HTC Sense 5

The release of the HTC One and Sense 5 is a significant milestone for HTC. Gone are the days of iterative development and evolving HTC's user interface, and we're going to see a complete redesign. Some folks will hate it, some folks will love it, and some will dismiss it without ever using it -- the Internet is a fickle beast. All of us here are in agreement that it certainly looks interesting, and will be well worth a close look. The only thing anyone can be sure of is that the HTC One will certainly usher in a new era of HTC design, both in the hardware and the software. 

Drew Bamford, Director of User Experience at HTC, has spent time with the new Sense 5. Probably more time than we can imagine. He took to the HTC blog today to talk a little about it, and the challenges of coming up with something new in an age when we've seen it all.

According to Bamford, research discovered three consistent things that needed considered before he and his team dove in and revamped Sense.

  • Most people don’t differentiate between apps and widgets.
  • Widgets aren’t widely used – weather, clock and music are the most used and after that, fewer than 10% of customers use any other widgets.
  • Most of you don’t modify your home screens much. In fact, after the first month of use, approximately 80% of you don’t change your home screens any more.

That meant a big overhaul was needed instead of the small polishing updates to Sense we've seen since the HTC Hero

It looks like they have accomplished just that. The BlinkFeed home screen borrows design elements from elsewhere and brings them to Sense 5 with a distinctive HTC look. Other changes, like the Zoe feature and a revolutionary new camera work with BlinkFeed to tie it all together in a way we've not seen before. Nobody can say how successful it will be, but we can get a little insight into just how the Sense team was inspired to build it. It's an interesting read, and even if you're not excited about the HTC One and Sense 5 you should give it a look. 

Source: HTC blog


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HTC user experience director on 'redefining' HTC Sense


Or you can redefine HTC Sense by removing that crap and use stock Android experience. That's why I flashed CM10 on my HTC One S and it works great.

What kind of market share would a phone have that sold Stock Android experience?

According to Samsung's own lawyers:

due to the “minuscule” sales of the Galaxy Nexus, so there’s no threat if the phone remains on the market.[...]

“This is a product that, at most, captured 0.5 percent of the market,” Quinn said.

So it would appear such a phone would be the absolute death knell of any company that released it as their only product.

Guys, just stop with this "Stock Android Experience" nonsense. Android was never intended to be that way. It was always intended that manufacturers and carriers would dress it up and put their own spin on it.

Really ice? I thought you were smarter than that. Are you saying that if the GS III had stock Android, that it would not have been a success? It's simple. What is marketed well, sells well. The UI is not why average consumers buy phones.

No, Ice is right, Android was intended for that. And i like it that way because the OEM's compete with each other on UI experiences and features, not just like the Windows Dark days of shipping boxes with Windows.

Ya i agree. The majority of people don't care about what Ui is running on their phone. And mainstream consumers could care less about stock Android, they don't even know what that means. Android is about choice. And sense is just another choice.

Tim is correct on this. If stock android was on the GSIII it would have been just as popular.

Maybe even more so because stock is just designed way tighter.

Some of you people on the forums really have a hard freaking time realizing that us on the forums only make like 1% of the Android users. 99% don't give a crap about stock Android. Samsung marketed all the touchwiz features (useless or not) that stock Android cannot do by the way, and people went crazy for it. Its simple, it's people like you that makes me not even want to read comments on here anymore. WAKE THE HELL UP, NO ONE BESIDES US GIVE A SH!T ABOUT STOCK ANDROID, THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW THE DIFFERENCE!

Oh really. Post Android 4.0+, Google's clear intent was that manufacturers should use stock Android - the app design guidelines alone are a solid proof of that. Also, Sense and TouchWiz etc look CRAP compared to stock Android. Galaxy Nexus was not properly marketed, so its miniscule sales were a given. Look at the sales of Nexus 4 - do you think with proper marketing and distribution, at that price point, it would not have become a best seller?

This is 2013, not 2010. Android does not need dressing up. Manufacturer skins make less and less sense and moreover, names like Samsung and HTC are enough to sell a phone, not the software underlying it.

