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Nothing like some official device news to set the tone for the day, that's exactly what happened with the announcement of the HTC Sensation. Long awaited, oft rumored and now official. If you;re looking to talk about the HTC Sensation or any other device jump on into the Android Central forums and get started. Some new threads below are heating up:

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marcg611 says:

Anyone hear about Verizon ending 1yr contract offerings? Just saw it on the local news...

meinbcreek says:

This site actually did an article about that about 2 weeks ago.... Nice internal screen shots of the VZW system... Check em out...

I just bought a TB yesterday and was unable to get a 1 year contract :( but this phone is awesome so I'm not too upset

jtalker1965 says:

Posted here last week.

pDoG says:

There are TONS of hands on videos of the sensation I'm YouTube.

angel35 says:

But is there any thing about Thunderbolt getting sense 3.0 ???