Chinese HTC One Max

A bigger screen and faster processor set the one Max apart from the current HTC One models

A Chinese variant of the HTC One Max has been spotted by the folks at ePrice. Looking very much like the HTC One the world already knows, the Max (also known as the T6) does have some key differences. Besides the removable back cover, dual-SIM variation, and SD card support we would expect in an Asian version, the processor and screen have both received a major bump compared to the current model. The HTC One Max is said to have a Snapdragon 800 running at 2.3GHz, and carry a 5.9-inch screen. 

We're not sure how closely this will resemble any models that may be released in the west, but we know a lot of folks are interested in what HTC is doing with the bigger One. There's another picture after the break, and some pricing and availability speculation (spoiler: Asia) at the source link.

Source: ePrice

Chinese HTC One Max


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HTC One Max for Chinese market pictured


Ahahahaa oh I'm sorry that was too funny... *falls on the floor laughing some more** Sorry, but it took Verizon half a year to get on board with the Original htc One, there is absolutely no way Verizon is in line for this. They are a joke when it comes to device selection these days.

You know, its funny how Verizon lags launching ONE device ;) and its the end of he world because there is no device selection. (I understand that its probably the best device out right now, but still). However, as someone who has Sprint as a carrier, you guys have it way better. Sprint doesn't have a single Blackberry 10 phone, you guys have 2. Sprint just got their first windows phone 8 device, you guys had a few. You guys have all the droids along with the flagship androids (except the ONE for right now at least), sprint gets the Galaxy s line, some evos and the One. WE are the ones with no selection, so quit complaining. There are PLENTY of devices for you to choose from. Sorry if I sound rude but I'm just annoyed at all of you thinking it's the end of the world that you just don't have ONE device yet. This is meant for all of you not just the OP.

Didnt VZW also release the SGS4 late? They have done other phones as well, but for the life of me I cannot think of it. There was one or two last year....SGS3?

No real loss on the BB or the Windows Phone but your right they should get a BB10 and at least the 920.

Where I think you are missing is Sprint has all the good Galaxies (3,4, note II), the One, the EVO, the newer LG phones, the Photon Q and a bunch of newer mid rangers to fill things out.

You can only carry so many phones.

PS no one is getting the Droids except Verizon, but you know that. The Maxx is the big loss there.

No real loss for you maybe, but I have Torch 9850 right now and was hoping to upgrade to the Z10. But sprint passed on that and still doesn't have the Q10.

Last time I checked, Verizon had all those same galaxies, and for each evo sprint gets, Verizon gets another HTC device (Droid DNA). I would take any Moto droid over the photon q any day, and I couldn't care less about LG. But since you mentioned them, Verizon has just as many. Also, you got that right about the mid rangers, but I want high end, not low-to-mid range.

There are certainly people out there getting the droids, otherwise they wouldn't keep making them. If we were to switch to Verizon I would get one for sure.

Ok I read the last paragraph wrong, but you get what I mean. I would take either of the three new droids if they are released this month as rumored.

You seem really hung up on BB's. If you must have the Q10 today then switch (Sprint will have it soon enough). In the meantime, Sprint blows Verizon out of the water in phone selection. If you seriously crave the latest BB or a Droid then obviously Verizon is better for you.

I don't see how currently owning a Blackberry device and wanting a new one makes me "seem really hung up on BB's". If you actually read my comment you would see that I wanted a Z10, not a Q10. Also, why would I be on an Android site unless I was interested in other options?

Read my response to return_0 regarding selection.

Please take my recommendation and do not get the Z10. Blackberry paid for some of us to carry the Z10 for work, and even though I think the build quality is great, the phone itself is terrible. At least go with the Q10.

Haha thanks for the heads up, but I have already decided to move on and will get an Android as my next device.

Sorry you still have the BB platform in your life, but I can understand your frustration since you do.

The Evo line was Sprints One X, which Verizon did not get. You can call the DNA a replacement, but that came many, many months after the Evo.

I would take any Moto over the Photon Q as well UNLESS I needed/wanted an newer phone with a physical keyboard. That is certainly something Verizon hasnt had in quite some time.

I am not sold on LG either in the long term, but you cannot dismiss them with all G, now the G@ and the other phones they have coming. The Nexus 4 doesnt count, they only assembled it.

Verizon only has the mid range phones from LG, not the Higher end stuff

Verizon does not have all the flagship Android devices.

Here's a comparison of recent flagship devices Verizon has compared to, say, AT&T:

Samsung Galaxy S4
LG Nexus 4 (technically)
Samsung Galaxy S4 Active
LG Optimus G Pro
Samsung Galaxy Note 2
LG Optimus G

Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy Note 2

That's a huge difference. Sure, Sprint has less than AT&T, but it's more than Verizon.

