AT&T Galaxy S II

If you happen to be holding an AT&T branded Samsung Galaxy S II in your hands, you will want to locate the nearest USB cable, plug your device in and fire up Kies as quickly as you can. The long-awaited Ice Cream Sandwich update is finally hitting the AT&T branded devices, and this is currently only available through the companion software, Kies. While exact information about the update and the changes that it brings is not currently available, we do know it brings some great updates for the device. Delay no more, go grab your cable, launch Kies, and get updated! After the update be sure to hop into the forums and let us know any issues or changes you find, and how your experience with the update goes!

Source: Galaxy S II forums; thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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Ice Cream Sandwich update available for AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II


If I wasn't already running an ICS ROM (SHOstock2 FTW!), I'd give this a shot... Took them long enough though, holy crap.

the update is not coming through for me...i'm unrooted and running 2.3.6 on a macbook pro..all i get through Kies is 'Your device does not support software upgrading via Kies'

I get the same thing, Kies tells me that my phone does not support upgrading through Kies. I am in the U.S., perhaps that is why...

Well it is good for people who want an official release however, touchwiz sucks on ics. It was good for GB but still the same look and feel as the gb based except with ics improvements and don't tell me android 4.0.3. I am running aokp on my i777 and will not go back to a sammy build with tw...

apex launcher free on play store. also aokp doesnt work with stock samsumg car dock and also have problems with sd card, those two bugs sucks much more that TW.

just chatted with Samsung tech support rep Samantha. after getting a message "your device is not supported updating via Kies" She told me there is NO update available for the Skyrocket i727 device, WTF???? was anybody actually able to successfully update????

Hello! I just tried updating and it says servers are busy for latest update so try again after 24 hours. I have skyrocket.

To the guys with the Skyrocket i727,

This news is NOT for you. This news is for people who have the ORIGINAL Galaxy S II on AT&T.

AT&T, it seems, is blocking NFC. They want to release their own Wallet service, rather than using Google Wallet. It seems our paying them for wireless coverage isn't enough.

Unrooted and returned my phone completely to stock only to find that there isn't an update on Kies. I'm running the latest Kies and latest 2.3.6 firmware... well thanks for the false alarm.

likewise.. went through all the hassle of getting the LATEST KIES (full version at THAT?!).. then once it started it wanted to download the LATEST version dated today.. WTF?!?

so I get the phone connected it thinks about it for a bit.. and has the STONES to tell me I already HAVE the latest FW... AH!!!! 2.3.6 GB... ?!?!

all that excitement for nuthin'!!! :/

in USED to say that for me too but Kies updated itself and now there is a firmware upgrade option. if your Kies didn't update go to help, check for update.

My problem is it says I'm up to date. :( I have a SGH-I777 which is a AT&T Galaxy SII. Sure seems like this ICS update should be hitting me.

not for skyrocket?
what the hell..
they are being like apple giving us a little bit at a time (like twitter and not facebook in iOS5)

ahhhh sick of At$T
any word on when the skyrocket will happen?

This news post needs to be removed. AC jumped the gun too quickly. Take a walk through the official SGSII for AT&T forums and you'll see that several people have specifically spoken to Samsung and they have not released an official update(or what they claim on their end). Just another leak, but this one reached many, many more people.

False alarm, folks. AT&T and Samsung disappoint us YET again.

This does not work!. mine says My firmware is currently up to date!!! All I want is ICS. STOP TEASING ME ATT!

Remember everyone, AT&T has two Galaxy SII phones. The original SII (which is getting the update today) and the SII Skyrocket (LTE) which is NOT getting the update today.

Not feelin it. Just hooked my son's I777 up to Kies and it says "Your firmware is up to date." It's still running GB 2.3.6 I777UCKK6. So where's the ICS 4.0

I think everyone is experiencing the same issue. For some reason they say they pushed it to kies and they didn't. Everyone's says that our devices are up to date. I plugged my wife's phone in (2.3.4, she didn't update because she did not want battery issues) and it said its not supported. SO we know it has to be 2.3.6 to go to 4.0.3 but its not letting us. Also when I re downloaded kies it says they are doing maintenance on kies on Friday the 22nd from 8 am to 11pm and firmware upgrades will no be available. I feel like if for some reason it comes out it wont be till next week sometime.

