HTC One Otterbox

Sure, the back half of the HTC One is made of metal, but the front half is all glass, baby. And both of them could use some protection. One of the early entries in the HTC One case department is the venerable Otterbox, which has a trio of shells in the works. The cases actually are several layers of protection, with polycarbonate shells combined with rubber internals that cushion your HTC One as much as protects it from outright blows. There's a screen protector, too, if that's your thing.

On the left here you see the Otterbox Defender Series with Realtree Xtra Green camouflage pattern. For those times that your phone has to go incognito and keep from being seen by furry woodland creatures, we suppose.

In the middle is the more traditional HTC One Defender Series case from Otterbox. Same bad-ass protection that'll go over a little better in the boardroom, we suppose. 

And on the right is the Commuter Series case for the HTC One. It's toned down a little bit, still offering a great deal of protection, but without being mistaken for a tank. 

The Otterbox line for the HTC One starts at $59 for the Realtree case, $49 for the traditional Defender Series and $34 for the Commuter Series. You can leave your e-mail with Otterbox at the links below to be notified when they're available.

Source: HTC One Defender Series with Realtree; HTC One Defender Series; HTC One Commuter Series

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RaiderWill says:

That's Quick..:-)

btgrave says:

That's such BS!

They can do this for a phone that isn't even being sold yet, but they still do not have a case for the Nexus 4.


cooperaaaron says:

F-U Otterbox !!! I will stop buying your products, nothing for my Nexus 4? That's ok, I bought Ballistic instead !!

jimbo says:

Perhaps making a prudent business decision like manufacture for where the volume will be.

chubb says:

Well according to XDA there are over a million out there, thats about a million more than HTC Ones out there. I would say there would be some demand.

i agree, i have to sign a petition to get a nexus 4 otterbox case only to hope to get one down the road, crap

jimbo says:

HTC has its own collection of accessories for the new HTC One


jackwagon06 says:

Maybe that says something to the sales of the nexus 4, that emmet otter and his box dont feel they could make a profit....with no lte in north america. Your listening to

Jack33 says:

Actually, this just says that no matter how beautiful the phone looks, it doesn't matter since it's the case cover that ultimately defines its look.

icebike says:

Actually, I was going to comment on what a shame it is to put that ugly monstrosity on such a gorgeous phone.

My One X has been running naked since day one, except for a couple weeks when I tried a case. Hated it.

Save your money, and buy the insurance.

jtcarnes says:

I hate a freakin' Otterbox... I have an iPhone 5 that I'm forced to carry for work... They sent it with a Defender case and I think it probably increases the size of the phone by an inch on each length, width, and height and at least doubles the weight of it...

mobilityguy says:

Can't beat the protection, though. My Nexus One was always in an Otterbox and I'm just waiting for the Nexus 4 version. I won't use an ugly phone - gave up an SGS3 because I hated the look - but I'll put a big honking case on whatever I get.

angryGTS says:

Scew Otterbox!!! No Nexus 4 support, I hope no one buys any of their new cases that they release!! So stupid the phone isnt even out yet and they develop a case for it.

kullkid92x says:


Any news on whether HTC is going to 'try and consider' updating the previous One series (or EVO LTE) with the new sense 5.0??

rits2011 says:

Now why would I want to put that ugly mess on something as beautiful as the One?