I already knew AT&T had all the devices, but we were comparing Sprint and Verizon. And since we are talking about selection, that doesn't only include flagship androids. If you wanna make lists I can make lists. Over the past year (Since August 2012), these are the phones made available on Verizon:

Pantech Marauder
Samsung Galaxy Stellar
LG Intuition
Moto Droid Razr M
Moto Droid Razr Maxx HD
Moto Droid Razr HD
LG Spectrum 2
Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II
Samsung Galaxy Note II
LG Lucid 2
Pantech Perception
Samsung Galaxy S4
LG Intuition
Casio G'zOne Commando 4G LTE

HTC Windows Phone 8X
Nokia Lumia 822
Samsung Ativ Odyssey
Nokia Lumia 928

Blackberry Z10
Blackberry Q10

Total: 21

Coming soon:
Moto x
Moto Droid Mini
Moto Droid Maxx
Moto Droid Ultra

Total: 26

Here are the Sprint phones:

Kyocera Rise
Moto Photon q
Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE
Samsung Galaxy Note II
LG Optimus G
Sprint Flash
LG Mach
Sprint Force
Kyocera Torque
Samsung Galaxy S4
Sprint Vital
LG Optimus F3
Kyocera hydro Edge


Total: 15

Coming soon:
Moto x
Samsung Atiz s
Blackberry Q10

Total: 18

No point arguing any further.

I think its irrelevant that VZ has a larger selection because when speaking of the phones that matter, they get them LATE every time.

They dont get them late they release them late... yes as a consumer it sucks but .. people should love any provider that has tons of checks and balances prior to putting out a phone.... most verizon phones run solid compared to sprint and tmobile who put out phones asap... when they get em in...
The one phone that did have issues that verizon let others dictate on was the nexus... outside of that most flagship phones operate great on verizon because of their slow process. .. this is a grade A company man.... not no cheap we have to sell phones fast company. ..they operate on stability not demand period ...

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Not true at all, especially with the One out now. I know plenty of civilians with HTC devices that love them.

Well in actuality ive seen a few reports of Verizon having something better than the one with a bigger screen . . to add wasn't that verizon just took sooo long to get on board..its that they just released their own DNA when the ONE hit ... so common business sense tells you not to release a better phone thats very similar just months later..

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The One came out 4-5 months after the Droid DNA. There have been smaller gaps between product releases.

Again it doesn't make business sense. 100% agreement as of right now at&t probably has the best line up..but these thing change with the snap of a finger. ..Verizon is not a company that moves based on to run tons of phones. .they do their own thing love it or hate it...but to me thats all the reason why I could see them get this HTC phone ..wishful thinking? ?? Probably so... but its verizon they have the demand and the money

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Excuse my typos ... they're not a company that moves based on popular demand and run tons of phones

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On nexus maybe 16 is standard but here in North America it will have 32 or 64gb internal

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Correct me if I am wrong, but the base models for all the flagships are 16 with an option for 32 (in some cases)

Note 2
Razr (the Maxx comes in 32

can't find the Sonys but it is few and far between where 32GB starts out.

The only one I know of right off the top of my head is the Maxx and the G

Ok.. Then give me the Website where I can order the Asia Version..
If need be, I will LEARN to read Asian just so I can use it.
This.. is what the One should have been.. Removable Rear, SD Card, Removable Battery.. That's all a lot of us want.. HTC.. Keep the same design for the U.S.
Just give those of use that want to consider switching to you the CHOICE of at least 1 of your Flagship Devices having a rear door & SD Slot.

Figured as much. Absolute deal breaker for me! Always will be, at least until battery tech drastically improves! :)

I was about to think about commenting the same thing, lol. RaiderWill never disappoints, lol.

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This is my new phone, I predict. Removable battery and SD support? Had the One and went back to the Note 2, but this could be everything I want.

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We're moving to China! I've recently heard my wife mumbling in her sleep about wanting the 'Big One'.

Hopefully the power button is not on the top of the phone, it would be a hassle to reach on such a long phone.

Yes I have swipe across capacitive area to wake and sleep. Right to wake left to sleep. Works great on the one.

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I will cry if this comes to AT&T and I'm on contract until 2015 with my plain old One.

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I have two upgrades and men ohhhhh men. But this time I am going to have a Samsung and HTC device.

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Why they are keeping such large bezel on the phone look at the bottom who wants capacitive buttons on such a big screen just look at the bezel mega 6.1

Sprint was the first carrier to launch the Note 2 in the US and one of the first with the ONE. I'm sure this will come to Sprint if they release it in the US.

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But this looks just like the One and the One mini. How boring of HTC. HTC will lose their ass on this device trying to compete with the Note 3.

I thought HTC where stopping keep releasing devices under the same banner and just have it simple with "the one"

I was thinking the same thing when I read that. All Galaxy devices look the same so why can't all devices in the ONE line look the same?

Wow I love this.. I really can't afford this phone nor the HTC One, but I love the device. So I hope this ends up in a giveaway on AC and I will be there to enter and have a shot at winning. :)

Verizon plz. Looks like great upgrade to my much beloved DNA!

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They shaved the bezel down nicely this is an awesome looking pallet and I hope the rumour is true about the stylus support. The Htc flyer tablet from a couple years ago had a stylus that worked well.

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This looks like, but the S Pen in the Note series almost justifies the ridiculously monstrous screen. Without a stylus, this is just a small tablet with phone capabilities.

I look forward to seeing a matchup between this and the Note 3. Which will be...the One?

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Hang on - the edges of this device looks more like the One Mini than the One; they appear to be plastic and not chamfered aluminum like on the One.

I think this is what I'll use my spare upgrade on. I have the one and love it. Switch it up between the two every week or so or depending on occasion. That would rock

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This can only mean one thing: Samsung should be dishing out Snapdragon 800 equipped stuff soon.

Jeez, if you think the normal One has an accessory drought, I cant see this having much more than a screen protector.

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