You can now get the HTC One E8 from Sprint

If the HTC One M8 is too rich for your blood on Sprint, its plastic-bodied sibling with half the storage is now available from the pin drop network. Meant for Asia and Eastern Europe, the HTC One E8 is now available in the USA, but just through Sprint. The E8 brings nearly the same specs and experience as the M8, though in a less expensive form.

The HTC One E8 has the same processor, speakers, RAM, battery, 5-inch 1080p display, and more as its metallic M8 brother. But that plastic shell also only has one camera opening on the rear, this time housing a 13-megapixel shooter versus the M8's twin-sensor 4-megapixel Duo Camera. Inside the E8 only comes with 16GB of storage, but as it too sports a microSD expansion slot, you don't have to be hurting for storage.

The E8 is retailing full price from Sprint for $499.99 in white or gray, though you can get it for $0 down and $20.84/month for 24 months through Sprint Easy Pay, or $99.99 upfront for a 2-year contract. Compare that to the M8, where you get a metal body, double the storage, and a crazy-but-compromised camera setup for $649.99 retail, $27.09 monthly, or $199.99 on contract.

Sprint's been on a roll with the interesting phone releases recently. First the stunning Sharp Aquos Crystal with its minimal bezels, then just this morning a report that they might carry a new flagship Sony smartphone, and now the E8. These are phones that aren't typically carried in the US, and we have to wonder if Japanese Softbank's ownership of Sprint is influencing the devices they can import.

What do you think?

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HTC One E8 makes US debut on Sprint


Interesting with new Softbank ownership, they are getting new phone which normally don't see here. Also suppose to get Z3 as well. Too bad they are a CDMA crap carrier, can't commit to them knowing that I can't just import some phone and start using like on ATT and T-Mobile. (Example like OPO and so many other interesting phones)

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And importing some generic GSM phone means that you're without all the LTE bands of your carrier, so you get 3G on an imported device while I have LTE on my CDMA device. Who gives a shit? That's all slowly going by the wayside anyway. Soon enough everything will be LTE and every device will work on every network because all of the LTE bands will be included on the modem chipsets.

Lol... So many devices have LTE bands compatible with both ATT and T-Mobile. Eg: international Sony Z2 D5503, One plus one etc. If you don't know shit good for you to stick with useless CDMA.

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Can't argue that. Except Sprint is NOT a crap carrier. I happen to be very happy with them from service to coverage. I might be the only one but still.

Enable Global Roaming Mode
Your phone is designed to enter global roaming mode automatically when you activate your Sprint Worldwide service, meaning that it should automatically connect to an appropriate CDMA/LTE network or GSM/UMTS network when you travel. You may set global roaming options through the settings menu. You may also need to set your network mode options through the settings menu.

To enable your phone for international roaming:

With two fingers, swipe down from the status bar, and then touch Settings icon > Mobile data > Roaming > Automatic.
From Mobile network settings, touch the checkbox for International Voice.
With International Voice selected, touch the checkbox for International Data.
To set your network mode options manually:

With two fingers, swipe down from the status bar, and then touch Settings icon > Mobile data > Network mode.
To allow connections to CDMA or LTE networks only, touch CDMA Only or LTE/CDMA.
To allow connections to GSM or UMTS networks only, touch GSM/UMTS Only.
To allow connections to available CDMA/LTE or GSM/UMTS networks, touch Automatic. This is the recommended setting for international use.

I'm not going to list all the phones for you ... If you want do some research.

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Let me help bhatech out.

Sony Xperia Z2
Sony Xperia Z Ultra
other midrange Sony phones
Oppo Find 7
Oppo Find 7a
OnePlus One
Huawei Ascend Mate2 4G LTE
Samsung Galaxy Round
Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A
other midrange Samsung phones
LG G3 Cat.6
LG G Pro 2
other midrange LG phones
Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro
other flagship/midrange Lenovo phones

OnePlus One

He said IMPORT. Therefore, your comment that they aren't sold in the USA is moot. CDMA is a stupid fragmentation of the mobile phone/service market. It needs to go away, and will soon. GSM is far more flexible. End of story.

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My Sprint G2 seems like it was built to be Future-Proofed for another year or so.

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Hisense Sero 7 Pro

Cdma is fine for the average Joe, the main problem with Sprint is that their reception reminds me of how wireless coverage was back in 1998.

In that case average Joe doesn't care about all these phones. They buy iPhone, Samsung crap or whatever is cheap that the carrier store will sell.

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I agree, but to be fair there are plenty of isheep and samplastic customers on gsm, those two companies are the main sellers for all the top carriers. Many people don't know the information that people on androidcentral do so they can buy a phone based on their own research or do they even care.

No I agree... Was just saying for folks who want freedom to get your own device like me gsm is a better fit.

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Definately, I know several people who say the same. My job pays for my wireless bill with Verizon otherwise I'd be on gsm myself :)

E8 is fine, now if they got the update to the butterfly J that's what I'd get. Probably that though will be the new DNA for Verizon.

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I'm thinking I would prefer this phone to the M8. I think ultrapixels are problematic, and that a plastic back would make the phone lighter. And of course the expansion slot is a welcome addition. 32 gigs standard would have been better, though.

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Most of us know how you roll as part of the Yarrellian clan, albeit more subtle and deviously deceptive.

Budget phones are ~$200. Based on the specs, build quality, and price, I would consider the HTC E8 a premium smartphone at a more affordable price.

Certainly a better value proposition than the Samsung Alpha which to me is the most attractive Samsung, for example.

*rolls eyes* sorry that he used HTC's marketing in calling it budget? They tried to say it without saying it, but that's what they got at. It's the cheap M8 with a weak cam and no longer premium plastic. Hence, HTC budget phone. No one said Budget price. For example, every "mini" ever.

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Sorry Sax_Derp. "Rolls eyes" withstanding... you got it TOTALLY WRONG mindlessly doubling down on your fellow clan member's snarky misrepresentations.

Following is an excerpt from AC editor, Alex Dobie's, E8 review.

" Enter the HTC One E8 — a high-end HTC phone in a polycarbonate shell, designed to hit a lower price point while still delivering many of the benefits of HTC's current flagship. The spec sheet mirrors the M8's almost exactly, while the chassis aims to recreate the striking look of a high-end HTC phone using less exotic materials."

Moreover, here's a link to HTC's E8 'marketing' page easily accessible on the InterWeb to all diligent truth seekers.

Verizon and Sprint are moving away from CDMA.
Verizon is introducing VoLTE.
VoLTE is the precursor to eliminating CDMA.
Once everything is VoLTE, it's all SIM card based.

Indeed. Neal Gompa just wrote something on that. It will be very interesting to see a handset that can be used on all the US carriers.

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You realize that LTE is CDMA, right? I laugh so hard when I see this 'debate'.
Google Qualcomm, CDMA, WCDMA & LTE. You will be surprised to learn a few things.

LTE is CDMA? Where are you getting that from? Source please? From my knowledge LTE is pretty much its own thing .. (not GSM .. not CDMA) .. hence why carriers are moving to VoLTE so then they can get rid of the GSM / CDMA networks (but of course not for many years).

If anyone is still reading this article....
If T-Mobile works for you.. You can get the M8 for only $37.61 more..
T-Mobile 4G LTE @ only $30.00 a month.. Forever.