HTC Thunderbolt MR2

The HTC Thunderbolt MR2 release, rumored for a rollout around or after June 15, has been leaked and is now available for download in both an unaltered version as well as a few custom ROMs.  We figured when the MR2 radio leaked out a while back that we would soon be seeing this one.  Some of the highlights include better signal strength, a 3G/4G toggle setting, and help with those random reboots many users have been seeing.

We can't be 100 percent positive this is the final MR2 release (and we've seen a previous leak bork things up a bit), but it's signed with release keys and certainly looks official.  If you feel the urge (and we don't blame ya!), hit the source link, heed the warnings, and give it a try.

Source: Android Police; via Android Central Forums


Reader comments

HTC Thunderbolt MR2 update leaked, tweaked, ready for download


I hope 2.3 follow soon after this release. I've only had 1 reboot since the last update. But that's one too many.

I installed this radio yesterday and my Bolt runs flawlessly. Much more stable and even seems much faster on 3G. Still getting 10-25 Mbs down on 4G also. Highly recommend this with one of the Gingerbread ROMs.

I have updated 2 TB's already. No issues and working very well. Time will tell if they don't reboot or crash.

I have went over the steps over and over and it's not flashing my TB. It reads the SD card and does the little load but never reboots and goes back to the HBOOT main screen. I have no clue what is wrong with my TB.

Download astro file manager... Locate this update file and then edit its name... You will see it's actually zip. zip.... Just take one zip off...

Just downloaded htc thunderbolt software... Few Apps are missing in market... Such as 3d gallery.... Not a call log.... Volume control by revso Not sure if it is the official update.

You do not have to be rooted to run this. One thing I noticed is that my PRL is different than the one shown above. Mine is 15008...everything else is the same. Does anyone know why this is?