Dark grey handset with on-screen buttons pictured in latest leak

Just as we're hearing news of the launch events for HTC's next flagship smartphone, Twitter leaker @evleaks has posted an purporting to show the successor to the HTC One contained in a case of some kind.

As expected, the "M8" appears to be a somewhat curvier version of its predecessor, complete with front-facing speakers and on-screen buttons. The band below the screen, home to capacitive keys on the M7, now serves only to display the HTC logo. Due to the nature of the leak we can't make out much else of the device, but we can clearly see out a volume rocker on the right edge, a power button in the top right corner and an opening for some kind of slot on the right edge. On the display we're seeing the same HTC Sense 6 image that leaked a couple of weeks back.

The image would certainly appear to show HTC's next big thing, but there's a lot we still don't know about the "M8" — one of the biggest mysteries being its apparent dual rear cameras. We'll be live from HTC's launch events on Mar. 25; until then share your speculation in the comments!

Source: @evleaks


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HTC M8 leaked in case shot


Right?! Geez. I mean don't worry, it's not like we could have more SCREEN there...

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This is exactly what I've been talking about and why I won't buy one of these. Look at all the wasted space!! My moto x is the size of my wife's 5s yet has the screen of the one. How can that be?? ...... better design!!!!

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I believe we were poking fun at Verizon's gargantuan adverts on phones.

But...I wouldn't call the best speakers on a mobile device 'wasted space'

So much bezel, lose the HTC logo & black bar of bezel below the screen & then we will talk

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The VZW variant of the HTC One 2014: No Boom Sound, so only one speaker. That way, they could put the Verizon logo up on top.

Really does not seem more advanced in design than the current model, in fact less so, and much less so than current products from LG and Sony. I don't think this is the final version of the M8, maybe it's the "mini". A lot of other rumor articles showing a photo of something similar (large curves, wasted bezel space) are saying it's the mini.

I hope so too

If that black bar is still there I'm going for a GS 5

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Me too, but they kept the black bar with the HTC logo. In this case, it would've saved more screen space to keep the hardware buttons. :/

looks like they decided to cut cost by using the same panel from the current model (minus the capacitive sensors)

Who cares? It is an absolutely stunning display, with a much higher PPI than is noticeable, even if your face is like 1 inch from it.

Posted from my Nexus 5

Who cares? Clearly a lot of people on this thread.
Who cares about 1" from your face?.... this is the question. If this image is true, they clearly cut corners and made it look worse.
They just cannot get the basic things right. 1st iteration had some backward @ss capacitive buttons, this one fixed the buttons but left the dead space. And you wonder why HTC keeps losing money.

I actually wonder about people's comments regarding engineering that probably don't have engineering degrees.
Do you think using the same panel that had capacitive buttons is the same as using a different panel that does not? Do you think they just scraped some electrical conductors off the backside of the glass and used the old ones? Do you think they purposely made it that way for no reason? People here amaze me sometimes. If an OEM doesn't completely redesign their phones every single year then you all piss and moan about it, even though it's obviously a device you'll never buy. It's just like when Samsung announced the S4 and people are up in arms because it looked too much like the S3. Never mind what it can actually do, let's get mad that it doesn't look different enough.

As a heads-up, this phone was already being designed and prototyped and re-designed when the One was still new. It takes 12-18 months to get these things done from start to finish. As much as lots of people would like companies to wait until the end of the year to find out what everyone liked about the last generation of phones, then design, prototype, refine, prototype again and test in January and February so they can launch them in March and April that just isn't feasible.

Thank you so much for saying this. It REALLY REALLY needed to be stated. No matter what they did, they were going to be criticized heavily I believe.

You know I agree with your comments.. then I looked at the phone again.. and I think to myself it's just stupid how they did it! So yea your 100% right about people complaining. It gets annoying

however the consumer is also right ... I would think HTC would take some time to do some R&D and find most people don't want to give up screen and in this case of HTC is clearly aimed at getting back to the top ... And at times u will have to scrap last year's model to do so... You don't give up one to get another you have to make it better not trade off... Apple and Samsung have positioned themselves to demand the respect (in sales ) to stick "with the if it aint broke..." Saying: HTC has not .

If this is the final product they kinda screwed up on the screen ...U can call it a complaint but as a current HTC One owner I'd like to say it's an observation

In general I'd agree, people complain too much ... I just happened to agree with the complaint this time ... And HTC not spending the money to give both on screen with the same screen real estate could cost them more money in the end...

For all we know this a dummy model for case companies to work on fitting cases..

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Why do I need to be a phone engineer to critique? I can see what competitors are doing and I can derive my own conclusions from it based on logic. Competitors are making smaller bezels to fit bigger screen in same body, are they not? So why couldn't HTC do the same? And yes, it looks like they simply removed capacitive buttons. Even if they didn't, it doesn't matter... the perception is that it's basically the same phone. This is what everyone will see and most likely be disappointed.
You can keep making up excuses for HTC but fact is they are struggling badly and they don't have room to make mistakes like that. Yes, IMO it's a mistake.

