HTC Prototype

A note to you clandestine types everywhere: If you pull an unannounced, unreleased phone out of your pocket on the subway, someone's going to take a picture of it. Such is the case with this HTC device (note the telltale serial number on the bottom), which was spied in a Taipei subway. It's clearly buttonless and appears to have a front-facing camera and shares some lines of the Thunderbolt on Verizon, but this is obviously a different device.

Will we see it in a couple week at Mobile World Congress? Only one way to find out. One more pic's after the break. [Engadget]

HTC prototype

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CORYK333 says:

That is 1 SEXY device, simple as that......cant wait 4 more info/leaks!!!!

Asterisk says:


i seriously doubt sony would go to another company to make their psp

What were those htc phone leaks we got a few days ago it looks like one of those

Ryu78 says:

EVO replacement?

svargas05 says:

THAT is what I was thinking! Evo 2!!!

sl8125 says:

that is so nexxy! i will be all over that. when is MWC? i need more info.

svargas05 says:

Might only have to wait until Feb 7.


MWC starts on Valentines Day.

bhulman says:

Hmmm, headphone jack at the top, I thought it was quite clever having it at the bottom like on the Desire HD.

hfm says:

T-Mo US! ... probably not but I can dream... Why are my N1 and G2 not enough :)

hitraj47 says:

If this phone was black I'd never be able to tell. Am I the only one that thinks all these phones look too similar these days?

But these pics remind me a lot of the Nexus one. The N1 is a sexy HTC phone!

dreedy01 says:

I was thinking the same thing...minus the track ball

h0ruza#AC says:

Legend/Hero replacement I reckon

hmmm says:

I agree, when I saw that chin I thought the same thing.

the_r says:

This chin looks more like the one on HTC Magic/Sapphire/MT3G :D

Ecoteric says:

In the first photo there appears to a be a slight "chin" but the second picture looks like the the entire front is a flush surface with rounded top and bottom... which makes me think of a Thunderbolt for Sprint... i.e. Evo 2!

hmmm says:

An unbranded prototye. It will be many months before it is released.

Ecoteric says:

look at how thin it is! lets go EVO 2!

splmonster says:

I'm not sure if anyone seems to notice, but this looks exactly like the Thunderbolt.

Ecoteric says:

article says, "... shares some lines of the Thunderbolt on Verizon, but this is obviously a different device."

matt0715 says:

green notification bar icons... gingerbread?

dcreed says:

Dammit! He was supposed to leave that on a barstool!

rem_kujawa says:

If this goes to Verizon I'm going to spazz. Sprint must have this.