417MB update to the latest version of Android now available in some European countries

A few days after Taiwanese HTC One owners got their update to Android 4.2.2, the latest firmware update is starting to roll to some European 4G versions of the phone. Posts on the Android Central forums indicate that the 417MB update to version 2.24.401.1 is live in Scandinavian countries, and we suspect it won't be long before the rest of the continent follows. (For what it's worth, we're not yet seeing the update on our devices in the UK.)

In addition to new Android OS features like Daydreams and lock screen widgets, the new HTC One update includes —

  • Launcher bar enhancement
  • Widget panel rearrangement
  • New lock screen style and widget
  • Enhanced behavior of the home button
  • The death of the black bar
  • Battery percentage in the status bar
  • Quick settings
  • AE/AF enhancements in the camera

As is always the case with these kinds of updates, you might have to wait a little longer depending on where you bought your phone, and if you have carrier-branded HTC One then that might add several weeks to your wait. In any case, if you've got a European HTC One, head to Settings > About > Software updates and let us know if you're getting the update yet.

Source: Android Central forums


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HTC One Android 4.2.2 update live in parts of Europe


I live in Kuwait and I got the update, and yes I have the unlocked 4g version.

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i made 3 of my friends buy HTC One and they all love it! Its an amazing device
HTC should have released the One with 4.2.2, but better late than never

will the GS4 see any update? Im new to Andriod so please point out if I'm missing out on anything.Cheers AC

Yes it will. Not being a fan boy but Samsung is generally better than HTC in that regard. Both in speed and the number of updates a phone gets. Of course if your in the US, the carrier has some say in when

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Samsung has definitely done a better job with updates as of late, but none of that matters when the software isn't properly optimized and exhibits significant lag, which is the last thing I expected from a quad core phone, running the latest version of Android in 2013. Samsung should've done a little more testing with the GS4 before releasing it. The HTC One, on the other hand, works, looks and feels great!

The Galaxy S4 was released with Android 4.2, unlike the HTC One which was released with outdated 8 month old software. Samsung is generally much better than anybody else in the phone updates regard.

What's the use of GS4 releasing with 4.2.2?
No matter what update they use it'll all be the same... It's something like manipulating China phones.. they build the replica of all the phones and the name on it will differ...and more over...that many features on a phone doesn't make a phone's over smart, over smart which in return means stupid. They mostly concentrated on what the users don't use frequently, they gave so many features for drain. And the body, user interface, ringtones, etc. It has almost same build as other smart phones, you know people have asked me if that was which it's a shame for me to spend so much for a phone which looks like a cheep phone..and the user interface is same for each and every god dam phone from the biggining. And ringtones are also same from Samsung Rs.1000(20$) to Rs.45000(800$) phones..which makes no sense.

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whats the point if galaxy s4 or all galaxy phones get 100 updates they will always still be laggy if they want to be taking seriously samsung should fix there phones laggy phones and ui it been like this for months and months and still they got nothing.

well then google has to update the keyboard to fix the issue. since it is now on playstore that fix will be less than a week away

I tried the Google keyboard and I don't see what the fuss is about. The stock keyboard on the HTC One looks better and seems to work the same. I don't see what advantage there is to using the Google keyboard.

I'd agree with that. I find it a very natural flowing keyboard. Hope an update comes soon to fix the bug.

I'm on Three in the UK and still haven't even got the 1.29 camera update. Doubt I'll see this any time soon. Hurry up Three!

Newbie question I know, bit should I back up my phone before updating?

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Doing regular backs is always a good idea, but the chance of an official OTA update damaging your phone or data is really slim.

both Vodafone and O2 in the UK have approved the update last week. Still waiting on both.

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Wow this took how long. Probably the last update it will get. Lol. I was so tempted buy this when it came out but I'm so glad I passed..

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There will be more updates to come for the HTC one.....I prefer to have an update that is done right then to have a update that has tons of issues...

will this be the last update for the HTC One? :)

or will HTC continue to update it in the next year or two. (perhaps Android 5.0 KLP?)

You can probably expect an update to 4.3 at some point, but the phone will likely be nearly a year old by the time 5.0 rolls out. If the phone even sees an official 5.0 update, it'll probably be a looong time coming.

Funny, read the article, decided to check, and I got it! First small system update, then full 465 Mb!!! I'm from Latvia on carrier locked device, lol:-) Took about 15 minutes to install.

Now in Germany with HTC bought in Poland and the update is there. :-]

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Hi Guys!
I dont know what about you but since this new update my android system usage in the battery stats is always between 50%-80%.I dont think that this is normal. Do anyone faced this problem.My battery drains very very quickly :(

Only thing I'm looking forward to here is the customization of home key to get menu and banish the black bar. That and the notifications quick settings menu.

I believe that's the default time/weather widget that comes pre-installed on the blinkfeed home screen. I believe it's called weather clock in the widget's menu, in case you want to add it to one of the other screens.

How long does it take HTC to send the 4.2.2 update for the HTC one to the UK !!!!!!! According to sources it was released on Saturday yet it's now Monday & still nothing , get ur act together HTC no wonder u av lost so many customers to the likes ov Samsung

Well I just got off the phone with HTC UK, the 4.2.2 update is not I repeat NOT live at all in the UK and all reports otherwise from ANY site other than HTC Facebook or Twitter account are unofficial and to be taken with a pinch of salt. I asked for an estimate and he said it could be as much as a month away !!!

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I was about to post what a load if rubbish as been checking mine every day with no update but this morning I got it. First the small bug fix and had to restart phone then checked for update and their it was so now updated finally! I got my HTC one at car phone warehouse on o2

This update has added two bloatware apps for me, nor sure if this is o2 or HTC but I now have a rescue app which looks like it is a log me in service for tech support and also a vpn app. I have also noticed that I can no longer select the Google keyboard as my keyboard. The official one from the market was what I was using but after update their is no option to select it even after uninstall and reinstall, seems I am now stuck with HTC keyboard (not tried any others).

Glad it's not only me having the issue with Google keyboard. Other keyboards are ok for the moment, I installed Swype and it seems to work ok. About to post a comment on Google play and see if it gets a response.