How do you know how Android was intended to be? I'll bet Google would be quite happy if everything was the stock Android experience with higher quality hardware. it's the manufacturers that try to stand out and create recurring buyers by having their own interfaces.
According to Samsung's lawyers? Thats your source? Lawyers for a Korean Chaebol?

LOL! Yeah, that must be why the Nexus 4 sold out immediately...because there is no demand for vanilla android devices.

Google did not want to get stuck with inventory. Limited supply is because of measured and intentionally limited manufacturing.

It (stock Android) probably "works great" because it was correctly debugged and has fewer things to go wrong with it.

Some People enjoy a CLI Operating System ( especially Linux Users. VERY FEW Windows Users want to be "DOS Users" and forgo Windows. The GUI provides added convenience, but LESS power.

Some People modify the Windows GUI beyond simple Wallpaper changes and add a different Shell ( It is a similar deal with Android, if you were a real geek you would be running Debian or Ubuntu (without a GUI) on your Phone.

To prescribe "stock Android" as an "experience" and dismiss any modification as "crap" is not a view that many would support or we would see your idea adopted, and all Phones be released that way (much as pure Linux is, with no GUI).

You probably have not tried "Sense 5" yet you say that (along with anything but pure Android) is "crap". It CLEARLY is not "crap", just something that a minority do not prefer.

The convenience of "Sense 5" is (just) one of the reasons so many are interested in the "HTC One". The GUI conveniently combines the Hardware Features (some not present on ALL Phones) and makes then easily available on the Touch Screen.

An alternate way to use a Phone would be to have the Touch Screen Keyboard be used to type the name of the Program you wanted to run (along with any Command Line Parameters); that would NOT "work great" in the Minds of the majority.

I agree completely, I much prefer Sense to stock. I find it more 'sophisticated' even if its a little slower.

They've already thought of all you "stock Android is my true religion" folks. It's called the Nexus. Get one and quit your bitching. If you like HTC hardware so much then know that you're getting Sense out of the box and rooting/flashing will be required. If you don't want cheese on your burger, DON'T ORDER THE CHEESEBURGER! If for some reason you do order it, don't complain about having to pull the cheese off of it, like you didn't know it was there.

Why don't you nincompoops just buy a featureless Nexus, bad camera, bad sound and gripe where you can find community.

PJMAN2952.... Why in earth did you purchase a HTC One S instead of a Nexus 4? Just to rail on it? You people make no sense.

I must have missed your thorough review of Sense 5.......

It seems to me that everybody is getting their panties in a bunch over BlinkFeed. BlinkFeed is not Sense 5. Sense 5 is not just BlinlFeed. Good Lord, watch the hands-on videos. It's basically a home screen. If you don't like it, don't use it. This isn't iOS. You can use regular Sense homescreens or use a different launcher altogether.

Well I'm on twitter and G+ and that's it. I don't hate the Facebook app. I just don't use it. But I don't think BlinkFeed is just social networks. If it was I would have no use for it either. It's news and sports and blah blah blah and hopefully Android Central, too. You know you want to see it. I know it too. I'm on the EVO forums, bro. I see you there. You can't bullshit me! :D

Nexus, less than 1%. Why can't you nerds be constructive or go to your own subculture forums?

BTW. The nexus has a suck camera, suck sound and is known as a bare bones developer reference phone not intended to appeal to the general public. Google has no intention of the Nexus as a mass appeal Android smartphone. Hence the reason Google did not order to many from the OEM.

Forums are indicating many recent Nexus buyers intend to sell their phones on amazon or ebay soon after they aquire the new HTC One and they are not down to root and rid themselves the features of image Sense and other sense UI features.

androidtoyy. .. why don't you nincompoops just buy a featureless Nexus, bad camera, bad sound and gripe where you can find your self fulfilling circle j*^k community?

Well unless you have used a nexus you shouldn't make such comments. There's a reason many users today prefer stock android

I own a Nexus and use it quite often..On my Nexus 7 where it is wonderful..But on a phone,AOSP is boring and ugly IMHO...

