The HTC One M8 launched last week around the globe, and early indications are that sales have been strong. In Taiwan — where HTC is headquartered — local retailer Pdaking reported that demand was outstripping supply, with orders doubling on a daily basis.

The HTC One M8 launched in Asia in Taiwan at a hefty price of NT$21,900 (around US$720) for the lower-tier 16GB model. That price is lower than both the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5, which clocks in at NT$22,900 and the Sony Xperia Z2 at a whopping NT$23,900.

A customer by the name of Lin at Pdaking said that the HTC One M8 "is definitely a bargain", and he was unsurprisingly impressed by the Ufocus features of the smartphone. Elsewhere demand for the M8 does seem to be strong, with the copious leaks leading up to the launch a good sign that HTC learned from the supply issues of the last time around and made sure they had enough devices on hand to meet demand before the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5 later in April mutes some of the thunder.

Source: Focus Taiwan


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HTC One M8 proving popular in Taiwan as demand exceeds supply


This is pretty much useless information without any numbers of M8s that are available for sale.

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I really hope that the success of this device helps HTC out of its financial slump. They really do seem to make the highest quality devices, both in the industrial design of the physical device and the thought gone into making the software useful and beautiful.

Without #'s this is about useless. I mean yes it could be popular but if they only had 100 units thats really not a huge accomplishment. But good for HTC, hope they can keep it up once the s5 launches.

Numbers don't need to be supplied if you're capable of using you brain. If orders are exceeding supply and doubling every day then the phone is a success so far regardless of what the starting number is. The power of doubling is huge.

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No no no no.. You see what had happened was that HTC didn't really make any, since no one buys metal phones. Once they realized that, they only made 1 demo model for display. One customer bought the display model and it was sold out at that point. The only reason the orders double, is because stores keep trying to buy more floor models for display... /S

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Actually, from what I've seen, Samsung and Apple are way more popular here than HTC. But hopefully this will change with the New One (M8) 2014.

I like this phone. Having the M7, the M8 can only be better. I just might have to get this phone just to have it!
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I used my friends M8 yesterday. The phone is slim and stylish than the M7.
I really love the design..

Saw a Verizon ad for this phone on TV yesterday but it was a pretty generic ad. Let's hope they start ratcheting up the marketing soon.

I had played around with the new One at an att store a couple days ago. I was really impressed with sense and how fluid it felt. The camera seemed nice and the build was very sharp looking. Definitely considering getting this.

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I picked up the M8 from Verizon the day after it came out. This phone is hands-down the most badass phone I have ever owned. It is gorgeous to look at and feels premium in the hands-- kind of like that first time I held my iPhone 4 back in 2011.

The Galaxy S5 will not have a premium feel like the M8. Realistically, I expect the Galaxy S5 to look like my wife's S4 with some golf ball dimpling on the back.

I hope this phone sells really well in the U.S., which could certainly help HTC out.

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