HTC Sensation

Hide your Droid X, hide your Evo, hide your Desire, 'cause they leaking everything up in here -- and that includes the ROM dump for the HTC Pyramid (which should be the HTC Sensation).  It's leaked out in all it's Sense 3.0 glory and ROM developers are already scratching their heads and figuring out how to squeeze any of it on to earlier devices.

It's a dump from an Asian model, so it's chock full of things you'll not understand or ever want to use.  We did take a few minutes and pull a bunch of new wallpapers out of it -- you can find them posted here in the forums, so give those a look for sure.  Another interesting little tidbit -- the dump is full of widgets with 3D in the name.  Don't read too much into this, but it's worth a mention.  If you feel the need to fool around with the ROM files themselves, hit the source link.  [911HTC]

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andyp714 says:

Nice reference to Antoine Dodson haha

rippley05 says:

That thing is like.. over 500mb. It's no wonder why HTC won't be putting it on older devices.. there is no freakin room lol.

This is awesome! The devs will trim the fat and find a happy medium! It'll fit on the evo! I actually like Sense lately! I'm running Mikfroyo 4.5 and loving it! The Htc 15 kernel gives me the best battery life from a full evo experience standpoint. 4g and such...

pDoG says:

Its being trimmed down, its not gonna be 500mb.

L_Boogie820 says: