Little Things

Sometimes, it's the little things that count.

HTC has posted this clever (and disturbing) infographic about little things that deliver more than you would think they can. While learning about Mantis Shrimp and Tyrion Lannister is always fun, we all know what they're getting at.

We've seen enough to know the HTC One Mini is real, and that it's coming. All that's left is for HTC to make it official. See the full (as in: GIANT) infographic after the break.

Source: HTC

Big ass little things infographic

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XavierMatt says:


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JHK1984 says:

The tease for mini got the best of me... and I ended up getting the One... lol
Was rocking a 2 year old Skyrocket.
Ah well.. I'll still be fascinated when this is released.

Gekko says:

oh yeah this will end well.


do you hear me Chou?????????????????????????

Lurking_Grue says:

I don't want a phone I need a magnifying glass to see. #PhonesTooSmall

mwara244 says:

I prefer a large phone too, but I'm 6'2 and a large phone is easy to hold. If you took off the bezel on a Nexus 7 and just left the screen that would be my ideal phone. I also like to watch a lot of media on my phone and a 7 inch edge to edge display device would be perfect. #PhonesTooSmall

Jonneh says:

I believe Chou only hears people who have one more question mark. Try it!


If by big punch they mean sense restarts, browser closing, and horrible multitasking because of lack of ram, yeah I can see that.

DaVince says:

I agree that that is HTC One Mini's major flaw. But as mid-range device, they gotta cut down somewhere right?

hodan says:

Very clever. +1 to HTC

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xaml says:

The best punch by HTC is still packed by minimising a product's support lifecycle, no? ;(