, which provides shock protection along a more comfortable surface in many places. The rubber comes through around the bezel of the screen, on the top and bottom by the ports and on the volume rocker.

Because the rubber takes off some of harshness around the edges, the hard plastic shell can be extremely durable. Even when it is off the device, you can barely get it to bend with your hands, which when paired with the rubber connecting it to the device will give you some serious protection. The carbon fiber inspired design also gives it a flashy look, especially in the silver version we have here.

The tradeoff of that protection is some thickness, and the DualPro CF certainly adds a bit of bulk to your HTC One. Thankfully it doesn't really change the shape or ergonomics of the device, but there will be a bit of getting used to the new dimensions with this case on.

The Incipio DualPro Carbon Fiber case for the HTC One comes in this silver color as well as black, and is currently available from ShopAndroid for $32.95. 


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Incipio DualPro Carbon Fiber case for HTC One


Before anyone decides to purchase this case at ShopAndroid, I would like to inform everyone of a recent "incident." ShopAndroid, which owned by Smartphone Experts, has recently been a victim of a computer hack that that gave hackers everyone's (customers in the past 2 months) credit card information, CVV numbers, addresses and possibly more.

As of right now, Smartphone experts has only written a formal apology, but has NOT compensated anyone in any kind of way. So please think twice before purchasing any of your products with them in the future.

What sort of compensation would you like? I can't recall any company compensating customers because they got hacked.

I would have been happy if they compensated us with anything really. At least a coupon code for some sort of discount.

When PSN got hacked, they gave us all 2 years of credit monitoring services. Sony is a big company though and I don't expect this kind of compensation from a small company like Smartphone Experts. But if they gave us a free accessory then I would have been more than satisfied.

Call your bank. Dispute the charges. Compensation problem fixed. But I'm sure you knew about this already...

Time is money, especially when you work professionally 40 hours a week and you're a graduate student.

I also have a number of pre-orders with this card and by cancelling it, I have to call each one of these companies to change the card number to another card and then change it back again.

Lastly, it's not a standard for them to STORE CVV codes. If those somehow got into the hands of the hackers then something is seriously wrong.

If they stored CVV, then they probably violated the bank's policy.
Thos codes should never be stored. They are used to authenticate that the person placing the order has physical possession of the card. That number is checked in realtime when the transaction is submitted for processing.

Bad, bad, bad.

What are you looking for a new phone? They were hacked not you, I'm sure it cost them plenty of $$ to resolve this problem. I think you have your priorities a little screwed up. Just My Opinion.

Again, they are not supposed to store CVV codes. They claimed that they don't but somehow a lot of people were affected and their CVV codes were given out.

If you were affected by this, you would think differently. No I do not want a new phone.

I actually got a letter from my bank notifying of a problem with a merchants system being hacked. I had no idea who it was until I received a letter from Smartphone Experts explaining they were the merchant that was hacked. Other than the inconvenience of having to update my debit card number for all my online retailers because the bank sent me a new card with a new number, it really hasn't been a traumatic experience.

What kind of compensation would you expect? They didn't ask to be hacked.

So what you're telling me that it's okay for a company to go against standard practices and store our CVV codes which SHOULD be purged for reasons like this?

Are you telling me it's absolutely wrong for us to be upset that a company put us at risk this way by not following standard procedures and purging these CVV codes?

I don't understand your logic.

I love the BodyGuardz Armor Carbon Fiber my buddy put on his One. Made a good looking phone, look even more amazing. Though it is just a film, not a case.

I have that, on my One X+. I agree, it does look sharp....until it starts coming off. All of the thin side pieces have come off, mainly due to South Texas heat, I suspect.

The back piece is still attached, and looks good.

From what I've heard, real CF interferes/blocks causing poor reception performance. Thus, kevlar is the new CF (for phones).

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Makes sense. Still would be very cool if it was like the older Moto Droids back panel.

Posted via Android Central App

The HTC One is much better left naked. Or in my case with a clear plastic protector on front and back. This isn't a Samsung that needs its plastic covered up.

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