Looks like some of those pre-launch pricing rumors are starting to ring true for the HTC Thunderbolt. The above Best Buy ad shows the device ringing in at $249.99 for a 2-year contract. But if you're looking to get some HTC Thunderbolt love with no contract then you're going to be paying $749.99 at Best Buy. For anyone keeping track, that's only about $50 less then a Motorola XOOM. Suddenly, the XOOM pricing looks a lot better by comparison.  Feel free to express some rage in the Thunderbolt forums. [Droid -Life]


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HTC Thunderbolt set at $249 on contract, $749 full retail pricing at Best Buy


Little expensive but doable with my NE2 discount. Glad we have a date and price now! Any possibility it will be less expensive at VZW rather than bb?

If you wait with VZW you *might* get an online discount to bring the price down further if you place your order that way.

At that price, I will be sticking with my Incredible until my contract is up in April, by then, who knows what goodies are going to be around the corner...

exactly. glad i have til july. hopefully by then some other lte phones will be out. buying the first of a new tech is usually a good way to get screwed (xoom is another good example)

Am I missing something? I don't see a Thunderbolt in that ad. Wouldn't make sense anyway, since launch is 2 weeks out.

That's next week. Ads have to be ordered and printed ahead of time. The ad in question could very well be for 2 weeks from now.

Its possible that this was made pre date change, and accidentlly sent out. Or it could be from the print source and not a store, they do tend to or plan sales, thus why you see so many corrections in store.

still going bb gets it monday bc my X is on its last leg, but nit holding my breath

The SKU's don't even match between the scan in this URL and the scan in the picture at the top of the story. I would say that's a rather large blunder on either Droid Life's part or this scan on blogspot.

Until the real SKU is uncovered I would say both are suspect.

$749.00 SKU 1949051
$599.00 SKU 1934448

Every BB in the country will use the same SKU and it will be the same on the website. So .. any more revelations?

That $599 is for the AT&T HTC Inspire, not the Verizon HTC Thunderbolt. Both prices suck. Since the Inspire is only $99 on contract I thought I would sell my Captivate and be able to pick one up for $450 or $500. At $600 I think I'll just keep my Captivate.

Yeah, it looks like a bunch of us are stuck. : ( That is why I am so mad at Samsung. They have us stuck in this contract with a broken phone!

Get used to it. Phones are probably going to be this price from now on. Newer technology is going to cost more $$. It's kind of like videogames. You can expect at least a $10 difference each generation in software price. Phones are probably not going to be any different.

My NE2 comes up on 3/14... Fifty bucks off will be nice, but I really hope that at some point in the near future there will be a deal to get this at an even better price. It'll be tough to wait, though, considering I've had a Samsung Alias 2 for the last two years.

So this is basically the same phone as the Inspire (except with a FFC), and it's $150 more? Verizon seems like its trying to find ways to screw over its customers.

Good luck Verizon...you're going to need it.

VZW doesn't set BB's prices. BB charged $100.00 more for the Bold when it came out then AT&T did in their stores ...THE SAME day it was released.

Also, BB's buy back plan comes with it .. so if new shiny comes out in six months they give you 50% of the retail price in trade. :)

Any words on a price for 1 yr contract from VZW. My contract runs out in april. My dinc been good to me. But won't do a 2year deal ever. Im willing to pay $325-$350 for a 1 year deal.

I might be getting some of the new Android phones mixed up, but I thought this was basically just a slightly updated Evo with LTE instead of Wimax, not sure that warrants an extra $50

Add a bit more ram, remove HDMI out, likely a "better" screen, and you're about right. Hopefully they've improved on the platform overall in minor ways that will equate to better battery life too. I don't see this being a big improvement over the DX except for the LTE so I'm not yet sold.

Right, just some updated internals. This wasn't a dual core phone or anything.

And nevermind the $50, I believe the Evo was $500 off contract, so that's an extra $250 in that case.

Sure, it has some newer stuff inside, but its also 8 months later, I seems crazy for that much of a price difference

How does the $749 price tag on an unsubsidized Thunderbolt seem high compared to the Xoom? Because the Xoom has a larger screen? No, it's less portable. Because of the difference in RAM? No, ram for the tbolt is likely more expensive since it SHOULD have lower power consumption and a smaller footprint (to fit in a smaller device)? Let's keep in mind that the TBolt is also an LTE modem for you other devices while the Xoom is not. It is only 3G at $800. You'll have to pay god knows what to upgrade to LTE. Overall platform differences (number of cores, HDMI output) are to be considered too, but it becomes very difficult to quantify and thus complain about without understanding the manufacturing and engineering costs of these items. Anyway, comparing the cost of a phone to the cost of a tablet is like comparing the cost of a briefcase to the cost of a suitcase. The use cases are completely different not to mention the materials.