That's perception, I guess. Stock Android is not remotely ugly. In fact it surpasses all other OS's in elegance and professionalism. Nexus 4 reviews across the globe bear that out. But to each his own I guess.

talhamid... reviewers say plain vanilla android lacks features although Jellybean has incorporated some of the older Sense 3.1 features

Honestly, I was one of those I will only buy Nexus people. Fastfoward to today.

I love the Nexus for these reasons,
-Simple stock Android

But you lose alot with it to.
-Camera is always crap.
-Limited storage, I don't care for SD Cards but stop with only 16GB
-Stock Android does get kind of boring

HTC is giving you a great Camera with MANY features. Sense has alot of useful features in the OS. 32GB or 64GB. Great build quality.

Im really looking forward to buying this phone and the Motorola X. I will ofcourse still keep my GNEX and Nexus 4 though.

talhamid... your so called many users is an infitessimal amount. Less than all Windows phone users use stock Android. You people's delusional imaginations far exceed fact based commentary.

Alright we get it with the sense hatred... Geez. You don't have to like it. Personally when I was on sense 3+ I liked it. Ran smooth, I would love a chance to try the new sense on the One :-)

Sense is terrible. It is the ONE reason I refuse to even consider an HTC phone. I hope they read this comment section. They need to stop being stubborn, if they intend to compete.

You obviously haven't experienced 5 for yourself. But I am starting to doubt you have ever used sense period. What is your vendetta against it?

Thanks HTC for valuing android users so much. Next time instead of spending so much effort in dumbing down android, just port iOS from your new best friend Apple so that we are saved from any complications.

The article was a good read. After the initial surge of newness most tend to settle into a stagnant, consistent routine on their phone and that includes the home screen setup.

I don't think there needs to be a ton of widgets on the screen. One or two that deliver relevant information is more than enough.

"Some folks will hate it, some folks will love it, and some will dismiss it without ever using it."

Seems to be a lot of hate and dismissing going on!

I will hate parts of it and don't need to use it to know it. I have no interest in social media and FAR less interest in stupid, square, animated sections of screens. That stuff is about as horrible as that stupid MS-Windows 8 crud.

Look, I *LIKE* Sense. I think it is slick and pretty and quite usable. Other than being a memory hog, it is a big improvement over stock Android. This is the FIRST TIME I have seen something they are doing with Sense and have thrown out venom.

That doesn't mean *ALL* of Sense 5 sucks... but that most visible thing they are so proud of.... ***HATE*** it.


Sense 4+ on my international HOX is pretty sweet. Its still a bit of a memory hog, but Sense 5 promises to be better at that, its lighter, less bloated by all accounts.

I've run a Nexus, and I liked Stock when I had it, but not to the exclusion of anything else.

This is the same thing reviewers here were saying last year about Sense 4+ and it was still a bloated, resource hog. Just because it now looks minimalistic doesn't mean it is.

The new phones are not the Hero, so who cares if they are memory hogs, what the hell else is a super phone for except for memory hog apps? You running 40 versions of Zeam launcher at the same time? sheesh

And none of you have touched it. Hilarious.

The next Touchwiz is terrible. They should read this comment and never make it. I know, because I have a keyboard.

It just amazes me how the only response you get from people these days when they see a certain design of the Android OS is blah blah blah stop ruining android and run stock..I get some people love them some pure android,good for them..Then why not just stick with your Nexus line and not chime in on phones that don't interest them because it isn't Pure Google..

I've always loved Sense and can not wait for you guys to do a review on it so we can dig a little deeper.

Get off of your soapbox Jerry. You hate Sense as much as most of us. But as usual, you change your opinion to fit your cause of the day.

Who are you to tell someone what they like or don't like. I dismiss any further post of yours I ever read.
And on record I have never read an article where Jerry trash talked sense.

My One X is stock, and I use it every day. 

I also have no opinion of Sense 5, because I've never touched it. I do realize that what is good for me is good for me, but that doesn't mean anything else sucks. Except the next version of Touchwiz. That shit sucks so bad.

I would bet the next touchwiz does suck. But you do have a good point in not judging something until its out and you used it.

I think sense 5 needs to do more than what they talked about to trump stock though. If they have nice surprises that expand android with cool features than sure.

Unfortunately, so far, the various manufactures haven't done enough, imo, to add features to really make their versions of android make picking stock hurt more. Right now its a very easy choice for me to choose a stock device.

