Giant HTC One infographic

The folks who can get one are loving their HTC One, and everyone loves infographics - this had to happen

While you're waiting to have a look at the new HTC One, you're probably thinking of how you might use the phones features. We're covering them to give you the in-depth story on what they can do and how to use them, and HTC is now showing you why you may want to.

Blinkfeed and Zoes and the rest of the new Sense 5 can be a bit confusing. We get it. HTC gets it. This is the sort of material HTC needs to produce to cut some of that confusion away, and show folks that they can be productive and have fun with their smartphone. Be sure to click the source link for the mega-huge not safe for mobile version.

Source: HTC


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HTC infographic details one day with the HTC One


They left something out. 98% of One owners have to work for a living, do not have time in the workday for all that nonsense.

Tell me about the email client's EAS support, VPN compatibility, etc, and then I'll take them seriously. :-P

I would seriously consider this if it wasn't for the stupid ass button setup. As petty as that sounds, it is kind of a deal breaker when I'm used to Nexus style buttons.

kinda agreeing with oyu there despite your use of unnecessarily offensive language. i love nexus button layout and prefer on-screen buttons myself too, but if i had to choose between this htc one capative two button layout and the samsungs twisted around with hard home button, i'd prefer the htc one, hard buttons are a true deal breaker for me unlike the two button layout which i can get used to

lol. i think if they had made a battery life info graphic (correct me if I'm wrong) the phone would barely make it till noon before it's battery dies. But let's not do that HTC and let's just go on and on with these gimmicky features. @TheWenger, i wonder who came up with that idea of "let's put the HTC logo smack in the middle of the other functional buttons. It's no surprise that HTC is on a downward spiral.

Shouldn't your site be called I was a regular reader here. But not anymore I guess. Just fed up seeing only HTC related content.

Yeah, I guess they shouldn't be ignoring all those exciting, new stories that constantly come out about the Nexus 4 and GS3.

First ten articles on the main page, HTC is only headlined once. Sure, it may be twice tomorrow, but the HTC One is news, just like the GS4 will be when it gets close, then the Nexus 5, and so on.

The above article is anything but a story...A snap picked from HTC or perhaps supplied by HTC. I had high regards for AC. It was the only android site I used to follow.

I am a great admirer of Phil and Jerry. But as I have been a loyal reader, I believe I have right to express my frustration as well. Peace!

Frustration that you created. There is no one to blame but yourself for clicking on an article about the One, which is the top Android story right now that isn't based off rumor and speculation. There are plenty other stories on this site.