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This morning notorious Twitter leaker Evleaks posted the above image, claiming it is the forthcoming HTC One. The new flagship from HTC, formerly known as the "M7," looks in this render to be an attractive, if unconventional handset -- its shell seems to share a few design similarities with the BlackBerry Z10 and iPhone 5. HTC Sense also seems to have undergone a bit of a transformation, as evidenced by the new icon style and home screen layout.

If you've been following the recent M7 leaks, you might recognize this design as being very similar to one of the first leaked images to emerge -- an in-software render also sourced by Evleaks. What's a little perplexing, though, is the apparent lack of any multitasking button, replaced in this shot by HTC's logo. 

With the Feb. 19 announcement event looming on the horizon we shouldn't have to wait too long to see what HTC has up its sleeve. (And in the meantime, the usual "pinch of salt" advice concerning leaked images applies, despite Evleaks' solid track record in this area.) But if the image is indeed real it, looks to me like HTC could be heading in the right direction.

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Is this the HTC One? New image hits Twitter


Actually, Blackberry took the Z10 style right from Motorola Droid X.

.... And we come full circle back to Android.

As a former Droid X user, I could not agree more! I love seeing others notice the similarities, except the Z10 looks work because Blackberry stamped their name in HUGE BOLD letters on the front. Ick.

i agree. i also think, the home button, if held down, maybe the multitasking button as well. also, where is the menu button? are we going to be stuck with that ugly black bar they gave us when the evo LTE first came out?

That's how I imagined the multitasking would work. As for menu, I'd say they'll take the same road they did with the One X and make it the longpress of the back button.

Would be cool if they used gestures for the multitasking tray, like let's say swipe up from the HTC logo if they keep the card interface from sense 4.0, or from the side if they stick with stock multitasking.

If it's real, it's suicide.
There will be people who won't buy the phone because of the weird buttons. It can have a great screen, great camera, great audio.... But those buttons will be the first thing they see even before they turn the phone on.

This is so fake... someone is trolling you to make it look even more like an iphone, plus HTC as the home button? look at the buttons, they aren't even aligned. wow... Android Central? i'm removing you from my bookmarks and from my RSS readers for posting this bull shit.

And I meant both Vertically and Horizontally. Why would I measure anything with calipers and then not measure it in both X and Y Axis? And if it looks misaligned, remember, the shapes are different. Back and Home are two different shapes that one must take into consideration. I approximate the distances to the center of shapes out to the edges.

What's off is the "speaker" perfs. Definitely skewed to the right. Also, they must be dual speakers, because why would they need all those perfs on the bottom for the mic?

Dude you're still here? Removing AC from bookmarks & RSS feeders but not even leaving the page of the post you despise so much?

The word HTC is perfectly aligned. What you are getting at is the fact that the letter T is not centered with the "app drawer" icon, making the whole brand name look misaligned.

Some of the big name tech sites are reporting the same thing.on top of that this is picture is from a highly reliable source. BTW nobody cares if you take androidcentral off your bookmarks.

The HTC logo isn't the home button, but this can't possibly be the HTC One, especially not with that iPhone 5 edge/border/whatever.

The HTC logo isn't the home button, but this can't possibly be the HTC One, especially not with that iPhone 5 edge/border/whatever.

I agree with you. This in my opinion is completely fake. And we do not need to know if you are leaving the site or not.

It looks simply awful "Heading in the right direction"? It's NAYUSTY. HTC designed the Wildfire S internals better than this monstrosity is designed on the outside.

Lay off the crack pipe for a while. If this is real, it's probably the best looking Android phone I've seen.

Dual speakers on the FRONT would be sweet!

If this really does become named "HTC One" I find that very confusing. With the whole One series already established, X,X+,V,S,SV....LMNOP it seems to be that just naming this the HTC One is a step backwards, but regardless of what it is called I hope HTC can make this one shine.

I think we can reliably say it will be called the "One" whether it makes sense or not. So many leaks unless they have a last minute change of heart. It is a nice simple name.

"what phone is that?"

"It's the One"

wow, and there i though with a 4.7 inch the phone could be a bit smaller than those 5 inch behemoths they are churning out atm. but look at that 2009 is calling, it wants its huge bezel back.