As much as I love my Moto X, I honestly was considering this phone when I heard about the SW buttons. One look at it completely turned me away.

Lost what? What are you talking about?
I will say whatever I want LOL. Funny how certain people get so pissed off... I love it

Yep it is fantastic to see a 5" screen brought down to 4.8" because of the logo area brought down to 4.6" because of the stupid on screen keys.


You know that's not true.
The screen will be 5"
The on screen navigation buttons dissappear during appropriate times.
And what would you say if under the HTC logo was a thumb print sensor for the purpose of securely logging into sites?

Or would you prefer 8 different finger launch command functions on a jankey "old school" physical menu button with a capacitive go back button located uncommonly and not intuitively—on the right?

It's my god given right as an American consumer to bitch about anything I want to!!! I'm paying good money for all these toys! I probably spend 2k a year between me and my wife on phones and tablets. Of you want your piece of my pie this year your shit better not look like what I already have. And I don't want wasted space on my device so you can put your name on it. It's just that plain and simple

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Front flash? Or is that sensors? And I'm not a fan of the on screen buttons. I feel like it eats my screen. Seems like there's enough bezel to keep the buttons off...

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By HTC (apparently) choosing to lose the buttons but not increase screen size, yes it is definitely eating up screen space. If they had increased screen real estate then you wouldn't lose anything by on-screen buttons, you just get more screen sometimes (landscape video/certain apps and games).

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It does eat your screen. Good luck convincing people who like on screen buttons of that though.

Posted via Android Central App using an LG G2.

Its called immersive mode. get a phone with Kit Kat or look it up. There is no wasted screen space on my moto X

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Last I time I had HTC phone (Evo 4g),those capacitive buttons died after a year - first it was the backlight and later responsiveness. I'll choose durability and functionality over .2 inches of screen space any time.
Also, some people don't have problems with "eating up screen" bc at least while watching the video content and pictures, on screen buttons are always removed.
All in all, back to square 1 - " different strokes..."

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VZW Moto X

You think so? I feel like the right side might be worse. Try reaching the top right of your phone (assuming your right handed). It takes a little more contortion. The right top would have been better but I'm thinking they're going to keep the power/IR sensor in the same button which is why they put it at the top.

Since it's clearly possible with today's technology to minimize them (see LG, Moto X, even Samsung), why the heck not? Give me a bigger screen in same body.

Ya, they should cram more screen real estate into that frame, lose the bezel

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Man, this is no upgrade. The bezels are huge by today's standards and the bottom bezel is simply stupid (now that they moved to on-screen buttons)
Imagine the same phone with a slightly bigger screen, which means same side bezel as LG G2 and screen centered.... instead of leaving space for this useless logo.

Couldn't decide which phone to get. Huge wasted bezel on M8, not impressed. Samsung stuck with menu button, scratch that. Going with Nexus 5.

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I think Samsung is changing the menu to a multitasking button like they have on the Pro tablets. If that happens and the M8 is this disappointing looking, I'm going for the S5.

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Your funny, battery is not a problem I'm not on my phone 24/7. I have a life. Taking pics, don't care. Just want the fastest phone available right now.

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My friend had a G2 for a few months and then bought N5 and kept them both. Loves his battery and camera on G2 but in terms of speed, he says N5 is significantly snappier
Note 3 which I play with sometimes, can't be faster than N5 - at least from what I compared ( basic stuff).

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VZW Moto X

Having life or not, I'll give you a few instances when everyone appreciates extra juice. Driving on the road forces phone to switch the towers all the time , which drains the battery just for idling.
Another is if you happen to stay in a low signal area /small spot - also tremendous toll on battery.

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VZW Moto X

Hopefully there is still time to make changes because it looks like this one is going to FAIL. That logo on the front and the bezels need to be changed...

That smaller top speaker grille not being the same width as the bottom would annoy me so much if I upgraded to this. Not liking the light (notifications?) next to the front camera. Looks cheap compared to the M7. Lastly, I see the power button is covered by rubber on the case, does this mean they are removing the IR blaster?

This is so upsetting. I really really really hope these are leaked fake images. I dont understand why they would leave the htc logo on the bottom and then also include on screen buttons. It makes no sense at all.

Wish they called it something different. Calling it the HTC "Mate" is stupid but it is all I can think of when I see the name. And that has to be what they are thinking because M8 just seems pulled out of left field when last generation they were all freaking out over HTC "ONE".

M8 is the internal name, though. Just like the One's codename was M7.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

Why on Earth? Because they have called multiple phones HTC One which isn't much different.

And everyone since the beginning of time has denoted 'M8' as a 'codename'.
Rarely does any company end up using their codename as a product name.