This is a leak once again just a big one this time. But it does tell us there really close to releasing it. I would expect to see it next week after they do there maintenance on Friday. But please AT&T stop teasing us and just give it to us!

just tried updating with kies and says my firmware is up to date, which is 2.3.6. i just want my poor battery life issue to be resolved finally!

i was able to do the update, in 15 minutes tops. Just plugged the phone to Kies, and the update was shown in no time. After a few updates i got this baby running on ICS 4.0.3. I777UCLE5

First Impressions;
- Feels a little bit "laggy" on the touchscreen response.
- The screenshot (Home+Power) is gone.
- My bluetooths preferences were erased.
- Some times at unlock screen diagram, the touch will loose track and need to star drawing the diagram again. (This is becoming a little pain.)
- The icons on the status bar got bigger and for this they look all tight to each other.
- i been running this ICS version for about 18 hours and seems pretty solid. (Not like the last "leaked" version that turned my i777 to a frying pan! D:~ )

Let me know how it worked for you!

You are correct my friend!
Now on the i777 running on 4.0.3 we just need to hold Vol Down + Power for a second and.. Snap!!!


On another site someone posted that they talked to an ATT rep and they told them it would be ready to download on Saturday.

I was dying for this update..Hurray...will try to update it now..Can anyone tell me how to update using kies??

I was able to perform using the latest Kies version, just open your Kies and if an update for the program appears, just hit Go!
After this updated. Just wait for your Kies to load up completely, the connect the i777 to your computer via USB Cable. (Before connecting the i777 to Kies remember to de-select the USB Debuggin, from the Settings Menu.) (Remember that for updates via Kies we need an almost full battery.)

After all this the update should appear automatically, if so... just procede with it. Kick back and after 15~ Minutes you should see some movement on your screen. (An Android Robot getting repaired or updated image :D)

After all this setup, you should be running on ICS!

Let me know how it worked for you!

P.S. Im seeing that some guys arent seeing the update. I was able to this yesterday (Jun 20, around 6PM CST) without any issue.
P.S.2 I couldn't do this on my MacBook. But i used my Win7 PC to do this.

I talked with a Samsung rep earlier today who said that the update was supposed to go out yesterday. However, due to technical reasons (problems with the update) it was pulled.

He couldn't give me any info on when it will be pushed out. He said that it was back in testing at the moment.

I hope it can be done on a Mac as I don't have access to a Windows computer. If not then I have to hope they do an OTA at some point.

i've got kies up and running on my mac. my issue is it's saying my device doesn't support software upgrading via kies. really?! cause that's the only way to! i'm hoping it's like someone said earlier, that at&t pulled it until saturday. the kies site deos say it will undergo some kind of firmware maintenance tomorrow..

I upgraded two I777 phones with the ICS 4.0.3 upgrade yesterday using KIES.
Even though Kies was indicating the phone was already up-to-date (stock 2.3.6).
Was able to load 4.0.3 update, however, using KIES feature (Tools | Firmware Upgrade and Initialization). You will need the serial number from behind the battery and the model number (SGH-I777). This feature will wipe out the phone data and reset it as new, but if you have Google backing up your contacts and apps currently, they will reload when you log back in (without saved data). You will be prompted to install 777UCLE5, Ice Cream Sandwich!

As other posters have indicated, you can put your phone into download mode by taking the battery out, hold in both Volume UP and DOWN, then plug in the USB jack. The warning message is for users that install custom ROM images, this is stock and will not void your warranty.

takes about 1/2 hour to load.


This worked for me last night too. It took me a few tries to get the S/N and password required all caps. After that, no issues.

Well I just tried the same thing and went through the Tools,Firmware Upgrade and it went through all the steps of downloading the latest but then popped up a box with what looks like Chinese writing with a ok button, then just reconnected my phone with no changes....I guess the box was telling me that I had the latest firmware 2.3.6

I just forced the update. Disconnect your phone and click tools> firmware upgrade and initialization. It will then ask you to enter the serial and model ( under the battery) then click ok. Plug in phone and do the steps.

Tried that to...Tells me The Model info that you have entered cannot be verified the device initialization cannot proceed....I do have the SGH-I777

I encountered that too. It wouldn't accept SGH-i777. It required entering the model number using all capital letters.

Guess we will just have to wait....This was posted 1hr ago

UPDATE: The instruction above DID work for me finally, you do have to put your phone in download mode.
1. Shut down phone, remove battery then replace battery.
2. Open up Kies software on your computer.
3. In the Kies software Go through the Tools, Firmware Upgrade and Initialization and fill out your S/N # and Model Name
3. Follow through the wizard until finally you Plug in your Phone while holding the volume Up/Down key until you see notice
on your phone. At this point Kies should take over and in about 20-30 min. You will have ICS, and I must say its running very
well for me. Good Luck Everyone.

I can confirm that this is NOT working as of now, at least on my phone. This method reinstalled android version 2.3.5 on my phone. I HATE SAMSUNG! Never again will I purchase one of their phones. Here's proof that they took the weekend off and left us all hanging: Go to the kies website. Notice that the service message is still up there from 2 days ago, stating that they will be working on the site on the 22nd! L-A-M-E!

