Black and silver color options listed for the Mini in latest leak

It's becoming more and more likely that the HTC One line will soon be expanded with the addition of big and small-screened versions of the current HTC flagship. New info has come to light this morning from O2 Germany documents leaked by Mobiflip, which appear to corroborate the names "HTC One Mini" and "HTC One Max" for the new devices. The Mini — formerly known by its codename "M4" — is expected to use a smaller 4.3-inch display, while the Max — or "T6" — is said to be a 6-incher. The Max is listed in silver, while the Mini is shown as available in black and silver.

Rumored specs for the HTC One Mini include a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 CPU, a 720p display resolution and "Ultrapixel" rear camera. Sources have recently told Android Central that the One Mini will be making an appearance in early August, and that the 6-inch One Max should pack a 1080p display and use Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 800 CPU.

Over in Taiwan, HTC recently expanded its high-end line-up with the launch of the 5-inch Butterfly S, an upgraded version of last year's Butterfly handset. If the One Mini and One Max are to arrive soon, we could be witnessing a diversification of HTC's international line-up, following a second quarter in which it mainly focused on the HTC One.

Anyone in the market for a slightly smaller — or much bigger — HTC One? Shout out in the comments!

Source: Mobiflip; via: The Unwired


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HTC One Mini, One Max outed in O2 Germany docs


I know I would not be interested in smaller. Bigger- maybe... but they are getting a bit too large to manage now.

If they want to make an improvement, then they need put out a 64GB model, and fix Sense 5 so the user can:

1) Have 5 or *7* home screens
2) Have an option to disable blinkfeed
3) Allow user to add custom feeds to blinkfeed
4) Fix the home screen, lock screen, and other screens so they *ALL* support landscape.

Its called root your phone and custom launcher. Freedom is glorious!

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For +moosc and +JHK1984, telling someone who purchases a device just last year and is most likely on a two year contract that rooting is the solution is pretty absurd. In fact it us akin to me telling someone who purchased a 2012 Mercedes that is having engine management problems that the vehicle only has a one had a one year warranty and if they have a problem with that they need to go on a message board and learn how to become an auto mechanic, reprogram their engine management computer and hope they don't brick...I mean blow their engine.

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why do you want to do all those auto mechanic when all the user want is adjust the seat?? yeah having launcher is like adjusting your Mercedes's seat. it wont blow your engine.

Nova Launcher Prime can fix most of those issue for you. Check it out on the Play Store. It's always the first app I install on a nrew device or after flashing a new ROM.

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Get Nova Launcher. You will be able to rotate the home screens into landscape mode and it will support as many home screens as you like.

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Samsung never said they were going to limit the number of Galaxy devices though. Hopefully this is it.

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Nah, the number of Galaxy devices rival the number of celestial bodies in a galaxy.
They are infinite. HTC isn't even releasing 1% as many as Samsung.

Most likely less than all those damn galaxy variants that are out. I think that's it for the lineup. Small medium and large is all HTC needs. Not a thousand of random budget phones, a bunch of media players, and random other flagship variants that are exactly the same size as the flagship but with better specs. *cough* *cough* "GS4 LTE-A"

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1) The GS4 LTE-A is only being released in Samsung home market of Korea.

2) Don't pretend that HTC didn't do the exact same thing, by refreshing the One X+ (One X), the Butterfly (DNA), and the One in China with an SD card slot.

3) Samsung does release a lot of phones. But, to be fair, they support many of their phones longer than HTC does.

Not sure why so much hate above for smaller One but I would be all over it especially if priced between 400~500 outright.
Better fit in hand and pocket, one-hand controllable, lighter, and still boasts enough performance for light to medium users.
I don't play hardcore games on it or work on a CAD drawing so a dual core with 2 GB RAM would be plenty for me.
720P is still better than my 400P phone right now, and the boomsound seems intriguing.

Just shut up and take my money.

After yesterday's announcement of my HTC One S not getting anymore updates, I'm skeptical of HTC now. I was excited for the T6 but now, it's kind of dwindling.

Agreed Jamal_adam,
First I owned the then-flagship HTC Desire HD which stopped receiving updates at 2.3 after little over a year with HTC claiming performance issues (ironically overcome by the community)
Then I bought the HTC One S, a premium model (the One X was the flagship but the One S was marketed as premium) which is announced as End Of Life after little over 14 months.
This is pathetic. Pure and simple. While I actively promoted HTC since they make great hardware with a nice skin, I will now actively campaign against them since they offer loyal customers nothing in return.

I understand the wonder and achievements of the community in the creation of custom ROMs etc but I want to stay with a commercially supported install on my everyday phone (I will tinker with old phones for fun)

I've been waiting for the T6 for a while. I was going to buy a small tablet but this should be perfect. The battery life should rival that of the note 2. The software is not as important to me as it once was. If I ever get bored of third party launchers and htc sense I'll just root and install a custom Rom. There should be plenty of development for this phone. With htc's boot loader unlock tool rooting should be done pretty quickly too.

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I'm interested in either the One Max or the Note 3. Being a Note 2 user has really gotten me used to the big screen. I don't think I can go back to anything smaller than five inches.

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No Android device has expandable memory. But some offer expandable storage...

And I wouldn't even care if it didn't have an SD slot if they would just offer a reasonably priced, large-storage version, like 64GB.

I'm really excited for the T6. I'm just a little skeptical about the size though, I hope it ends up being something more like 5.6".

A 6" One would be nice if there were software features to support such a large screen. At least with the Note, there are software features that make the phone unique.

I already think 5" is pushing it (unless it has on screens and ~no bezel). I have a tablet, I don't need a behemoth. It's kinda funny how most people on these sites are craving larger displays, when *every single* person I know thinks even the gnote looks laughably absurd. Where are all the darn 4.7" with on screen buttons?

Continuing the htc/google trend these new versions will only have one button, with the HTC logo to the left and a carrier logo to the right.

Simply tap the "one" button for home, double tap for Google now, triple tap to go back and long press for multitasking. Swipe up and down for volume. Other commands like power off and search can be accomplished by tapping the name of the depricated key in Morse code.

Also the power button has been moved to the back surface adjacent to the 2mp camera which features "überpixels" ©.


Seriously they do look cool but quite happy at 4.7...

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HTC One Maxi won't sell for anything less than $600.
At that size I would buy three refreshed Nexus 7(2gen) 3G for $300 which is just an inch bigger and is guaranteed software update by Google.

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This is what annoys me with OEM, sell a phone, lock me in a contract then 3-6 months later make a Maxx, Plus version, etc. to piss me off. I have concluded either buy a Nexus device or just wait 8 months to buy a phone and wait for the Plus version cause I know its bound to come.