HTC Vivid

While some folks have been able to pull down Ice Cream Sandwich updates on the AT&T HTC Vivids for a few days now, AT&T has maintained that the update hasn't actually been made available. That changes today, as HTC and AT&T have both announced that Android 4.0 is officially ready.

In addition to getting the bells and whistles of Ice Cream Sandwich, you'll be updating to Sense 3.6 (not the newer Sense 4 that's on the HTC One line, but that's not a huge shocker). That comes along with a newly tweaked user interface, so don't freak out if things look a little different.

You'll also see the addition of Beats Audio. AT&T and HTC remind us that you'll only get Beats enhancements when you have headphones or speakers connected, so don't be surprised if you update and don't notice a difference in, say, your alert sounds. You'll know Beats is active when you see the icon in your notification bar.

Other improvements include better e-mail and Exchange support, the ability to use a Bluetooth mouse or keyboard, better voice and text input, and, of course, face unlock.

If you need a little help with the update (no shame in that), be sure to hit up our HTC Vivid forums.

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Reader comments

HTC Vivid for AT&T officially getting its Ice Cream Sandwich now


/golf clap.

/Goes back to NEXUS S running Gingerbread and sleep of deathing every other day...

Way to go HTC!! Update my Inc 2.... Although I am running MIUI 4.0 at the moment. The Kernal will make a huge difference...

I think this is worth celebrating as the first officially-released, skinned ICS update on a carrier-backed smartphone in the USA.

So far, the G-Nex has ICS standard. The Asus TF & TF Prime and Acer Iconia A200 are all wi-fi only tablets, as is the wi-fi Xoom. Every other device until now that's running ICS is a leaked/hacked/unofficial version or in a non-US market (Samsung GSII).


ive been sitting on my upgrade since september and when i do upgrade from my Sprint Epic 4g i may just go with HTC. Evo 4g got GB waaay before my Epic and and now HTC is first with ICS upgrade. Good Job, HTC! FU Samsuck.

Isn't the NS4G going to 4.0.5? Or is that the GN? All this singing and dancing when we all know that this is likely the last update for the Vivid. Glad you are getting it but relax.

Samsung.... Ha you are going to have to wait :) but I am beginning to think my EVO 3D was made by Samsung as I have been waiting a while too.

It looks like when a company isn't trying to push out 5 new phones a month(Motorola), they have the resources to get around to supporting the devices currently available. Nice work, HTC.

LIES this can't be true an ICS official update in the United states in under six months? Good Job ATT and HTC stepping their game up.

Me too. I am happy to see the first HTC ICS update hit the streets, but I bet MOST people are waiting for the Evo 3D update......