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HTC ThunderBolt extended battery

When it comes to extended batteries, there are a couple things I worry about. First and foremost is having more juice. That's a given, though. With the 2750mAh extended battery for the HTC ThunderBolt, you're getting nearly double the miliAmp/hours of the stock 1400mAh battery. So it's going to last longer. (Or in the case of the ThunderBolt on LTE, which sucks through a battery, you might actually get a day's use out of it.)

But the other thing -- and for a lot of us the only real concern -- is how the extended battery looks and feels on the phone.

First things first: It's bigger. Along with the battery, you get a new battery cover. And the cover has the same cutouts for the camera, dual flashes and 3.5mm as the standard battery. And it also has the same internal antenna connections, which is important, too. It's also made of the same soft-touch plastic as the stock battery cover and has the same HTC and 4G LTE markings.

As for the size, it's definitely larger, sticking out from the back of the ThunderBolt, whereas the stock battery and cover are flush. That's to be expected, of course. Funny thing is, it doesn't feel too bad in the hand. It's noticeably heavier -- about 1 ounce -- but, again, that's to be expected. But our fingers rest comfortably on the top lip. So despite the added size and weight, it's not horrible.

We'll talk actual battery life once it's broken in and properly tested. But for a good look at how it'll fit on your ThunderBolt, hit the pictures after the break. You can snag the HTC ThunderBolt extended battery in the Android Central Store for $49.95.

HTC ThunderBolt 2750 Extended BatteryHTC ThunderBolt 2750 Extended Battery

HTC ThunderBolt 2750 Extended BatteryHTC ThunderBolt 2750 Extended Battery

HTC ThunderBolt 2750 Extended BatteryHTC ThunderBolt 2750 Extended Battery

HTC ThunderBolt 2750 Extended BatteryHTC ThunderBolt 2750 Extended Battery

HTC ThunderBolt 2750 Extended BatteryHTC ThunderBolt 2750 Extended Battery

And a few pics of the stock battery size

HTC ThunderBolt 2750 Extended BatteryHTC ThunderBolt 2750 Extended Battery

HTC ThunderBolt 2750 Extended BatteryHTC ThunderBolt 2750 Extended Battery

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HTC ThunderBolt 2750mAh extended battery


The original battery plate has two small holes above the dual led flash, but the extended battery plate does not. Does anyone know what those two small holes are for?

Those holes are the noise cancellation mics in the back. The Extended battery cover does have them. My co-worker and i got both got the TB and he got the battery the shipped to him as soon as it came out. Is a pretty big and it adds a very noticeable amount of weight to the phone. I call his phone the Camel-Bolt! lol

Does your friend's extended battery have the holes? Because mine does not...I guess I got the defective one. And also the pictures above do not show the holes for the extended battery plate.

They're for the antenna connection on the inside of the battery cover. They are NOT for noise cancellation, which is why you're not missing them on the extended cover. has a custom extended battery case for the HTC Thunderbolt with the extended battery. GREAT DEAL for 14.99!

It would be great if someone had the brains to make a 1850mah battery like some of the other HTC made devices come with. There must be a way of squeezing more power into the same size as the stock size battery. They would sell millions of those, not only for the Thunderbolt but also for the MyTouch 4G, same battery fits both devices.

That could not be uglier if it tried! How is this even a viable solution? If I need to have more battery life I would rather carry an extra battery with me.

ugly ill just carry my charger or buy another stock battery for my thunderbolt before i ever use that giant thing. another issue would be that there are no cases designed for bigger battiers witch is a big no in my book.

I agree. I got the 2600 bat from sprint with a white and black back both included. Worked really well and the curved contour was way better than this design. Still to put a case on the phone and not have ppl stare and giggle at me like I was Steven hawkings I decided an OEM batt and external car charger was the best way. Now I don't even have to tether it ever. Just swap and go. This phone is a brick without the bulk. Can't believe so many ppl wasted an upgrade on last years evo.

All you need is some white tape on your glasses above the bridge of your nose....and you're good to go! Chicks will dig this phone for sure.

I ordered my extended battery on the same order as my phone and never installed the little guy until days later when my TB would eat the 2750mAh like it was candy in 9 hours. Now I charge both and swap if need during the day. I like the extended cover since it gives the phone a nice grip on the back. With the stock cover I always fell like the phone is slipping from my hands. I'm seriously considering buying another 2750 battery and battery charging dock to keep my bolt well feed.

Just plain ugly. I would never do that to my beautiful phone. I just throw it on the charger late afternoon if I've been streaming and gaming a lot. I'm rarely ever far from a charger, so I'm good. Are the corks supposed to make you feel less conspicuous about humps?

This takes the award for the worst if not the ugliest extended battery cover design ever. They should have made it so that it covers the entire back instead of just a hump in the center... it looks unfinished.

Just sucks that you need an extended battery to make it last all day when it should be able to accommodate daily use with a standard one.

This is not a beauty contest. Functionality comes first with smart phones. And the little hump on the big battery case enables you to cradle the phone between your index and 3rd finger. It will not slip out of place as the smaller battery case does. It's far easier to use your thumb on the key pad as you hold it in one hand.

I suspect those who are complaining about the looks have not actually used it. I thought the same thing when I decided I needed the extra battery power to get through the day. But much to my surprise, the phone is much easier to use with the hump on the back. Try it, you'll like it.