If it were possible to "like" a post on this comment board, I would like this post right here. This one I tell you!!

"Get off of your soapbox Jerry. You hate Sense as much as most of us. But as usual, you change your opinion to fit your cause of the day."

Its called an open mind.
Try it sometime.

Having a Nexus 7, Note 2 and having had a Sense phone...gotta say I miss Sense. Too bad HTC didn't have anything to compete with.

personally, I like sense, always have but then again I really like htc's phones. It's things like this that makes android so great. Different manufactures make different phones with different specs and polish the os to their liking and what they think people will buy. The beautiful part is we the consumer get to choose which phone we like best. It's capitalism at is finest. It's what makes America great. There is a flavor for everyone. Go get yours!

You know what's funny? We all trash Apple because they're closed off and an iPhone doesn't give you much freedom when it comes to your own device. We love Android because we can tweak the hell out of it. We can add shit to it. We can remove shit from it. We can change it as much as we want to, limited only by hardware and what those genius developers at CM and XDA come up with. Everything that Android is today is an amalgamation of years worth of tweaks from an untold number of developers, both in and out of Google. That's what we all love about it. But over the last couple of years we seem to have developed the Nexus Nazis amongst our ranks. If you love stock Android and the Nexus, good! It's a great experience and those devices can be awesome. If you think no Android device should ever be released with Sense, or any UI other than stock, you should go sit in a corner with your thumb up your ass and an iPhone in your free hand. Because you are our version of iSheep. You folks are the aSheep.

My favorite part of the Nexus Shirts is they love CM, AOKP, etc. These are just cleverly disguised skins. Fools they are.


I have and use a Nexus 4, an HTC OneX+ (International) and a Galaxy Note 2.

To minimize the worst excesses of Sense & Touchwiz I use ADW on the One X+ and Nova on the Note 2. Stock on the Nexus 4 if you care.

Anyone (including beloved Neckbeards) who "hate" an Android phone because of the launcher it shipped with must have forgotten you don't even need to be rooted to run these launchers.

At the end of the day, with little effort you can make any of these phones look pretty much any way you want and I really like each of these phones on their own individual merits.

Remember, contracts blow and here, we hate the iPhone!

+1 to proglowdetail comment above this.

-1 for you not reading "To minimize the worst excesses of Sense & Touchwiz...." I know its not a launcher like ADW or Nova. Neither completely alters the OEM's ROM to Stock or anything else. It allows ME to customize it to MY liking. Not yours and some dude in S.Korea.

Thanks for insightful comment, really helpful.

Joet, you nincompoop. Your blather is unsubstantuated.

. Many of the HTC designers and engineers are American.

Custom skins are way, way more than Launchers. Just look at TouchWiz contacts app. It runs on JB but harks back to 3 year old design doggedly followed by Samsung for no apparent reason. In effect, these guys take the elegance of stock Android and sully it in the name of brand recognition.

- Most people don’t differentiate between apps and widgets.
- Widgets aren’t widely used – weather, clock and music are the most used and after that, fewer than 10% of customers use any other widgets.
- Most of you don’t modify your home screens much. In fact, after the first month of use, approximately 80% of you don’t change your home screens any more.

To me this says, "HTC isn't going to be for you anymore."

@illustratorJoe. I was using Sense when it was called Touch Flo. HTC Diamond>HTC Hero>HTC EVO 4G>HTC Droid Incredible>HTC Thunderbolt>Galaxy Nexus>HTC Droid DNA for a few days before getting the Note II. So yes, I have used Sense enough to have a "vendetta."

As you illustrated so clearly Joe. Tim is full of it and himself. These forums and the attention he gets from our replies to his cacameme thrills him like other psychos who garner this type of attention. As you noticed there is no continuity nor rationale to his statements.

This is why HTC is failing. Every year its the same thing......bla bla bla Sense(insert version number here) is going to be great...bla bla bla. The funny thing is that HTC is in the trouble that they are because all they ever cared about was their stupid bloated skin. They didn't care about how it affected the performance of the poor device that it was on or, as the One X on at&t showed me, how it affected the performance of android itself. I will say that if you like useless animations everywhere you look then HTC Sense is where its at. What HTC doesn't realize is all they had to do back in the day was focus on performance instead of Sense and they wouldnt be in the mess they're in now.

calvin35. HTC Sense is not a skin. Look them both up in the Android Central reference library of definitions.

