HTC One Max

Removable back, fingerprint reader and wireless charging pins also make an appearance

Leaks of the upcoming HTC One Max are coming fast and loose, and the latest comes courtesy of ePrice, who has snagged pictures of a purported dual-SIM Chinese variant of the device. Just as we've seen before the device looks like a giant HTC One, with a  5.9-inch screen and similar design and proportions to its two smaller siblings.

What's interesting about these most recent pictures is that this particular variant of the device has a removable back cover to access the two SIM slots underneath — falling in line with the dual-SIM versions of previous HTC handsets in the country. Another interesting point seen in the casing is a large square cutout underneath the camera, which is purportedly to be filled with a fingerprint reader but has the part missing at the moment.

Also notable on the back casing are three wireless charging pins, which look very similar to docking pins we've seen on previous HTC handsets. There's no indication of how many of these features are going to make it out of the Chinese market, which traditionally gets its own device variants, but it is very interesting to see another version of the One Max making the rounds.

Hit the break for a couple more pictures showing the back cover removed and a quick settings toggle for the fingerprint reader.

HTC One Max


HTC One Max


Source: ePrice; Via: Engadget


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HTC One Max leaks again, this time in dual-SIM Chinese variant


The One Maxx will have specs similar to the Xperia Z Ultra. Plus the boomsound speakers, the big screen well that is enough for me for the next 4-5 years till it becomes totally outdated and before the device itself dies out.

To me it doesn't matter how good a phone is. After a year I'll get bored and want to try something new.

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You will have to stay exclusively with Samsung if you have to have a removable battery. Everyone has moved away from that feature.

Or import a phone...

The LG G2 for Korea has it, so do a few others. I am guessing that one would be carrier interference somehow.

Yea, my G-PRO has a fat 3140 mAh batter that is removable+expandable memory and the device is on sale at ATT for $100.....i got it free... NBD

So be it. Other OEM's loss, not mine. Until battery tech drastically improves, I refuse to consider a phone with a sealed-embedded battery (absolute deal-breaker)!

I really want to know if they are going to add any extra functionality to take advantage of the larger screen. Say what you will about TW but at least Samsung attempts to put the extra screen size on the note to good use. If this is going to be just a One blown up with no extra functionality I'll have to pass and go for the Note 3.

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Edit: I don't find the dual sim setup interesting at all, as you said it's in line with their other handsets. I find the thumb print icon in the notification shade very interesting though.

That's what made the note more than just a big phone... I still smh when i see the note rooted running stock... "so u just simply wanted a big ass phone?" cause u killed the whole thought process behind the phone...

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I think the other manufacturers will have trouble duplicating the success of the Note because they're treating their versions of it as big phones, where Samsung treats the Note as a small tablet.

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I'm not a fan of the huge devices but some people love stock android on a 5.5+ screen, it's kind of like a small tablet. Plus everyone I know that uses or has previously used the N2 never used the S pen after the new wore off.

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Finding the finger print reader very interesting and the wireless charging. But if it going to be another phone same as the HTC one. I wouldn't bother. I suppose it don't come a miss having calling capabilities but i my self will be just using as a tablet. Will b mint tab :-) can't wait

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i love it i will be first in line to buy it. i just hope htc doesn't disappoint us puts a 13 ultrapixels camera. RIP Samsung Galaxy Note 3

"this time in dual-SIM Chinese variant"

I thought all along that the only one thats been leaking was only the chinese variant?

I love my N4 but HTC is winning me over again.. The HTC One X is still one of my favorite phones and they are only getting better

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I think the size of phones today are getting out of hand (no pun intended). The size of a galaxy S3 is big enough for me.

Don't worry 5'' phones will be around forever. This is just a big brother to them

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So just get a regular phone instead of a phablet?
These big phone are meant to go along side regular phones. not replace them.

Go along side? If I am carrying 2 devices the other is going to be a full sized tablet, not a half pint. This is a compromised between phone and tablet (hence the name phablet).

It is the best of both worlds in a manageable form.

It is shaping up that we will have 3 classes of phone mini (up to 4.3-4.5"), normal (up to 5.2 inch) and phablet (up to 6.5")

You pick which you are comfortable with.

I know the difference is negligible, but I wish the Note 3 would be around this 5.9" as opposed to the modest bump of 5.68".

I guess we shall see when the final specs are announced.

I think he meant along side regular phones in the marketplace, I had to scratch my head at that one too. Hence my I'm dumb comment.

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Damn it I just got the one! Oh well Verizon will get this the time my contact is up lol

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Enough with this crap..just freaking release the phone so I can buy one. F#$k

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??? I'm sure they'll have their move in the next couple of weeks lol

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Well Samsung has already made their move.... We have a date for their device... So it's actually Htc's move..

Don't know much about this device..but I'll say this.. I can see leaving a Gs4 for Htc one... I can see that... I couldn't see leaving the Note for this... Not at all!!!!

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So many people on Android Central seem to love these huge phablets. I have never seen one out in public.

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My Note 2 is out all the time and is an attention getter. Now, with a full HD screen? I only like the HTC for the two speakers in front and the reprogrammable IR blaster (fun in the tv stores soon enough!).

Great to see "after the break" photos on the app now. Good work guys!

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Well, for me it's just too damn big. I'm happier with the 4.5-5 inch range.
But my daughter has the Note 2 and she loves it, despite the now shattered and still working screen. But after playing with the One, she now regrets not getting it instead.

I'm skeptical about the realness of this fingerprint reader ... and if it is real how effective it will be. Every fingerprint reader I've ever seen is 2-4 times that size. It's not going to get your whole finger which means you'll probably have to be careful to ensure the exact same finger placement.