HTC Ruby

Here is your questionable device for the day. Say hello to the HTC Ruby -- a device that interestingly enough, we can only see the backside reflection of in what is positively an HTC Flyer. The real kicker? According to Flickr the images were actually snapped using an HTC Ruby. Our friends over at WPCentral are in just as much debate about this as we are, except they're hoping it is a Windows Phone 7 device rather then Android. What do you all think -- Android or Windows Phone 7?

Source: Flickr; Via: WPCentral


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HTC Ruby: Android or WP7 device?


If I were to guess I would go with Android device just because the flyer in this pic is Android, I don't see any W7 evidence any where.

I just don't get why people take pictures like this. A picture of a reflection of a phone against a tablet. Wtf? Just take a picture of the phone.

all i know is its just going to piss me off cause im sure its some kick ass phone and since it kicks ass it wont go anywhere near verizon

It's Android HTC rather make more Android phones than WP7 since HTC has to pay Microsoft $15 for ever WP7 sold.

Apparently, HTC has agreed to pay Microsoft some amount for each Android phone it sells, too, thanks to a very broken US software patent system. So, either way, HTC pays Microsoft. :-/

Haven't you heard about HTC being sued by apple for something related with android? It's a lot more likely that HTC will move to WP7 to avoid even more patent issues.

looks pretty close to the backing of the Wildfire S. Maybe it's that phone by another name (possibly to be a CDMA variant?)
does the EXIF say anything about camera res?