HTC Sense is a user enhancement interface. If any of you Nut bag Bloviators really used HTC Sense you would know what a "skin" is. There are about 8 predefined skin options in HTC personalization where one can also easily create their own skins.

And that's HTC's fault? It seems to me that they have pushed JB to the One X all over the world, including the EVO. Maybe the weak link isn't HTC...just maybe.

I'll never buy another one after owning the At&T One X. Having said that, the reason i hate Sense is not because i find it to be ugly as sin, but because it "pummels" the performance of any phone it's installed on. To be perfectly honest, i find Touchwiz even harder to look at than Sense but at least Touchwiz doesn't impact performance like Sense.

When are people going to realize that HTC doesn't make "Android" phones. They make phones with the "Sense Experience". Android is being used by HTC just the way Google intended it to be used. For a majority of you supposedly tech savvy people, y'all say some of the stupidest shit I've ever read.

Samsung is going to use their TouchWiz interface. HTC is using Sense. LG uses whatever whack UI they use. The same for Motorola, and so on.

This has been going on for a while now. So why is it that an average consumer like myself can see that, but trolls can't? Fucking ridiculous.

Y'all already know what the OEM's are going to do, software wise. Quit crying on message boards, research the product for a phone that fits your needs, and stop acting like whiney 6 year old girls with a skinned knee.

Don't like it? Don't buy it. Like it? Buy it. Vote with your wallet.

The troll here. Sup? Most people have voted with their wallets. That's why HTC is about dead. Sense is more than just a skin. It's damn close to being a forked version of Android...a very bad one. We don't hate that they "skin" it, we hate the bad experience and battery life their deep changes cause.

Fine. Then don't buy an HTC device. Take your issues with Sense up with HTC.

Email Peter Chou since your vast experience in the mobile landscape is superior to his. You can wow him with your coding expertise and create a UI that will change technology, the world over.

You obviously have the right to your opinion. Hell, I'm not a fan of the past Sense UI experiences either. It just seems silly to continuously moan about a device you have no intention of buying in the first place is all.

Edit: My apologies for calling you a troll. That was unwarranted, even if I believe your ranting would be better served going directly to the source.

I used to only use HTC phones. The experience and battery life is what drove me away. My strong opinions are because I'm mad that they produce the hardware I like, but the software that drives me away. I wish there was something I could do to convince them to not so deeply entrench sense, but I can't. It makes me get a bit passionate about the cause. I appreciate your apology : )

Dude, what he said is exactly true...people are voting with their wallets. And HTC is SINKING.

This is not just some disgruntled fanboy's personal opinion. The market is echoing loudly. If Peter Chou's expertise was correct, HTC would be thriving instead of floundering. Whatever HTC is doing, they are doing it wrong.

Timmy you bloviator... The brilliant HTC Sense user enhancement interface is not a skin. Psychos, please congregate among yourselves, perhaps in a Nexus 4 forum where the entire group can self flagilate. Look it up. It has something to do with skin, maybe.

All HTC are going to do with this latest change is continue their decline to a niche product.

If this skin is default it will put customers off because its not recognisably Android. Even though I was no fan of Sense 4 it was at least Android, no more or less than Touchwiz. While customers dont care about stock Android, they at least want something that looks a little like it.

Add this to their continued insistence on sealed units with no SD and no removable battery and you have an HTC that will continue to contract. HTC need to stop looking at what Apple is doing and look at Samsung. Plastic back or not the Galaxy range has what people want. They are generally thinner, lighter, more powerful easier to modify and .. shockingly.. faster updated.

I think the One looks great, but its heavy, thick, excessively skinned and i will wait for the dev communities reaction before even thinking about purchasing one. With the S4 its a lock that it will be a dev playground within days.

so.... is no one going to address the "useless widgets" comment?? TBH, I honestly think TouchWiz is the most useless skin. It dumbs down android to an iOS level (while even copying some of android/iOS features, putting an "S" in front of it and naming it their own).
I personally have always enjoyed HTC products, mainly because of Sense... but there battery life has always been atrocious.