BTW, the phone now gets me well through a very busy day and then some.

Right now, the best phone on the market.

I have my extended battery for about a week now... The battery life to be honest, almost triple the life time... But I found something interesting, the blockbuster app was the MAIN reason for the battery drain, I disabled that and was a huge brake to the battery problem. My setting at the moment are, 3 emails all sync 1 hour, facebook also 1 hour... everything synchronize 1 hours, display full. With the original battery now I can use from 7 am until almost bed time 10:30pm or 11:00pm still have 1/4 left.. with the extended battery the phone only uses about 1/2 of battery in a full day. One thing a wanna to find out and I am having problem with is every time i reboot the phone, I loose a considered amount of battery like 10% to 20%.. why is that?.. Anyone knows? the GPS on does no use a lot of battery unless if you are on GPS or using the MAPs. WIFI I do not use sinse the phone internet is 10 times faster then my home internet... lol any other ideas anyone want to share?!.. (I am a happy Tbolt owner) embarrassing for Android fans. Don't you know IPhone fans are laughing their butts off. Its absolutely rediculous to release a phone with such short battery life and I am amazed that people are buying it. All that does is let the manufacturers know that they can release even more half-baked phones and people will buy them.

I'm not a heavy user by any means but my regular battery is lasting me 14+ hours lately. It has gotten a lot better since I did the CDMA Rev. A adjustment. (I am @ 39% right now and it's been off the charger for 11-1.2 hours.) Also, I manually update most of my apps now, which really helps.
I also have an iphone 4 and hardly ever use it any more, it is just so boring in comparison. :)

I have three batteries - Stock, the extended from HTC and a 1600mAh from Seidio - The Seidio fits nicely behind the stock door and so far I have made it 7 hours with regular use and its 3/4 depleted. Not bad - the instructions note that it could take 5 to 6 cycles before batter life improves. the BIG battery is for emergencies only; it is entirely too big - hopefully a software update will help battery life...maybe gingerbread if the TBolt will ever get to see it.

I took the plunge for an extended battery and I am rather satisfied with it. When you're comparing the weight of your phone to another phone, yeah it feels pretty significant, but in reality it isn't a big deal. My main issue is I'd appreciate a case that I could slap on it. As is, I cut the back out of a silicone, and other than the fact that it is ghetto, it works the way I want it to. Additionally- cutting the back out makes the battery somewhat streamlined with the case, so the hump isn't as noticeable...

At first glance, and in pictures, it looks horrible. But after a minute or two, you get used to the look and the feel. With my extended battery, I'm getting through a day of heavy use no problem. Been unplugged for over 12 hours and I'm at 60% battery. It feels nice to not *have* to charge it midday. Pictures do not do it justice - it's really not that ugly.

I have the 1800 mAh battery for my Incredible. It also fits the following devices: Evo4G, and the Touch Pro 2 I got mine from HTC Express. They may have batteries for the Thunderbolt. I don't know as I haven't checked. I got mine a couple of months ago. Works great on my Incredible. I can get well over 12 hours of use. I am pleased
and it works well with the original covers. I hate extra weight on a device.
If they are going to make such powerful devices, they should have batteries that work just as well. It is getting to be a royal pain to have to get extended batteries. HTC Express has great pricing.....

doesn't the ATRIX come with a 1950 mah battery?? HTC should have done the same thing with this phone.i have a 3500 mah in my EVO4G and hopefully seidio will have the same battery avalible for the EVO3D when it comes out.maybe have a kickstand include on the battery cover

I heard there is a larger version that can be carried in a briefcase.....hmmm, novel idea. A briefcase cell phone.

Our phones will have to become as big as they were back in the late 1990s for them to handle all the power they have and they use. The era of the jumbo phone returns!

The extended battery is worth every penny. I use about 5% of the batter's life an hour now, which gives me plenty of juice for a full day, even with GPS or streaming music or any other active usage. I do have some power saving apps installed and unused accounts racheted down on their update frequencies, but nothing that interferes with using the phone to access the information I want the instant I want it. That's the whole point of having a smartphone afterall. Yes the battery is heavy. It's worth it. Yes it's fatter. I kind of like that - when I hold the phone in portrait orientation, the battery rests nicely on my hand, so I don't have to hold it as tightly. The lack of cases that fit it doesn't bother me - I don't want the extra bulk of a case. Ironic since I don't mind he battery bulk, but the battery gives me lots of benefit for the bulk.

I hope htc comes out with a stock extended battery for the Evo 3D. I want an extended battery but I still want the stock look.

Y is HTC trying to screw people . I really thing they put small batteries to make u buy extended batteries or more stock ones. After I cycled my incredible a few times it was ok not great but okay .Hope its the same for my thunder bolt.

HTC Droid Incredible stock battery is 1300 mAh ... replacement battery is 1750 mAh and the same size. Changing them out made a HUGE difference.

Anybody know the largest mAh for the T-BOLT that is the same size as stock?

After less than satisfactory long term results with a thicker extended life battery on my current phone, admittedly not the one discussed here, I doubt I would ever use anything but a battery sold by the phone manufacturer. And the heck with the clunky look and feel. But for those who just have to have it, they can probably find the equivalent from eBay user meig2006.

"And it also has the same internal antenna connections, which is important, too. "

The "bridge" is missing on the Extended Cover connections between the 2 contacts in the right-hand corner. How is this the same?
AND are they being shorted important?