Black HTC One

Long-awaited Black HTC One makes an appearance, complete with a button to buy today

If you've been waiting for the HTC One in black, it looks like Sprint just put it up for sale about an hour ago. Of course it's the same One as the silver version, but it's black. A few people are concerned that these aren't shipping right away, but we see nothing to suggest that on Sprint's website -- for all intents and purposes it looks like they are ready to roll out the door.

Now who is going to be the guinea pig and order the first one and see when it ships? Hash it all out in the forums.

Source: Sprint; via: Android Central forums


Reader comments

HTC One in black appears on Sprint site, looks ready to order


Order only, and that includes at a store with reps, which means they will offer a Direct Ship from either source. There is currently no inventory in store...yet.

I was holding out for the black One, just ordered over the phone and was told it will not be released until May 18th (Saturday), which means it won't ship until May 20th...

I saw one on display at a Sprint Store yesterday and the guys said they had some in stock. I'm not eligible yet so I put my hands in my pockets and walked away.... :-(

It's also worth noting that the black aluminum will show silver aluminum if scratched/dinged. Kind of a no-brainer, but the silver one won't have this color change on drops. Lookup black iPhone 5's if you want to see what would happen.

I'm no metal expert, but they don't make solid black aluminum. The black color is only on the surface. If anything happens to the metal, it will turn silver.

You can actually dye aluminum, but I doubt they did that for a phone.

My guess is that if you can scratch it (really scratch it, the anodization on these is quite hard) it will be silver underneath.

I ordered the the G white One,didnt want the blk One.I dont like blk people.By the way,Im blk so I dont like myself.Lighten up,it was just a!!!!!