How exactly does it make it useless or dumb it down? It has all the features, and more of stock android. Sure the skin is a little more plain, but it has all the functionality. Its branded, thats all. TW is a whole lot lighter than sense and has zero lag. I saw an article (ill try to find it) that showed that TW on the S3, just the launcher, actually uses LESS memory than the stock launcher on the N4!

I have both the S3 and HTC EVO LTE. TW is much faster than Sense. Especially in the web browser. Also TW browser is literally apple smooth. Sense stock browser is terribly slow in page load and smoothness.

That being said, Sense looks a HELL of a lot nicer. I hate TW's cartoon colors and their apps just aren't tied together enough. More like a half-assed skin job with strange colors.

The key to get a modded TW rom. You get the speed plus nicer design. Best of both worlds.

Everyone needs to stop with the religious fervor here. Sense has some serious draw backs. Don't say Sense is the best if you haven't used Stock ROM on that same phone or similar TW phone. If Sense can get Stock level performance, then we can talk. otherwise I just don't see the value yet besides the camera which could be an APP.

Konahamanue... Sense and Touchwiz are not skins.
Use Android Central's definitions library.
You, rovex, and timmy ought to get together in your own forum where you can all talk the same nonsense and just irritate each other.

"Some of us will dismiss it without trying it?" Some of us bought a phone 4 months ago and don't have an upgrade for another year and half. It's not that we're closed-minded and bitter.

Yeah, it is a little irritating that AC people seem to assume everyone can upgrade at will.

Not all of us are on family plans where we can cycle into new phones every few months, or can afford to buy new phones retail like candy.

I'm a fan of Sense's cohesive design but I think stock Android had made up what used to be necessary from Sense. What does Sense really give us that Stock doesn't? That is the key question.

I've used Sense since the OG EVO and had every EVO since. I don't miss Sense at all. Its a zero value add for me and I use my phone for everything (business, personal). It just doesn't provide anything unique.

Now the big deal, and why many stock guys are chiming in here, is that Sense has several CONs that we fail to see. If you fail to see these then you are blissfully ignorant.

The biggest and ugliest CON is that Sense is slow. The browser has historically been awful in performance and "smoothness". Page load time trials have it loosing badly to the S3 stock. Not to mention everything on a high-end stock phone runs at Apple level performance. If you don't know how nice this is, you should. Apple and Stock Android are snappy fast in many areas!!

Are you will to run a high end phone that is slower than the rest? if so, why?? All OS's are buggy but performance is a big deal. We shouldn't have to sacrifice this. I would prefer a stock OS with unique Sense apps instead. The only thing I miss when moving my EVO LTE to a AOSP rom was the camera...and that Camera loss was huge. Everything else isn't unique. Why wouldn't I choose the faster OS??

I think root and rom tweakers do things that ruin the professionally designed functionality of their handsets. Although they frequent forums like these they represent a negligible market.

Fortunately my HTC EVO 4G LTE with all the Sense goodness and amazing camera is buttery smooth fast. And I am using the G+, Android Central, People, and Agenda widgets in addition to the iconic Weather / flip clock. And I'm using Liquid Cloud live wallpaper and the HTC notification lockscreen widget.

Again my handset is highly responsive, bluetooth and wifi signals get strong locks and HTC'S Image Sense camera and Gallery are outstanding.

HTC is on a roll and will come up big in 2013 with the beautifully designed HTC ONE with innovative useful features.

Early looks by Tech Crunch, CNET, Engadget and many other reviewers are showing a desire to get the HTC One for their personal use.

Many forum participants are planning to sell their Nexus, Notes, and G3's upon release of the new HTC One.

BTW, I'd like to see Phil or Jerry comment on the performance of Sense. If they don't, there could be "homering" going on here. We tend to hide many of Android phones key flaws here instead of give a hard facts review, which is sad because that is what the Apple crowd does not us.

