Thunderbolt boot screen

We got a tip that the RUU for the HTC Thunderbolt (check out our hands-on) has leaked out, and while we were breaking things down to be sure all was what it was supposed to be,  the pulled system dump got dropped in the Android Central forums.  It's a hell of a ROM, weighing in at almost 500 MB's worth of software, and we're 100 percent sure it's Bing free. 

Hit the source link for the full RUU, and the forums link for the system dump. [911HTC; Android Central forums] Thanks Steven!

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moises1204 says:

i am done with htc phones till they start putting better screens on their phones.

They put a Super LCD on it... what more do you want? It's not the same ole LCD like my EVO has for example

slinky317 says:

So, is the Thunderbolt going to be Droid branded? It didn't seem like it, but if not then it looks like the only new Droid will be the Bionic...

MowDownJoe says:

I think Verizon's done with forcing the Droid brand on every non-Binged phone. HTC probably felt killer robots cramped their marketing department's style.

I'm done with HTC too! This UN-Incredible has UN-impressed me to the hilt! I'm crossing my fingers that the blogs are right and the iPHONE is coming to Verizon on 2/3. Within a couple of weeks people will be saying...Android? What's that?? LOL

I'm so sick and tired of TRYING to get this phone to do half of what my iPhone does. Apple and Steve Jobs may be the biggest tight as*es in America, but, what they do...they do right and I've learned that the hard way.

Flame away Androids!! LMAO

Comineeyeaha says:

I'm not going to flame, I'll just ask why you're posting on an android story if you've already made up your mind about apple? I have a blackberry that I hate, but instead of posting negativity on CrackBerry I come here.

slinky317 says:

What exactly can't you get your Incredible to do?

Ryu78 says:

when and if the iphone comes to verizon, that is just gonna make most of the att customer to change carriers. Not sure if you knew, but Android already passed iphone in market share, blackberry still holds the crow. But at the rate of growth android has, apple wont be able to catch up, and blackberry keeps falling... I think that by the end of 2011 android OS will be the most popular mobile os with the plurality of the market share.

Not used to trolls around here. You must be "special " if you think you can get more done with an itard than an Incredible. Oh wait, there is face time. Lol

and has the WiFi's. and the bigger GB's.

iphone and blackberrys just arent as good as androids

Steb0ne says:

What's all the b**ching about? This is a post about a leaked RUU. It's just a remodeled Evo, which HTC has been good about supporting...much better than a Moto Droid device, how long did Droid X users have to wait for Froyo compared to the Evo release?

As for the Apple fan, no flames from here but I'll stick to my flash supported devices.

kicko says:

I bet if you posted your issues with the device someone in here could help you out.

remixfa says:

he is just some tard who wants attention and isnt getting it from mommy. /ignore

500mb seems.... obsurdly steep. thats a hell of a lot of bloatware in that phone. now it has me curious to what it has on board for bloat options.. lol.

n64kps says:

Root and....remove!

Easily root and remove. Unlike Motorola devices.

patch8908 says:

I love the android community but I must say there's just too much unnecessary complaining around here if you don't like a phone there's plenty of others to choose from. An i have a droid eris running android 2.2 and i've even tested 2.3 on it so if you can't get yoyour incredible to do something you're just not cool enough for an android

N.Napoleon says:

I'm not really impressed with The Thunderbolt... I'm considering switching over to Sprint and trying the EVO until HTC comes out with the 2nd generation EVO... Plus it would be nice to cut my bill down by $40 and replace it with Sprints everything $69 deal!!!! Has anyone seen any reports on what is to come next to top the EVO since obviously the Thunderbolt so far isn't it?

Potential buyers of this, prepare for some bloat.

Clow says:

Only an idiot would say that you can't root and remove bloat ware from a motorla device.

cmorty72#AC says:

500MB is rather steep. :P
Oh well, I won't be making any judgements on anything until I see it up close.
Besides, my NE2 isn't until the middle of the year.. and by then hopefully there will be a better selection to choose from.
So until then, I've still got my OG Droid alive and kicking and serving me quite well.

Clow says:

I somewhat agree with the iphone guy....I traded my incredible for a d2 and don't regret it. Im an android owner an I have to say that incredible is in no way better than I phone 4. Especially build quality, dinc that I had felt like it was gonna fall apart in my hand. Guess that's what I get for listening to all the hype about it on this site

if the dInc was in no way better than the iPhone 4, why would you get another android phone.? If it's in NO WAY better, then the OS alone would be lesser than that of the iPhone. ..yet you bought another android phone and don't regret getting it.. poor argument buddy

your comment just sounds like a more advanced iPhone fan post.. first you hope to gain credibility as an android owner, THEN you praise the iPhone and bash android phones.

now I'm certain the dInc > iPhone4

kittycatspawz is that you?

cj100570 says:

The name actually makes no sense when you think about it; thunder doesn't have bolts, lightning does. And lightning (light) is faster than sound (thunder). Hmmmmm. I think Verizon should have called it the Lightning Bolt since their 4G is as fast as lightning.

google123 says:


Clow says:

@androidjunkie, why I didn't get an iphone: because im locked in a vzw contract. 2. I didn't buy it I traded the dinc for it, What am I supposed to do get a blackberry? 3. I didn't bash android only stated my experience with the dinc. So I am an ass for liking 2 different types of phones I guess. So why don't you go over my post again, then go over your little post and come back with some that doesn't sound like you were crying when you wrote it. Good day sir

@clow, all i read was the reason why you like 2 different types of phones, and i agree. nobody's cryin, just one whiny clow-n