Name and launch event detailed on HTC's Weibo account

Having leaked out last week, today it seems HTC's next Android device is going to be the Desire 8. The other good news is that it seems those pretty hot looking leaked images are in fact the real deal. It all comes about from a post on the HTC Weibo account in China, talking up a Feb 24. launch event in Beijing.

It also teases a "super-super" camera for the Desire 8, though equally that could be a rough translation. In any case, no specs or other firm details about the phone are available at this time. Purported specs line this up as a giant 5.5-inch mid-range handset, with a 13MP and 5MP combination of cameras – which could account for the "super-super" part.

Of course, Feb. 24 is also the official start of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, so we're hoping that HTC is going to be real nice and also bring something to Spain for us to get our hands on.

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HTC set to unveil Desire 8 in China on Feb. 24


It looks really good.

I hope it is as good as the Moto G

Sent from inside a cave. Yes, T-Mobile covers caves. N5

Yep this phone looks pretty good, hopefully it makes its way out to north America.

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Ya & with a 5.5" screen I hope this budget phone drops in the US

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That thing is gonna be massive with those top and bottom bezels. If those are boomsound speakers, I do like them better than the One's.


"The other good news is that it seems those pretty hot looking leaked images are in fact the real deal."

Yeah, with a 5.5' screen, this won't really be pocketable, HUGE BEZEL ALERT!! I find that this being the real deal is not a good thing, HTC needs to learn to make more compact phones while keeping those nice front facing speakers.

Design reminds me of the Sony zed like of phones or whatever they are called.

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They repeat super twice because in the Chinese language it softens it so it's not too abrupt.

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Looks like a dual SIM phone but I guess it will be like all the other dual SIM phones I've looked at, the second SIM must be 2G not wcdma..