Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but HTC is doomed. DOOMED! Because after months and months and months of ridiculous growth, things slipped a tad in the fouth quarter of 2011. The Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer brought in revenues of  NT$101,419 million, down 2.49 percent from the fourth quarter of 2010. That's it. Hang up your smartphones now, folks. It's all over. Let's go home.

Or, let's see what 2012 has in store and not freak out just yet. Your choice.

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HTC's Q4 earnings slip 2.49 percent from 2010


I contributed to that as well... After owning 4 HTC phones back to back and still seeing major issues, I switched to Samsung.
Very happy for now, sorry HTC!

Au contraire mon frere! I happen to love my Rezound after returning my Nexus! Rezound gets wayyy better battery with 200mah less! From poor connectivity to gps issues to the location of the flippin power button! I couldn't keep any Sammys... I'll give em one for that Exynos though!

Me too. I got a taste of the SAMOLED+ going with the Skyrocket after a Sensation and I can't go back to SLCD. I ended up exchanging it for a Focus S but I'm still digging the Samsung hardware.

What initially attracted me to HTC is the little 'heft' that their phones have but even though Samsung's phones are much lighter I don't think they feel cheap like I originally thought. They use some great quality plastics.

Everyone praises HTC for their build quality and I just don't see why. I loved my Evo but I don't think I'd buy another HTC again or at least I'd be hard pressed to do so.

Between the light leaks, seizure inducing LED that flashes incessantly when the battery gets low, battery door that doesn't even fit snugly on the device and the restarts caused by GPS and other reasons all add to me not getting another HTC. Then you have the Thunderbolt fiasco.

I'm not dogging on HTC, I really actually liked my Evo but they just give themselves a bad name. One of the woman i work with here got the Evo after I got mine and she hates it, random restarts for her to blame and she wishes she got an iPhone instead. And unfortunately she probably won't get another Android device because of her bad experience... =(

Sigh, you see why people prefer using or even switching to iPhones...sometimes Android is so open that manufacturers focus too much on quantity but not quality. Apple's single-phone policy somehow works.

I disagree, HTC could continue from this point onward to release a single phone every year for all carriers but if they still build it like crap it's still going to have the same reputation.

I wouldn't ever buy an iPhone myself because I don't want to buy into their ecosystem nor do I want them telling me what I can and cannot do with their phone. That's the great thing about Android, you don't like HTC there are plenty of other vendors to choose from.

It has worked to give Android a massive marketshare (despite a huge lead from Apple initially) and has worked to ensure I will never want an iPhone.

All the problems you listed have been fixed in the Rezound. And fixed well...the Rezound has arguably the best radio/GPS of any Android phone right now (4G especially is phenomenal). You can turn the LED off. Battery door fits very snug.

It looks like HTC learned from it's mistakes.

Except for the Facebook integration. It totally sucks. Facebook and Sense just don't mix well.... at least not on my Rezound.

No stand-out phone and two tablet failures will do that. Oh, and the waste of money on Beats. RIM/Blackberry had a worse year, but not by much.

The reality is htc needs to focus on quality instead of quantity and while they are at it they need to do a total overhaul of htc sense. Personally I have always been a fan of sense but now its very bland and boring.

unencrypted bootloaders and record profits and growth. Locked bootloaders and lost profits and most likely mind share. Couple that with quantity over quality and what we see shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.

In other news, I read an article on the bbc earlier today that stated for the last half of 2011 Samsung surpassed Apple as the worlds largest smartphone manufacturer

Here's the HTC article, 25% profit plunge

I still love my EVO. But I think after this, I'm done with HTC. They've become played out. Unless they wow us this year, my next purchase will be from Samsung.

Nooo...they cant die yet. I just jumped on the HTC Bandwagon.

The only thing about them I dont like is Sense. I love their hardware, and I love their bootloader policy. They are my new favorite Android maker.

Maybe HTC needs to admit when they have a known issue with its phones and train their customer service representatives better. Two months with email issues on a thunderbolt and neither HTC nor Verizon has a fix. I want a refund!!!!!

It's true that after the Evo 4G alot of ppl left HTC for Samsung or other makers. Ppl weren't impressed with the other incarnations of the Evo (Shift, 3D, Design). I have the Rezound and I like it but there's still alot of room for improvement.

The Evo 4G isn't a good phone to judge 2011 by since it came out in June of 2010. The Thunderbolt on the other hand was a bad idea but 4G still kills all phones batteries. I've had several HTC devices this year and I must say their build quality is astounding especially on my newest device the HTC Hero S. It does have a signal issue when held near the bottom of the phone but you know what I don't care every device has issues something to keep you coming back. A lot of you dogging HTC seem uneducated no other Android Manufacturer makes better quality devices besides Sony Ericsson possibly? (On second thought not even them they are plasticy just like Samsung) So really stop talking shit and go check out their 2011 line up the Evo has no relevance here. *My opinion

Lot of HTC hatin going on here...

I must be lucky because the build quality of my Thunderbolt is rock solid! Nine months later and it still looks as good as the first day out of the box! That includes taking the battery doors off and on every few days to swap out for a fresh battery (I only use a Seidio Multi-function battery charger, never the phone), and the covers still snap on securely. No bent tabs or issues of any kind (unlike what I've read about the Samsung battery doors). HTC's are just better designed in my opinion. As to battery life, again guess I got lucky because I typically get 35 - 45 hours with the Rezound 1620mAh battery with light to moderate use. Or 24 - 30 with the stock 1400mAh battery. I haven't used the extended battery for weeks! As to Sense, I'm a big fan! IMO, it's the most refined and intuitive interface of any smartphone. And a native kickstand? Hands down killer feature in my book! Finally, as to functionality, it's rock solid for me! Always locked on to LTE and works like a champ day in and day out without issue. :)

Needless to say, I'll be looking out for HTC's true Thunderbolt successor (no the Rezound isn't it, more like the Incredible's).

Interesting, but I am not surprised. My, my father, and uncle contributed to this trend. We swore by HTC for years but Samsung really got it together with their recent devices. Cameras are better, better screens, thin and light. HTC fell flat for a while there. Sure, they came out the gates with some 'Superphones' like the original EVO, but after that Samsung did a great job to differentiate themselves from the rest of the crowd. Samsung also has a greater advertising presence I feel like.

But I am not going to bash HTC and act like they are complete sh*t. They are great, and will remain great. I don't really like to argue about build quality because I think that is all about opinion. HTC devices are solid, heavier, use different materials. Samsung is plastic so we associate that with being cheap. And I don't think the average Joe consumer out their really cares about Sense vs Touchwiz.