Z10??lol Z10 looks like iphone. and HTC has a deal with apple for using design patents. even if they make phone look like apple it might be legal.

2 things I don't like, the HTC symbol by the buttons. It looks like a skunk, does it not come in ugly white? If it was Black with red trim would be sweet, or just Charcoal and Black

I would think you can count on a black ONE. Software buttons would have been nice.

But you know what is nice? Nowhere to stamp VERIZON or AT&T ...

is this the first Android phone with built in stereo speakers? i seem to remember an old HTC Windows Phone monstrosity that had them but not an Android.

is this a killer feature that people want?

After two years of "listening" to music, videos, etc. from one speaker on the back side of my Thunderbolt this is a very welcome change.

It's not the first android phone worth them - there's the Galaxy music as well. Tho I don't blame you for not counting that one...

Making the batteries non removable just didn't drive the company into the ditch as deeply as they hoped so they had no choice but to remove multitasking also.

It's probably real. ;-( htc is probably dead by this time next year. This explains why the earlier leak had the Task Switch button in the middle. There probably isn't a task switch button. That middle area is reserved for branding. This is an incredibly big mistake if they go this route. Should have gone for all soft buttons.

for whatever reason, HTC absolutely refuses to do softkeys, no reason, they just wont do it. These random button changes and layouts they have now are going to be the death of them.

I kind of like the UI, but i hope its not too "Metroish". Like most of you, i hate the button placement. Why HTC, why...its so hard to give people what they want?

That looks like a gorgeous design -- and if that case is mostly metal and glass then I might just get this phone.

February 19th turning out to be an awesome day. Crysis 3 and new gadgets from HTC. Still have a soft spot for the company that took a risk on Android. Hope they have a strong come back.

Judging by the looks of that picture, HTC have decided to call it the HTC iBerry Phone. A mixture of iPhone 5, the new Blackberry and Windows Phone. Roll on Patent law suits and royalties!

I'll just be honest: this thing is freaking ugly, both the software and the hardware (especially the button layout). Either this is fake OR it's time to bid HTC farewell.
Absolutely heading towards the wrong direction.

That's why choices are a good thing. I think it looks great, especially if we really get quality stereo sound out of those speakers.

Agreed. The only thing I would change is to use the software buttons and remove the bezel where the HTC logo is. Then it would be drop-dead beautiful.

Manufacturers and Carriers: Logos on BACK only and reasonable size!

They said there were going to "revolutionize" both sound and camera...
So having stereo sound seems a logic step to take.
I don't like the design very much but I cant understand those people saying it's shit both software- and hardware-wise. LoL. You didn't even see it in full...

I don't think it's horrible, but I do think HTC is trying to relive its G1 heydays. All this needs is the screen to slide up to reveal a keyboard..
I'd like to see a solid device from them that's 'universal' across all carrier's like Samsung has done with the GS3. HTC can make a quality product, they just seem to be dropping the ball a few yards short lately in my opinion.

I'm not at all concerned with a removable battery, after years with the iPhone. However I am concerned that 16gb might be the only option. I'd love a 64gb option, but 32gb is more reasonable. I'll give this phone serious consideration depending on what's announced.

I am done with HTC since they will ship phones with known radio issues like LTE not working properly.

This has to be a render. I'm not sure if its a real render or a fake one though. You can tell by how good the blacks look. No phones without an AMOLED screen have blacks that deep. If they did Panasonic would stop selling Plasma TV's. Anyways, it looks nice.

I'm not impressed with HTC anymore. I've had every EVO. The LTE was a comeback device but its ONLY on Sprint and hence the developer support is no where near that of a universal device.

Sense sucks. My phone shouldn't lag while opening the call screen or closing things quickly. I like the design of Sense to an extent but really AOSP has most if not all of what Sense has (I'm on CM10.1 now on my S3).

HTC updates slowly now and their updates suck. My wife's EVOLTE is on JB but DOES NOT HAVE PULL DOWN NOTIFICATIONS. WTF???? So stupid. I love the pull downs. Its really handy.

Anyways, I'm not falling for HTC non-sense anymore. Nice phone design, I did think the EVOLTE was gorgeous and definitely has the superior screen and camera. I'm betting Samsung will step up its camera game. If it doesn't, I'll be forced to consider HTC again as I have kids and a quick shot on the fly is absolutely necessary.

