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HTC may be building its own streaming music service, according to reports. Tech blog GigaOM says its "sources familiar with the company's plans" indicate that HTC is working with Beats Audio co-founder Jimmy Iovine to create the service, which will be the default music player on future HTC devices. This would put the manufacturer in competition with the likes of Spotify and Pandora, as well as Android's baked-in Google Music service. However, it wouldn't be HTC's first attempt at getting into the music business. Last year's Sensation 4G launched with the HTC Listen music store, though this was killed off later in the year.

GigaOM​ says the new streaming service will launch alongside new HTC phones and tablets at Mobile World Congress at the end of the month. We've already seen unannounced devices like the HTC Ville and HTC Endeavor (both believed to be codenames), however we've yet to hear of any new HTC tablets on the horizon. The company launched the HTC Flyer and HTC Jetstream in 2011, though neither was met with much success.

In addition, it's reported that HTC and Beats Audio working on a "wireless boombox" that would stream music wirelessly from HTC phones and tablets, a move which would see HTC becoming more involved in the accessory space.

If today's reports are accurate, HTC is clearly getting behind Beats in a big way -- which should surprise no-one considering its $300 million investment in the company. Whatever HTC announces at MWC, we'll be there covering it live

Source: GigaOM


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HTC music streaming service rumored


another cheap gimmick into a crowded space which will result in failure. focus on making great hardware and stop with the gimmicks.

HTC does make Great Hardware. They make some of the best devices around albeit their tablets could have been better thought out. On the phone side, their hard to beat. What does HTC do so wrong with their devices that other manufacturers get right? ^^

I'm a fan of HTC, but am already invested in Google Music. Started with Amazon Cloud Player, but switched after uploading about 1000 songs. Just past 11,000 on Google Music, so I'm not about to switch again.

Agreed. I don't mind Sense and like the uniform look throughout the system but I am invested in Google products (Music, Books, Videos) and would prefer if HTC used their Sense services as overlays to Google products rather than creating their own products. As HTC continues to do this, it makes me sway more towards a Nexus which has come a long way with UI but still isn't a consistent as Sense.

Once more, "sources familiar with the company's plans" get it wrong. Beats Audio is said to be working on a branded streaming service, and HTC, by benefit of their substantial financial support, has wrangled the right to offer it as the default player on future devices. IF it gets to market, the service will not be exclusive to HTC, as this would be foolish on BA's part, and Jimmy Iovine is no fool. He's a longstanding powerplayer in the LA music scene, and surely smart enough to realize that if he is to compete with established giants like Pandora, Spotify, Google Music, and others, he cannot handcuff the service to HTC devices, regardless of their measly $300m investment.

I have to say this website contains way more negativity than and believe me, you guys have got a lot less to complain about than the average BlackBerry user. Just saying.

So all the slating of HTC is by those who are doing them a favour? They actually have HTC's best interests at heart? I don't think so. Trolling is all it is. To imagine that anything anyone posts on this site or on actually affects the demise or success of a multinational company is ridiculously arrogant. It justs makes for bad blogging. Fortunately on Android, there are plenty of other more constructive sites to hang out in. BlackBerry users don't have a whole lot of other choices.

I tell a lie. It would seem (obviously) that these same trolls post exactly the same negative comments on other sites too. Ah well. Maybe I should just ignore them and love my phone instead.

I would like the thinness and style of Samsung's phones using the materials of HTC's phones. (Soft touch plastics and metal vs the glossy plastic)

Great if you are in a wi-fi area but no sense using a network with all the "throttling" the carriers are doing now. Defeats the purpose IMO...