What are you still doing here? HTC has just released Sense UI for the HTC Magic! Which means you can go download the update and have the oh so beautiful Sense UI running on your Magic right now. We knew this day was coming but oh boy, it's still so exciting.

You can find all the download instructions HERE. We're not sure if the T-Mobile myTouch 3G will be able to download the Sense UI ROM (we don't think so) but for all other HTC Magic owners, you'll have to provide the serial number to your Magic to give it a go. It looks like it's Windows only, so Mac Users go borrow a friend's PC. But most importantly, don't forget to back up your device.

To quote HTC:

This ROM Upgrade for your HTC Magic will let you experience HTC Sense on your phone. HTC Sense lets you create a phone just right for you. You can customize your experience to be any way you like. Discover intuitive experiences that make everything you do on your phone effortless and delightful.  

Let us know how Sense runs on the Magic! It's not quite 2.1 but you just woke up to a new phone that some think is even better. Now go get it already!


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HTC Releases Sense UI For The HTC Magic, Go Download Now


I've been running it the day it was release. If we didn't upgrade Rogers would have cut off data because it was all part of the gps/911 patch.

Anyways... I love the update. My Magic feels like a new phone. The UI is definitely optimized. Screen transitions and animations are super smooth. I kinda miss running aHome and getting all the customizations but it's a small price to pay for the UI polish and speed upgrade.

Vodafone UK (and probably any "with Google" branded customers don't bother, it's not for you! Apparently we have the "light" version of the Magic with the "with Google" branding, so we can't have Sense UI because they didn't put enough RAM in these versions of the phone.

I need to read a full review about this release. Hope Tmobile will make a ROM based on this one for the 32B... If not? No problem I'm still root and I am OK with the ROMS out there.

Sadly not for us Indians as well. No market support, no HTC Sense, no updates..Still on 1.5 Atleast give official root access so that we can update it ourselves. Thats true open source.

So, from what I'm hearing, I CAN'T get this update on my T-mobile Mytouch 3G?! How DISAPPOINTING! T-mobile has a horrible habit of crippling their phones!

"Sorry, this software download is not suitable for your device."


got this message after providing my S/N.
does anybody know if this update is not for european phones?

I don't get the excitement. I had an HTC Hero from Sprint and returned it to get a T-Mobile MyTouch because I couldn't stand the Sense UI. It made the OS seem very bloated and had things like Peep and Facebook that you couldn't turn off. Stock Android OS is so much cleaner and better, IMO.

Because pulling out the portions of Sense you don't want/need is easy, but adding it to a stock ROM is not.

This version of Sense UI has been optimized and is less laggy. I find this UI much more polished than the stock Android 1.5. However, if you don't like Sense, you can easily default back to the stock interface. Just find HTC Sense in the applications and "remove default". Then select "Home" when prompted.

If you're with SFR (France) and looking to get Sense UI on HTC Magic.... "forget it". This is also a Google branded phone, and does not let you upgrade!

The HTC Magic has a sleek,attractive design with a gorgeous display,tactile controls and an easy-to-use interface.The interesting features include stereo Bluetooth,seamless integration with Google apps,Wi-Fi,quick access to music and application downloads and a broad degree of customization.Its call quality is excellent and the 3G speeds are zippy.