HTC Merge

Need another sign that the HTC Merge is nearing release? How about a 360-degree look to go along with our previous hands-on and video preview. It popped up on Verizon's website today and was quickly pulled, but that's just not how we do things around here. Check it out, after the break. [Via bigdav1178 in the Android Central Forums]

YouTube link for mobile viewing
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Jaredshoes says:

OH BABY daddy needs a new phone!

HTC made. Plus a physical keyboard. Ooooo baby this could be fun

icu says:


I need this like tomorrow. Got the Angry Birds jones.

Dperks17 says:

Please hurry Verizon I'm tired of my incredible

ContraVern says:

It's like a Motorola Droid, but with a usable keyboard!

ruel24 says:

Booooo! It's got Bing...

etho201 says:

Great job capturing that video Phil! So at 800MHz isn't this phone slower than the Droid Incredible?

dreedy01 says:

Yea...the Incredible has a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor

etho201 says:

Yeah I'm just curious how the second generation snapdragon (if that's what the 800MHz is) compares to the first gen 1GHz snapdragon. Others have mentioned the G2's performance; is this because the G2 is overclocked? What if the Incredible were overclocked? I'm sure a lot of this is unknown since the Merge is unreleased but we could look to the G2 for answers.

reid676 says:

a second gen snapdragon 800MHz runs faster and uses less battery than a first gen 1 GHz snapdragon. Both the G2 and the Merge have the second gen 800 MHz and thats why they both score around a 1500 quadrant stock. the Dinc scores around 1200 stock.

nivlac978 says:

The new processor in the G2 and this perform better than the current 1 GHz processors in the current gen phones without over clocking.

Gone24 says:

Numbers don't matter the G2 with its 800MHz processor dust the Nexus one and Incredible with their 1ghz processor

Stang68 says:

Yup, still Binged. What a waste.

reid676 says:


I don't understand what you mean, but it made me laugh. It sounds like something Finn the Human on Adventure Time would say.

dreedy01 says:

Phil -- it's kinda off subject of this blog post but I gotta say I love the fact that you're using Internet Explorer to look at an Android/Google phone and not Chrome. LMAO!

x2Caleb2x says:

i thought bing exclusive ended

Kopitar32 says:

I don't understand. Why release a Google phone featuring Bing? Second, i would never drop my incredible for this phone.

bigdav1178 says:

FYI: The 360 view has NOT been pulled; I just went to the site and it is still active.

If you're interested in oogling the phone at your own pace, there's a link to the site in my original post in the forum. Unfortunately, it does not include Phil's awesome background music ;)

chief113 says:

Can't wait for something like this to come out on ATT, the best coverage out there!!!! For me anyway.

peterfares says:

Sorry, AT&T doesn't like to get good phones.
If you really want to get this phone, buy the Bell version of the Desire Z. I got mine from Negri Electronics and love it.
It isn't even physically branded, only some junk software which disappeared when I flashed CyanogenMod.

richdroidx says:

It looks very nice but not enough new features for me to drop my droid x plus I personally don't want any slide out keyboard phones anymore. But that looks to be a nice phone anyways.

Dragod says:

An HTC phone with a physical keyboard is very intriguing, but I'm waiting for the HTC Knight to come available on Sprint. I've always wanted an EVO but wanted a physical keyboard. A slightly smaller screen, a larger battery, and a physical keyboard but essentially the same as the EVO? It sounds like my dream phone.

This phone looks nice, but it's no Knight... Plus, I need it on Sprint. :P

tim242 says:

Knight no more. It is the Evo Shift 4G.

Dragod says:

I thought it was codenamed the Evo Shift 4G and the market name would be the Knight. Ah, well. I want it regardless.

bladerunn3r says:

If I had to have a physical keyboard.... this would be the phone to rule all phones! But since I don't, I'll continue my love affair with the droid x. ;)

ruel24 says:

Seriously, anyone really care about the newest batch of 3G Droids? Isn't everyone that's on Verizon or interested in Verizon waiting and holding their breath for the announcement of 4G phones? Even cities where 4G isn't rolled out, yet, it will be, and the 4G phones will use CDMA as a backup. New "world phones" aren't all that interesting to me. Let's get on with the 4G network and new gen of phones, can we? I'm living in a city that's on the first list of rollouts for 4G, so I'm pumped. Getting a smartphone soon after they get announced.

slbailey1 says:

I'm waiting for a 4G phone with Gingerbread. I'm also waiting for a 4G Tablet with Honeycomb.