I may be nitpicking here, but god I I cannot stand the power button to be on the top of a cell phone. Almost as bad as LGs placement on the rear of a phone. >_>

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I dont know what i was expecting really but i think the M8 is a bit MEH!... think its because i was blown away with the M7 when it came and this really doesnt look a lot different, again i dont what i was actually expecting.

Looks like they really are going to try and sell that thing. I assumed that the leaks up till now we're fake as there was no way an international company would not realise how crap that looks. Obviously this will fail even worse than the last one.

LG and Sony are progressing and HTC are going backwards. Can't see them lasting long enough to produce a 2015 successor to this atrocity

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Obviously a fanboy. I as well as many other people out there think that this is a fantastic looking device. At least they know how to follow design guidelines, unlike Samsung who just wants to use whatever approach works for other people. (Cough physical home button, S Voice, and replacing every single app Google has available.) I used to be a Samsung Fanboy (S-Sheep?) But then I opened my eyes.

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As a current One owner, this looks good to me. I've gotten comfortable with the button placement, the HTC bezel doesn't upset me since we're getting onscreen buttons. I'm waiting to hear about the camera, and at that point it'll be down to the Z2 or this.

I really hope that this is the One Mini or something. That massive lower bezel combined with the power button on top is a deal breaker for me...


Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

I actually like not having the home and back buttons on the screen on my HTC One. No need to waste screen space with those. I love this phone and will probably ride it out until it stops working

It would be perfect if the HTC logo IS the home button and back/multitasking on the sides.

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Power button on top is ridiculous IMO on such a large device. If they don't offer a tap to wake feature without rooting I won't considering this phone.

As a current One owner... if I look at my phone when the buttons are lit up the HTC button is dark as it does not light up. In this picture it looks like the HTC button IS lit up and would suggest that when the phone is awake that HTC logo is function able. If not, then the stretched M8 leaves you with about the same screen real estate that the One had.

Do people not realize that if HTC were able to remove the black bar, they would? It seems obvious to me that it wasn't technically possible for them to do so. They didn't destroy their entire flagship phone just to add a logo to the front.... There are much easier ways to fit that in.

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HTC - "Forever snatching defeat from the jaws of victory."

if Chou had any shame he would've resigned long ago.

Love the power button on top. Love the on screen buttons. Love smaller screens. Amazing I never owned an HTC before, I think that is about to change.

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Wasting 1/4" for the logo and the power button at the top? They just don't get it, do they? At least they were smart enough to go with software buttons since they showed with the last 2 phones that they don't have any idea what they're doing with buttons anymore.

That black bar is a deal breaker, what's the point of onscreen buttons if they leave that there :(

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It's funny, how Android users (many of them) like to complain about bezels, without taking into the consideration of some value that comes with it (HTC, sony). Compared to iphone fans, they are way too sensitive and picky. :)
For some, those stereo speakers are well worth the "sacrifice" as well the waterproof casing and huge camera sensor on Sony.
My only "problem" with HTC design on the One is overall height - both for my small hands and jeans pocket (can't seat without the stab) I find it super annoying.

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VZW Moto X

So out of all the things about this phone (or any Android phone for that matter), the bezel is what makes or breaks a device. To hell with specs, performance, and usability. The bezel is now king and has dethroned the SD card and removable battery. Kneel!

the bezel issue seems to be different for me. instead of more screen like everyone here seems to saying, I would have preferred for the bottom bezel to be reduced as much as possible and height of the phone be reduced by 0.25" to make one handed use easier...

People need to shut up about the HTC logo. I'm not a fan of it either but it is in no way a deal breaker. Hell I'm using on screen keys with my M7 right now and the only real inconvenience is that I keep touching my physical buttons.

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I really wish they had gotten rid of that front HTC logo. It is such a waste of space, come on HTC, get the brain working properly.

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I would have added at least another set of speaker on front, instead of that ugly useless black bar.

I don't want buttons on my HTC one mini because it will waste screen space

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You realize that in Kit Kat, soft keys disappear in apps that support immersive mode, meaning that you get a bigger screen in a smaller package (usually) and that you don't have to worry about accidentally hitting hard keys when you're doing things like playing games or watching movies.


Sent from inside a cave. Yes, T-Mobile covers caves. N5

I don't see this (even with @evleaks track record) being real. HTC knows it needs to change, so why would they keep it the same?


Sent from inside a cave. Yes, T-Mobile covers caves. N5

HTC won't change because they know that the sight of bezels causes blood pressure to rise. Those suffering from low blood pressure could benefit from this greatly. I'd rather HTC use the bezels to make people's blood boil, instead of using pictures of Bieber in the Blink Feed screen shots.

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HTC is facing the Samsung problem from last's hard to follow up on a solid phone a year later...s3 to s4 was meh, same thing with htc this year maybe

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I don't think that would be a fingerprint scanner...A fingerprint scanner will be much useful if its easily accessible like placing it in the back of the phone or in the htc logo area..

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If this is the final product then they made it worse for me.
Those huge bezels are total waste.Common htc learn something from g2,note 3.....

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