HTC Droid Incredible Source Code

HTC late last week released its kernel for the Droid Incredible (along with the Eris and Legend) giving chefs another platform on which to cook customs ROMs. That said, we're still waiting on the Incredible to be cracked open and rooted. And while HTC is required to release the kernel code, its proprietary code remains, well, proprietary, so we're not getting a complete look under the hood. But it's definitely a start. [HTC via laxattack in the AC Forums]


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HTC releases source code for Droid Incredible, Eris, Legend


Where's the source code for the Desire? I own a Nexus One, but the Desire ROM will never leave the alpha stage until they release the kernel source code and the people who actually own a Desire would love to be able to undervolt and overclock their snapdragon the same way we N1 users have been able to do for a while now.

According this thread here this is in violation of the GPL. Somebody posting at Modaco already warned GPL violations about it too, so hopefully we see the source code soon.

I just want to be able to run a stable Desire ROM whenever I feel like it, and for people who paid for a Desire to have more freedom to use their phone as they see fit. Stop breaking our balls HTC and just give us the source code!