I don't know if there is "homerimg" going on here or not but there certainly was with the ONE X and that version of Sense. To be fair though it wasn't just this site it was pretty much all review sites.

Yeah, I'm not saying that is happening but I'm worried about it happening with this "One" again. I'm hoping the guys saw the backlash from the Nexus CDMA and One homering and will maintain a factual viewpoint in the future. We all deserve to know the facts and these reviews really do a lot to help me purchase.

In regards to the Nexus CDMA point you make, I think its important to separate what Sprint has done with the Nexus phones, as apposed to how Verizon has handled them.

Sure, Sprint's network is deservedly much maligned, however, given the proprietary radios they use, they have made an concerted effort to get updates out to the Nexus S & Galaxy Nexus as best they can. Plus, they did not alter the experience with any bloatware. In fact, they were the carrier here in the US that first embraced Google Wallet.

Oh don't get me wrong, I don't have an issue with that stuff. I just recall a high level of "Homering" in regards to a few topics, the CDMA Nexus being one of them. I just don't want to see it. I want/need the facts good or bad so I can make an educated decision on a rather large purchase (2 yr contract with each phone). I do think some of the user trust in AC has been eroded over the last year or two due.

Really calvin35.. Pretty much all review sites gave outstanding reviews of the HTC One X and Sense. You confirmed it.

And those reviewers are professionals with years of experience with many platforms. They are paid editors. You forum trolls definitely are of little value.

WOW stop complaining like little girls. Learn to root your phones and install stock android. That's why there's XDA Forums. ZOMG SENSE 5 the end of the world!!!!!!! I think the new Sense 5 is slick... gonna at least give it a chance before I decide to put a vanilla rom on it. Stop complaining if you ain't buying or at least try it before you complain and cry about it. Custom ROMs rock compared to vanilla/oem mods anyway... any android phone ive owned including the Nexus I ended up installing a custom rom. stop whining and quit getting your panties in a bunch

GET IT IN YOUR HEAD every android manufacturer excluding Google has a custom ui/skin.

Rooting does not fix anything. I can't get a functional (bug-free) Jellybean ROM for my Rezound because HTC will not release the god damn source code for it. I suppose I should be grateful they even released ICS 6 months late.

If Sense 5 were really so fucking slick they'd give you the option to remove it or disable it. The fact that they don't says all that needs to be said. No one would willingly use it.

HTC can kiss my ass going forward.

JeffDenver... another whiner. Oh too bad. I think you kissed HTC's ass and didn't like it and now you're having a tantrum.

Now that you and calvin35 have decided to never purchase another HTC then please take your annoying bloviating asses elsewhere where you belong. No value add here.

Wrong Again JeffDenver.

HTC officially allowing to unlock your bootloaders: so case closed about them not supporting the Dev community. Also releasing SDKs for sense and source codes for their kernels. Vanilla Android will be there and Custom ROMs will be plentiful for this beautiful device. so if you have any doubts about buying the phone because of sense5 or locked bootloaders, dont worry :) There are amazing devs that have already pledged to work on the HTC One at XDA Devs forums.

Submitted by WPmaster on March 2, 2013 - 13:36.

Sense is the entire reason I will never buy another HTC device.

I love their hardware, but I have grown to absolutely despise Vender-UIs, especially Sense.

I am on verizon, so who knows if I will see another Nexus device. But at the very least, I am sticking with companies that are popular enough and/or support their products enough that I am guaranteed vanilla Android ROMs for them. And that is NOT HTC.

Damn you read my mind! HTC is definitely not a friend of the development community. They sold four At&t One X's because of me before i realized it was actually a laggy piece of crap. Those were the last 4 phones they will sell because of me. I suppose i should thank HTC though because if it wasn't for the One X so completely failing i wouldn't be running JellyBam on my rooted GS3. Thank you HTC.

calvin35... haven't you heard? The Nexus 4 is for the development community. Too bad you bought 4 ATT HTC One X's before you figured that out. What a sap!

So let me get this!! According to HTC research people do not want big battery.
according to HTC research, people do not want removable and expandable storage.
According to HTC research, people do not want or need a good quality headset with their phones. According to HTC research people do not use widgets!!

Apparently HTC researcher is a d**khead !!