HTC One bootloader

A factory restore image is your way back to stock when you need it the most, so be sure to grab it and keep it handy

HTC has posted the 1.29.1540.3 factory restore images for the unlocked Developer Edition HTC One on the HTCdev site. Available in two flavors -- a zip file and a Windows RUU executable -- these files will allow anyone to restore their phone back to an out-of-the-box condition as long as there is access to the bootloader. That means no matter how bad you've screwed the system firmware up from monkeying around with it, you have an easy path back to stock settings. Then you can do it all over again. 

Posting two different versions is pretty nice, too. The Windows only RUU is simple to use for folks running Windows (just plug in the phone and run the program), but not everyone uses Windows. For those folks who use a Mac or Linux computer, the zip file and fastboot makes it easy to go back without building a VM with Windows to do so. 

Be aware that these images are only for the unlocked Developer Edition, so don't try to just flash them to your carrier model. Your favorite ROM developer will have something for you instead. It's recommended that everyone with one of the Developer Edition models have these files in a safe place "just in case", so grab the 980MB file at the link below.

Source: HTCdev


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HTC posts factory image for HTC One Developer Edition


Does this mean the boatloader will remain locked for carrier versions? With no way to unlock the boatloader through the HTC Dev site?

AT&T's version is already known to be unlockable through the dev site. Considering that carrier (along with Verizon) is one of the world's worst when it comes to developer friendliness I would expect that they all are.

If folks where smart buy the one from HTC. No bloody bloat and faster updates direct from HTC no middle man. Unless your on sprint then your screwed

Some folks would rather be able to get insurance on their purchase. Not only that, but the HTC direct version doesn't support T-Mobile HSPA+ on AWS.

You can get insurance without the carrier branded phones. You just have to go and research them and buy the policy. No different than car insurance plus asurion isn't the best for the price.

All the nexus's , even when the bootloader is unlocked have secure-on (S-ON)

There is really no need for the average user, who is rooting and flashing roms to have S-OFF.

Oh and HTC has fixed HTC-Dev to properly unlock the boot partition, so you can flash BOOT.img (kernel basically) from recovery without a problem unlike previous HTC phones with S-ON

Read more about it here

So that's really the question. If I buy a 64GB version from AT&T (outright, so I can get it unlocked) and I root it using methods on HTCDev, then I should be able to put this image on it, right? The goal is to have an HTC One with no bloatware.

Is my understanding correct?

Just a question:
Of I live in Italy and buy a Dev edition oh htc run?
Someone tell me that I can't use it here but I don't know why...
Many thanks and bye

@Diego Capassi

You better before a HTC ONE developer edition, check out the frequency band of that device matching with your career frequency. below AT&T HTC ONE frequency band is shown:

4G-LTE Band 4 and 17

4G HSPA+ HSPA+ with enhanced backhaul

3G - UMTS 850/1900/2100MHz

GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHz

Thanks in Advance

Just a question:
Of I live in Italy and buy a Dev edition oh htc run?
Someone tell me that I can't use it here but I don't know why...
Many thanks and bye

@Jerry Hildenbrand

Thanks for the awesome tech post for HTC ONE.

It's very tech thoughtful act from HTC that they put a zip file(for MAC and Linux) and a Windows RUU (for Windows) executable-in unlocked Developer Edition HTC ONE.

Thanks in advance

Thanks deadlock
I don't know well the answer but I read gsm/wcdma/umts
I'm very confused about this argument so just ask another one time: could use this awesome device in Italy?
Now I'm on h3g career