HTC One Mini

The best shots of the HTC One Mini yet, with a few more details on build materials and software

Following up quickly on leaked documents that show an impending release of larger and smaller versions of the HTC One on O2 in Germany, we now have solid images of the HTC One Mini. As you can see from the picture, the device really is just a smaller HTC One, although not drastically so because we're talking about less than a half inch difference in diagonal screen size. Based on the images we have here, the rim around the outside of the One Mini appears to be the same (or similar) plastic as is injected into the antenna slots on the back rather than metal, but we'll have to wait for an official release to see for ourselves.

The leak also pins down the specs that were rumored before: a 4.3-inch 720x1280 display, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. Those in contact with the device also say it is running Android 4.2.2, building on the fact that it is rolling out OTA for the original HTC One currently. Stick around after the break for two more images of the One Mini.

HTC One Mini

HTC One Mini

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HTC One Mini pictured in black ahead of release


D'oh! Not sure how big the battery is, but if it had 32GB, that would've been a home run for me.

What is your rationale for defining mini?
Does it have to be smaller than x inches on diagonal screen?
To me, it gets a mini title because it is smaller than the original One.

For me for it to be called a mini it needs to be much smaller than just a few mm here and there.. The screen to device shrink ratio is not right ie the mini from these images looks like its screen shrank a lot more than its body.. I personally wouldn't call this a mini and just shrinking it a bit imo doesn't justify it being a mini.. Mini I would guess to the average person would mean somethin in the size of the iPhone 5.. Not hating on the phone just expected it be much smaller.. WHo know maybe it is much smaller in real life than the the pictures show.

What makes you think it's a Verizon phone?

Another flagship phone that won't be updated in a year or so ;-) This is in effect to the One what the One S was to the One X last year...

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My inclusion of the ... at the end of my comment implied the sarcasm you may have missed.

I was simply inferring the insanity that is waiting for Verizon to bring anything new to market and the frustration that comes with assuming it will be anywhere near what was promised.

Ah, thanks for clearing that up :-) Missed the sarcasm indeed...

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It'll sell, point blank period. I can see this phone converting a number of iPhone users to Android.

Comparing a smaller version phone to one thats inside a case.. Kind of defeats the point of a comparison if I cant see the size difference clearly. Come on who ever took these, use your brain! lol

Agree but even with the normal htc one being in a case the mini still doesnt look much smaller so am guessing the one without a case next to the mini will make it look even less of a mini than it already looks.

Is it just me or does the camera look to be recessed wish my one lens looked like that

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That's two of the exact same phones, one of which is in a bumper. There's no mini here, unless you mean they're both mini, and one happens to have a bumper. But how can you tell it's mini? Other than the other phone, there's nothing to indicate size.

Guys go look at other photos showing the HTC one vs mini. These are both HTC one minis in the photo. One with case on one not.

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