Renaming your events on the HTC One keeps your gallery in good order

No one in their right mind would argue that photos are the premiere feature of the One. Taking them, showing them, sharing them -- the UltraPixel system, along with Zoes and Highlights -- are where its at. 

Unfortunately, things get a little muddy when it comes to picture organization on the HTC One. It's not overly difficult, but the HTC One and Sense 5 do things a little differently. 

Images are grouped into "events" based on date and location. Other phones do that, too -- this isn't unique to the HTC One -- but it's much more prominent here. But if I'm going to show someone a Highlight Video the HTC One created, I don't want to have to sort through 13 "Pensacola, Florida" events to find the one I'm looking for. 

So you're going to want to make your own event titles. That's as simple as long-pressing on the event, and choosing rename. You'll also find other options for the events, such as splitting up all the images, 

There's also a side-effect. When a video highlight is created, it takes the event name and uses it at the end. So, again, a date or location doesn't give you the best result.

We explain in a little more detail after the break.

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HTC One tip: Keep your Events organized


I love the design of the phone but the software seems to be classic HTC - too much bloat. I hope HTC didn't put all its eggs in one basket with the One or it will be the one to sink them.

I have been using a port of Sense 5 on my HTC EVO LTE and I can tell you the bloat is gone. It runs more efficiently on my EVO than Sense 4+ did, and it runs smoother and has better battery performance than any ASOP build out right now. HTC has really trimmed Sense back to the necessities when it comes to how processor and memory intensive it is. I do agree that the gallery is a bit convoluted, but it can be organized like this, or set to look like the gallery has always looked if you want.
It's impressive. I can't wait until everyone gets to use it.

Surely you meant better than any AOSP build for a non AOSP device, but I just wanted to bolden the difference. Not even close. Glad you enjoy the port. "Everyone" is quite an overstatement.

I just see these articles are there's not much else to report. I hope this device does well, and I'm sure it will be nice for those who buy, but I wouldn't advise investing much in HTC as a company. IMO their best bet is to win the next Nexus contract...