You want to make sure you follow all the way through the wizard in Kies so it downloads the latest firmware ver.PDA:LE5/PHONE:LE5/CSC:LE5 (ATT) Let it download all the way then a page will pop up with instruction on how to set your phone up in download mode and then follow each step and then plug your phone in....It does suck, a person should not have to go through all this crap.

I did exactly that, only the firmware it downloaded wasn't ics. I followed the instructions to at T, and plugged in my phones usb cable after my phone was in recovery mode, and after kies was ready for it.

Same thing was also happening to me, but then I didn't connect my phone until the very last thing....I think the Kies update that is set to check automatically is set to a different server with the Gingerbread OS, and thats why when you do the Initiation upgrade I think that will point you to the ICS server....Only if your phone is not plugged in....So again I waited until there where no more pages popping up from Kies...Then plugged phone in and it worked.

When I click on "tools", "firmware upgrade and initialization", input my S/N and Model Name, Click "OK" to the "Do you want to proceed" screen, the initialized version comes back as "PDA:KJ2 / PHONE:KJ2 / CSC:KJ2 (ATT)"

The next screen gives me instructions on how to put my phone in recovery mode.
I pull the battery, reinsert it, hold down vol up and down, then while holding vol up and down, I plug in the usb cable, press vol up to enter recovery mode.

20 minutes later, I'm back to gingerbread.

Can you see anything that I'm doing wrong?

I've even uninstalled kies, rebooted my computer, downloaded the latest version of kies off the website, and reinstalled kies.

Can somebody please help me find where this Tools is? On Phone or my Mac? if so where? I have my phone linked through Kies via USB I am synched all my pics on phone are on my Mac I pull USA and they vanish so I am connected. Please someone tell me where this tools Icon Thanks!!

Sorry Jasco43, I should have said my phone is the SGI-I777 not the SGH-I727... I just seen over people saying they had the SGI-I777 so I didn't think about it ......and Mercury91, the tools I speak of is the Windows Kies software at the top left corner. Kies works much better on Windows than it does with a Mac...I had tried the older version of Kies on my iMac before and did not work very well at all. Im not sure but I don't think the newest Kies software works on the Mac........You may want to wait though...Although ICS seems to run well, I seem to be loosing battery fast plus after not in use for say an hour or so it just shuts down, and the only way it will boot back up is to remove the battery then it powers back has done this twice on me in the last 4 hrs. Anyone else experience this ???

Maybe an incompatible app is locking up and causing the power drain issue you're experiencing.

The ICS phone update has been running reliably with the only exception of GPS (a one-time fix). Navigation was not working. It was seeing the satellites, but would not put a fix on them. Solution to fix the GPS problem: download the GPS TEST app and use the settings option to 'Clear APGS' and 'Update AGPS'.

Thanks BibB1rd. I'm done waiting. I'm going to hit XDA-Devs, and learn about putting a custom rom on it. From what I hear, people are having a lot of success with them, and the bloatware is gone.

Yeah maybe, Thanks Big....I also was having a slow problem opening up with lock screen wallpaper because I had it set to show time and weather, so after I disabled that I've not had the problem.

Your welcome. It looks like Skyrocket owners will need to wait a bit more. Even though this article states the update is for the SGS2. It is not for all. As dant63 indicated, the ROM "777UCLE5" is for the Samsung SGH-I777.
Skyrocket looks like it is next on the list at Samsung.

I installed Cyanogenmod CM9 on my old Captivate. It is a lot of fun. very snappy response. CM9 (ICS) is moving closer to a stable release. Only problem I encountered is wifi status hangs or causes reboot when I switch it on and off.

Downloaded and installed yesterday afternoon.. LOVE IT!! very slick look and feel and the interface simply flows.. no lag.. no delay.. haven't had any issues with any of my previously installed apps. The facial recognition unlock s/w works great... the look and feel of the ICS OS is sweet! I really like the look of the sliding menus... the settings menus have a new look and feel.. very happy with this version of Android OS! It just WORKS man!! :)

One side note, I ran Quadrant on my phone lastnight after the upgrade.. I got better numbers on ICS than i ever did on GB.. 4400-4500 range, with GB I was always in the 3500-3800 range.. tells me ICS makes better use of existing phone resources... just an observation.

I am using the latest Samusng Kies, I have tried to update to ICS for 18 hours. I get to the screen finally where it says upgrade firmware, next, it updates drivers says please don't disconnect cable, and then NOTHING happens. THIS IS FRUSTRATING!!