Behold, the HTC One VX on AT&T. More than a One V, less than a One X, and dancing right around the noble One S without giving it as much as a mention in its already convoluted name. We've gone hands-on with the One VX a couple times since it was announced in early October, and it's now available for purchase, having missed its original launch date by a few weeks.

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So what, exactly, is the One VX? In a single sentence, it borrows bits and pieces from the entire HTC One line for a mid-range smartphone that as of now is exclusive to AT&T.

Physically speaking, it's a tad smaller than the One X, but less of a curvy box and more of a sleek and sexy One S. The back is done in the same white polycarbonate shell as AT&T's original One X. (Remember that the One X+ moved to a soft-touch coating.) And the One S is more svelte than the One VX, about 2 mm slimmer, with different curves, and it's a tad shorter and narrower, too. The One VX its between the One S and One X in screen size, too, at 4.5 inches. And while it only has a 540x960 qHD resolution, the move to Super LCD 2 from AMOLED makes a noticeable difference.

Our full review is on the way. For now, hit the break for our HTC One VX unboxing and video walkthrough.


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HTC One VX unboxing and video walkthrough


"So what, exactly, is the One VX?" In one word, HTC's attempt to gain more market share because they're desperate at this point. Doing exactly the opposite of what they said they would...

HTC said they'd stop churning out low-end phones, this is definitely not low-end. It's funny how so many people seem to have misread that press release or whatever it was.

They also stressed the point that they were going to focus on bringing fewer models to light, this phone is not necessary.

disagree, it's a good mid range phone, phone manufacturers shouldn't just release high end models. The vivid is the only other htc Android model on AT&T and it's pretty old and needs to be retired, it's low-end at this point.

it's got LTE at a lower price point.
it's got a SD card, which many phones omit these days, but many prefer.
it's an option for those who think above 4.5 is too big.

Did HTC have to release the one x and one x+, no, that was their mistake, but it was somewhat understandable given how badly the S3 outsold the One X, which was an awesome phone in it's own right.
in my mind the one x should have come with 32/64 gb options, at most all the had to do was add a 64gb option later.
that would have taken out an extra model to support, which was never really necessary.

Also if they want to consolidate into fewer models, release the same phones with support for AT&T and T-mobile, it's one extra band for T-mobile HSPA+ and AT&T LTE phones already include support for AWS LTE bands, which T-mobile will use (not sure, they may have to add AWS (2100)

It's clearly not the same phone. You could argue that the One XL, North American One X, and EVO 4G LTE are the same phone, ignoring the radios (GSM/LTE, GSM/LTE, and CDMA/LTE, respectively) and the unique design of the EVO. However, this trio is different from the international One X (different chipset, no LTE), the One S, One V, Droid Incredible 4G LTE, One X+ (different chipset again, larger battery), J Butterfly/Droid DNA, and this One VX. Did I miss anyone?

They should build a flagship device and brand it something that's marketable much like Samsung did with the Galaxy.

they are trying... HTC "ONE" line ... Samsung "GALAXY" line .. the "ONE" line is what they are making money from minus the 8X Droid Incredible, DROID DNA, and EVO LTE.

Samsung is just as guilty about branding too many devices under one roof. There are far too many Galaxy devices.. should just be Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 right now.. shame they didn't just stop there.

Completely agree.
I wish these companies would recognize this.

None of my friends who want an Android phone are going to be able to tell the difference between all these models.

Their problem is clout, they don't have the clout that Samsung has, who was the first non-apple OEM able to basically say, this is our high-end phone, your customers want it, take it.

The carriers have more control over HTC because they don't sell as well as Samsung currently does and carrier's typically want the exact opposite of what OEM's want. carrier's want phones that differentiate their network, while OEM's want one flagship which they can market as a whole like the S3.

Its a good addition to there line up. Remember that HTC is in the seling phone business and as much as they would want to market and sell One style phone so it can be on every carrier like Samsung and crApple they are not there yet to do that. So if ATT said to build them a unique phone thats smaller the the OneX they will. There ONE line is a good start for them and remember it took Samsung 3 model years to be able to have all the carriers agree and sell the same model/body style with the S3. I think there JB/DNA or a phone similar to this can be that phone for them in the next year coming up if they push for it.