HTC One M8

Are the existing gunmetal, silver and gold HTC One M8s just a little too mainstream for your tastes? Lucky for you, it looks like HTC might have a bright pink version of its 2014 flagship in the pipeline. Prolific leaker @evleaks has published the shot above on Twitter, showing the M8 in a light pink color with a faint brushed pattern on its back. And it's got to be the pinkest HTC phone we've seen since the Hello Kitty Butterfly S reared its head last year.

Pink is one of three colors purportedly coming to the M8 in the near future, the other two being red and blue. It's unclear when and where the pink M8 might debut, but the weather widget in this render shows "Singapore" as the current location, suggesting an Asian release could be on the cards.

Source: @evleaks (1), (2)


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HTC One M8 pictured in pink


Hmm if they'd release this over here maybe I could finally get my wife off of an iPhone.

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Oh come on now, its not that bad. I'd love to get one of those for my daughter and wife to get them off the iCrap they use now. They both toss pink cases on em as is anyway!

Its targeted for a specific audience (obviously). Even if its ugly for you guys then its not for you

Posted from VZW G2

Yeah, it's not my thing, but I don't think it's particularly ugly or anything. HTC has done a really good job with the colored versions of the One line. I know a few people who would love a phone with this color.

Better to have and not need than need and not have.
I know a handful of people that would drop their current phone for a pink phone. And its metal too? Done deal.

Posted from my caseless GS5. Because I believe in myself.

Men complaining they don't like pink colored phones = most pointless comments on AC lol

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I bet it's only available in Asia. The pink would be a deal breaker between the M8 and any other phone. I WANT it!