"HTC updates slowly now and their updates suck. My wife's EVOLTE is on JB but DOES NOT HAVE PULL DOWN NOTIFICATIONS. WTF???? So stupid. I love the pull downs. Its really handy."

I assume you mean expandable notifications? It has them, HTC just switched them to a pinch style instead of a simple pull-down. I'm not sure why they did this, but it works. Give it a try next time you're using her phone.

Not a fan of the long speaker grills on top and bottom. Dust could easily go in there and can build up over time. Why take design from iPhone 5 when it's terrible for that reason alone?. Blackberry z10 is more of a look alike.

I think AC did talk about deeper integration between facebook and HTC and maybe this it. Well it will give the people something new to bitch about other than non removable batteries and 16gb non expandable memory.

There is much to be said about stereo speakers on the front of a phone. I don't carry around headphones all the time and it would be nice to hear a video at a decent volume.

That all said, no way this is real. Maybe the top, but not the bottom.

I'm really like the idea of dual speakers in the front. Obviously it's not official but I would love to see them hidden a bit. Somewhat like the nexus 10.

Whether or not this picture is fake is not the issue. Personally, I like the design. It's clean and has a fresh look unlike any other htc phones.

If htc can get away with this design without patent violation or make some deal with iphone to keep this design, I think this is the bold approach htc needs to take to reverse its market decline.

This has to be fake. I mean look at the shiny edges. If HTC did that, I bet Apple would sue HTC for copying their design. Honestly the mockup looks ugly. It's not HTC quality compared to the HTC One series.

I would just love for a phone to be designed after the nexus one. That is really the only thing they could put out that would make me desire an HTC phone. maybe with less of a bezel. Anyway, i dont like the big HTC button in the middle. It's funny how people are fine with this but hate the Verizon branding on the home button of the Note 2. It's the same thing (if not worse by taking up space that could have housed another button) but instead of Verizon it says HTC. Personally I feel as if they put their logo on the front, it should be small. And dont even get me started on that horrible home button placement...

I think this is fake. But if it is real, Verizon won't get it since there is no space or button for their obnoxious logo.

can i give you a couple reasons why this is not step in the right direction?

1. navigation buttons -

back htc and home? they need to take a page out of samsungs book and make it just menu home and back. no need for a recent's button. hold down the home button and voila. they keep changing it and keep failing.

2. htc sense -

although this isnt known for sure, everytime you use and htc sense phone, it's memory lost out the wazzo because of all the resources it eats up. for NO reason at all. which also brings me to another point, htc sense last broke your recent apps. if there were more then 4 apps open at one time you would lose your place on the 5th. not how it works on the galaxy s3.

3. expandable memory/battery -

this isnt a major problem for most people, but you know even a micro sd slot makes the world of difference with peoples buying decision. unless they make this sucker 32gb or 64gb.

4. style -

z10 and iphone5 much? come on you would think a company with some of the nicest looking phones could make something a little more original. the one x's design is great. they needed to build of that and not go with this copy cat, lawsuit prone design. good luck htc.

1 reason I think this phone is great so far.

2 front speakers? looks amazing.

Screw HTC. At least, since they're an apple subsidiary, they're free to use "rounded corners"... Very original. And ripping off WP8 and BB10 as well. I hope they go bust, and since they have a moron as CEO, hopefully that'll happen sooner rather than later.

This has got to be fake. No way HTC would shoot themselves in the foot with those terrible buttons. If this does turn out to be the final design, EVO LTE could be my last HTC device.

Those who said HTC stole the design from Blackberry...just google Jiayju G3 pleas:) So basically BB stole the design from Jiayu, HTC stole it from BB...:)

so now sense looks like windows phone? i cannot see this being real, micro$oft would sue the pants off them. i think htc is about done and gone.

HTC how I hate you! The best hardware in the business but load it down with your crap overlay.

Give us good hardware with stock vanilla android please!!!! That also means no hardware buttons ether!

i think the shape and the shiny edges make it look a lot like the iphone 5...maybe this has something to do with the recent patent agreement they have with apple and just maybe apple is happy to let htc ''copy'' because they dont want samsung to get too big and hoping htc can challenge samsung? just a thought...anyways cant wait till the 19th lol it feel like its been forever since a new phone announcement.