For $99 down and $20/month, the HTC One can be yours

As promised, the HTC One went on sale at "select retail channels" at T-Mobile for $99 down and $20/month for 24 months. Those "select retail channels" probably means that stock is going to be limited, so be sure to call ahead. You can also snag one online if you'd rather get it right at your doorstep. You can get more information on availability elsewhere in our big round-up post here.

This is a tough time to be a phone shopper; there's no clear winner between the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4. We're still trying to figure it out ourselves. What do you guys think? If you had to buy either the HTC One or the Samsung Galaxy S4, which would it be? Which carrier would you go with? 


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HTC One now available in T-Mobile stores


I'm going to go with HTC One and most likely AT&T. I really like the design of the One and the speakers. I update my phone every two years anyway so I don't see an advantage in going with T-mobile over AT&T. Plus AT&T has the Lumia 920 which my wife wants to buy.

Wow, what a waste for a great phone to put it on an EDGE network. This phone is made to scream and run at full speed. It can't achieve its potential by running on T-Mobile's EDGE network.

I just got one from AT&T and dumped T-Horrible, who had nothing but EDGE in my area. Now it's all LTE and HSPA+ 4G. What difference a network can make.

Sounds like a personal problem seeing as how I'm averaging 15mps down and 7 up on T-mobile. Works for me. As for the topic I went with the One and I am totally digging this phone! Unlocked, rooted, and Nova launcher have it perfect. Only way it could be better is when a solid AOKP Rom drops.

You need to move. It must suck to live somewhere you have to pay exploitative prices on other carriers rather than being able to take advantage of T-Mobile's great deals. I get 10 - 25Mbps pretty much everywhere in my area on T-Mobile. If I switched to another carrier, it would be like flushing money down the toilet.

Jon_Doh good for you as the network where you are is not that great yet. It all depends on location. Here in Northern NJ Tmo beats ATT all around. Even without LTE HSPA42 is plenty fast. I can wait for LTE for now.

jamie stevens, I have that 30.00 plan works so great. That said I understand to get the 99.00 20/mo One you have to go to a simple plan. Otherwise it's an outright purchase that is higher than the installment plan. So i'll have to weigh my options first.

T-Mobile 42 is great in the Philly area, too... except in my house, which is a complete black hole for T-Mo and Verizon, which is infuriating. Alas, I will stick with AT&T out of necessity.

Actually the outright purchase price is exactly the same: $580. The installment plan on T-Mobile is at no interest. Same price either way.

I was so perplexed whether to get the One on T-Mobile, but ultimately I stuck with Sprint. Hope they get this 4G together soon tho. Loving the One.

Just got mine. Took two botched online orders and calls to a good ten stores. If you're in Philly, try 12th and Market. The other stores don't get them to May 1 or they won't have them at all, at least according to associates I spoke with.

Glad I'm not alone! They messed up my pre order and had me set up to receive on the 26th when I paid for one day shipping on the 23rd! I had to cancel it and was lucky enough to have a T-Mobile employee charge my card and hold one at the store for me until I leave the office. People if you're in Denver try the Stapleton store or the Alameda and Wadsworth store, no one else gets them until May 1st.

Can this phone get the same battery life I'm getting on my Note 2? 1.5-2 days? Anywhere close? If not I'll just buy an extended... No. Wait. The battery is built in. Oh well at least the memory is expanda... No expanded memory? Well at least HTC updates their phones often... what? No they don't? What do you mean within 6 months HTC will act like they never heard of the thing? Wow. Oh well. I did at one time love all things HTC.

Regular consumer: "What's an extended life battery? In fact, I hate battery doors flying off and the battery coming out when I drop my phone. This HTC phone lasts me all day, and that's fine. Expandable memory? What's that? I just want it to work! I put the little memory thingy that came with my last phone in it and never touched it again. The salesman said that the HTC phone had twice the storage of the Samsung though for $50 less! Updates? This phone works just fine to me the way I bought it!"

PS: HTC is already pushing their first update for the One on the international model. I guess that blows a hole in that statement too. Fanboys seem to forget how quickly things change in the tech world. I for one remember when Samsung phones were poorly updated. That didn't change until the GS2, and that was only 2 years ago. We also see that Samsung is locking the GS4's bootloader, while HTC is allowing users to unlock theirs. It's never smart to be beholden to one company like they can do no wrong.

While the HTC One is nice, a co-worker got one, I don't believe it's not $229 better than my Nexus 4 on T-Mobile.

No, but you can buy it straight from HTC, SIM unlocked, and it will not only be cheaper than what AT&T charges, but it also has both AT&T & T-Mobile LTE, and AT&T HSPA+.

With a design that does not incorporate an sd card, 32GB should be the base model capacity. I don't care that there isn't one but HTC is trying to sell the phone like it does.