I'm sure you have lots of evidence to back that up so how would you argue this logic? If the DX was $600 retail when it came out then a device with a bigger screen, more ram, and faster data should be a be more expensive after inflation is accounted for and the TBolt seems to fit that mold. Also, keep in mind that most people won't be happy with a 3G Xoom so that $800 dollar price tag is more like an illusion than reality. I bet the LTE upgrade pushes the real price closer to $1,000.

I can't see the upgrade costing $200. I can see maybe $50. $100 at the most. My GUESS is the device has some sort of connector built in and the LTE capability is already built into the board. When the 'upgrade' is performed it's probably just a matter of the tech removing the back cover of the Xoom and plugging in an LTE card mount - which on its own probably costs pennies to make and minutes to install. Remember, this upgrade is to be done in store. Obviously that means no soldering would be needed and turn around has to be quick. "Plug and Play" if you will, with a more than likely software update included. Hell...I won't be surprised if it turns out to be something so simple to do that it can be done on your own via third-party purchase (all the while voiding your warranty, of course).

We don't know if they're even going to charge for the LTE upgrade (don't laugh, they would get the money back in data plans). And both the DX and the Thunderbolt have a 4.3 inch screen.

Larger Screen != More Expensive. Characteristics like pixel density and contrast are far more important and the xoom panel has a lower density and I wouldn't expect a significant difference in contrast though I haven't checked on that.

Lower density, but still more pixels. You're not telling me that a 10 inch screen is cheaper than a 4.3 inch screen with a with a smaller resolution.

No offense but you'll likely be the only person who goes that far with it. Many more people will drop it down to Tablet vs. Smartphone and not look, nor care beyond that. Not saying that logic is right but that's what it'll come to in most peoples minds.

Who is going to pay $749 for this versus $800 for a Tablet? I'd love to hear someone jump in and say- "I'll get one off contract and you people need to stop wining because you can't afford it.". And $249? Let's see if the Droid Bionic or any of the other new LTE phones command such a premium over the usual $199.

I was thinking of trading my EVO for the Echo......NOT! I may have to see the TBolt in action first before even thinking of trading my Evo.

OK. This article from Droid Life is crapola.

The SKU in the ad differs from the SKU in the scan posted in the comments and the scanned ad ON Best Buy's website HAS another SKU but it's actually ON Best Buy's website.

They would not have 3 different SKU's for the same device. And the add on Best Buy's website HAS NO prices what so ever on it.

This is a bull**** article and should be yanked.

Maybe the SKU changed when it was delayed. I doubt they would change the price, and this isn't the only rumor that has had this price.

No, I've worked retail before .. unless there is a big screw up and they have to take it out of inventory all together .. once the SKU is assigned they don't change it. I'll bet this Droid Life leak and the there BB ad's are frauds.

Starting in March Verizon is chaning to Full Retail Price for phone purchase with now discounts on the phones at all. They are getting rid of the 2 year contract and doing this instead.

The "retail" value of mobile phones is artificially inflated by the phone maker to some arbitrary number (just like "MSRP" for any product is totally BS, no one but an idiot pays that markup). It's a deal between carriers and phone producers to keep people locked in mobile phone service contracts.

up ya nose with a rubba hose BB! Was going to pay retail. Not now! I hear VZW's retail will be $100-$150 cheaper. Might also consider a 1 year plan which is not possible at BB. Anyone know if those $50 pre-order gift cards can be used on anything in store? Will probably use that towards some blu-rays or something.

Is there a date on that best buy ad? If that is going out on Feb 22nd like it says some places than you think there would be a date saying its coming out the 24th. This makes me believe the phone will already be out, making the Feb 14th date the release date.

It's the memory. This phone has 40 gb. 8 internal and a 32 gb micro sdhc card. The memory + LTE antenna equals the $750 price. I don't really need that much. I have yet to use 16 gb let alone 32. Too bad they don't offer a 16 gb version for $600-650.

If you think about it, BB knows everythig and has made some money in the process. Let say 100,000 people per ordered the tbolt. Thats 5mil in BB gift cards. Now let say that 40% backs out of the pre order! That 2mil+ worth of in store purchases, because let face it! Most people leave money on thier cards or buy items that are more then the amount on the card. Pretty good sales if you ask me! LOL

"For anyone keeping track, that's only about $50 less then a Motorola XOOM."

Less THEN?
Spell much?

Do not worry and even buy it from BB when the droid x came out off contract BB wanted me to pay 700, while Verizon only wanted 529. It makes no sense to me how they tried to explain the reasoning of selling a phone from a carrier like Verizon and jacking up the price that far. Just wait for Verizon to sell it I guarantee even off contract it will be 200 or so less then BB.

Someone will most like get the price lowered down due to cutomer loyalty, at least that's how it is for tmobile. I didn't think that they included the 32GB sd, that would be a reason to raise the price. I still am not sure why they removed the hdmi out though.

wheres this 749 price coming from? cuz i checked in store and its 799 from this weeks ad. cant post it but also able to check out our discount on it o_O