MIUI Thunderbolt

Just a few days ago we saw the HTC Thunderbolt get a semi-functional MIUI port, and today we were graced with the good news that the data and SMS issues have been resolved. Developer DroidVicious tweeted out that another developer who had been helping out, Reid Holland, was able to get data fully functional on the device. This news is huge for HTC Thunderbolt owners who have been wanting some MIUI love on their device. DroidVicious says he is working on something for the Droid Eris and then he will be hopefully releasing it tonight!

Source: Twitter


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HTC Thunderbolt MIUI port gets working data, release to follow soon


MIUI does nothing for me. tried it on my OG DROID for kicks and it was just not all that cool. To each there own though....waiting for my Nexus!!!


oh, and btw, Paullie/DroidVicious has no plans on porting for the Droid Eris. Eris is who helped him get data working, and its uploaded. Go Get it NOW!!